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Has anyone heard of suza12 got a private message with no deatails thats the 2nd one in a few weeks 1st won was from Ghana.

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Yep, I have also posted a query about this! Just flag the PM up to Admin. and they'll soon clear it.

11 Jul, 2011


I got this one earlier today too and flagged it to Admin. My husband did a Yahoo search on the e-mail address and came up with a fashion shopping site!!!

11 Jul, 2011


Hi I got one too asking for more info about myself and giving an email address. I flagged it and then deleted it. Cheers Jane

12 Jul, 2011


French internet sites are infested with scams from West Africa - Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Ghana, Nigeria etc...

12 Jul, 2011


It sounded wrong. They had no info about them, they wanted you to reply to a private email address and the grammar wasn't quite right! Definately a bit odd!

12 Jul, 2011


I recently got a pm "dear friend, I hope we can soon meet, we were made for each other" and so on. I reported it to Admin, and it was promptly removed. Sigh, and when I saw that I had an unread pm I thought it was a real message from a real person! Didn't think to make a note of the name of the sender.

I clicked on their icon to get their GoY profile, no blogs, photos, details or anything: seems like someone joined just to spam others - or to phish them. As if we don't get enough in emails - in the last couple of weeks alone I've won the lottery at least three times and had several generous people from Nigeria wanting to give me miooions! I have about a dozen filters on my email account but some still slip thorugh.

27 Dec, 2011

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