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Can anyone tell me if cats are a threat to pet rabbits,we’ve had some in the past when the children were growing up hardly any cats mostley dogs in the area,but where we are living at the moment loads of cats and their always in the garden,our 11 year old wants another pet rabbit.I can use this part of garden which i’ve already fenced off,It’s about 10 feet long 6 feet wide with a 6.5 feet high wall,what do you think.

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I think I would be more concerned about what the cats leave behind as there are children about. As for the innocent rabbits, I'd fix a roof on too, cats often kill for the sake of it.

6 Apr, 2010


The cats around here seem to tease our rabbits

6 Apr, 2010


Next door has 5 cats and 2 rabbits who all seem to live happily year after year. My cat is curious when they are loose in their garden but leaves them alone. I guess you could ask your vet at which age you can introduce another rabbit?

6 Apr, 2010


Unlike dogs I can't see a cat killing something about the same size as it, but it could do harm to eyes with it's claws. Until they get used to eachother maybe it's best to be cautious.

6 Apr, 2010


The rabbit should be ok if it's in a secure pen. A cat might be curious at first but I'd be more aware of dogs and foxes. They do kill rabbits. When we were kids we had rabbits guinea pigs and a cat. They didn't sem to bother each other. But I wouldn't let the rabbit roam about loose in the garden anyway. It could eat your plants or get out to the road.

7 Apr, 2010


Agree with Hywel.

7 Apr, 2010


Thanks for your comments everyone taken them on board,will let you know what happens in the near future.

8 Apr, 2010


I have a run for my two bunnies, it had a roof til the wind blew it off - another job for me to sort! My garden has a fence across it to stop them eating the flowers and veggies, when I'm around I let them loose in the garden. I haven't mowed my lawn for over a year now! Totally enclose the run, including roof, make sure the door has a bolt and let them out in the garden when you are around and can keep an eye on them. They really do need the space to run and binky (jump up and twist while running). They live in a play shed, which sits in the middle of the run so they can run round and round it (which they do mostly at bedtimes!). Please please make sure you have things in they can hide in, it gives them security - they are a prey animal and need to hide. I used the roof off an old rabbit hutch, they love it.

24 Apr, 2010


Forgot to add...the fence needs to be high enough to prevent jumping out, and if they dig out, a cat could use the same hole to get in so keep an eye out and fill them in.

24 Apr, 2010

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