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Back in February I asked if it was to late to plant tulip bulbs,I got two comments,thanks S.B girl I thought the same as you between AUGOCT,I was probably thinking back to my primary school days way back in the sixties when we did the schools bulb growing competition,Daffodils,Hyecinths and Tulips three bulbs one medium sized pot with half a bag of compost and could you get the bulbs into the pot,NO did the compost cover the bulbs NO ah those were the days,do they still do bulb competitions if not they should. Well done MOONGROWER planted them when you said,have’nt been to allotment for about a week or so as we’ve got the grandchildren for two weeks (one down one to go ) went over to check if everything was o.k had a walk about and out the corner of my eye at the front of the fruit cage cracks in the soil after a closer look Tulips breaking through the soil all eighteen of them will they flower this year?

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They should do. When the petals start falling cut the flower stem down as far as possible but leave the leaves to die back naturally because that is where they get the energy to flower the following year. They should be planted as near to the first winter frosts as possible because they need a period of cold to help them start growing. Let us know how you get on.

9 Apr, 2010


I have been really surprised this year, as last year dug all my tulips up pretty much as soon as they flowered, as I wanted to plant some summer annuals, put them in the greenhouse in a box to dry out, planted them back out last autumn didn't think they'd flower as I hadn't let them die back before digging up, but every one has a flower bud about to open :-)

10 Apr, 2010


delighted they have flowered. they must have been well fed last year.:o)

10 Apr, 2010


I have been excitedly waiting for over 100 tulips to open for what seems like weeks now. Suddendly this morning there were four lovely pink ones along the path, can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.

10 Apr, 2010

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