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Hi all

I haven’t put anything on here in writing for a bit, but that doesn’t mean I have been doing nothing, far from it in fact.

I moved house in late September 2011, thereby getting a fantastically long garden in which to plan my tropical theme as it was nothing but grass with the odd bush here and there.

I will give readers on here a taste of what’s been going on. I will very soon have my own tropical plant website up and running, and will include blog pages. So full pictorial records of everything I do in this garden will be included on that website, which I will give the link to just as soon as it’s live. But here’s where it began.

I didn’t waste much time at all, in fact while waiting for the move to go through I’d already obtained some bits for the new garden, first being the bits of a fantastic building I got from eBay earlier in the summer. This is the second week of October 2011, the first project to start. And the beginning of it – the excavation of the base for the shed/greenhouse to get the bottom garden closed off from the access lane. The bit of trellis-like fencing you can see at the end is resting against the row of conifers which are around eight feet from the end of the garden, which backs onto another lane.

Here is the building viewed from the lane once completed – this was October 22nd

that was all for that year, but far from the end.

This is the end of march 2012 and after a couple of weekends preparing a base, I was putting up my 11 × 7 shed across the top half of the garden. This shed was fully re-roofed and felted two weeks later.

Then it was time to set about what I really wanted in this garden, a tropical water gardening project. This picture was taken just two weeks later on April 24th,the hole for the pond had been dug using just a spade by me alone – that’s how keen I was lol

here is the pond sat snugly into the hole

And this is what it was all about – 16 feet of greenhouse covering 12 feet of pond plus filter -meaning a tropical swamp is at last feasible.

Due to the horrendous ‘summer’ weather last year, plus logistical problems, I didn’t get the second greenhouse up (it’s two 8 foot Alton greenhouses – each a £100 total eBay bargain – joined together) until the end of October. All the ‘fun’ times in between will be viewable soon on my website.

But for now this is how we sit. I do have a lot more to do which too will be documented in pictures in due course.

I hope you liked the ideas here and thanks for viewing :-)


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Well makes me tired just reading of all your activity..ha ha! Will look forward to seeing the garden when finished.Have you started planting up the pond surround yet??

15 Mar, 2013


Thanks for that Paul

I haven't done much else yet no. The plants are tropical mostly, there are though some canna and a Thalia dealbata sat in the pond.

The greenhouse is unheated, I just wanted to give the fish in the pond some protection this first time and then see about warmer conditions next one.

But I can see that Thalia is just fine as it is still green around the base of the stems and there appears to be new growth as well. But I never doubted it given the 'normal' winter we've just had. From my plants in my parents' pond (pics on here) I know it can survive down to say minus 15, which is incredible for a plant originating from Florida!

I have plans to build two more greenhouses with ponds inside and also beef up the first thing I built as next winter that will be the heated home for my plant collection by and large. My tropical bed will be along the left as you go in, which is the opposite side to the greenhouse you see in the last picture

15 Mar, 2013


Gosh you have been a busy beaver. This will be fantastic especially if we get a nice summer.

15 Mar, 2013


Thanks for that Seaburngirl. I had to get this garden moving in the right direction. The open space when you look out the back is really special.

The council will not allow any building on it, so you have whole row of 100 foot gardens backing onto other say 40 foot gardens in the houses at the end of the garden. So although it doesn't face south there is nothing stopping the sun as it comes over, the houses even in winter do not stop it getting into the garden

15 Mar, 2013


Hoping this web address works, some of them dont.
Why cant we have it all on GOY?

16 Mar, 2013


Very interesting blog Alocoloman. Looking forward to seeing how it all progresses.

16 Mar, 2013


Hi Diane

I can tell you why, it's because unfortunately it takes quite a bit of time writing with pictures included.

I am doing it for my website, I can't simply copy and paste into here in one go, I could do piecemeal, but it will still take ages, 3 pictures at a time entered as text in the writing block.

Mine can be done picture then text and so on until I stop. My web address will work as you will be able to get to the blogs from the home page even if it doesn't take you there immediately. I have tested my website out on my home browser and it works absolutely fine. It's the plant database link for the search function, the contact page links and paypal links to set up (purely to sell any surplus plants - it is not a business still a hobby right now)

Thank you Jane I will be glad if I can actually get some decent weather to sort things more easily this year :-)

16 Mar, 2013


Wow Scott thats a great idea, your own little Eden House, soon as I saw your name I remembered you doing the gazebo to protect your plants, you have worked hard, I can still remember digging out for our ponds years back,( strewth) and there were three of us.
All your ideas are coming together and if we eventually get a proper summer it will get really warm in that house, you'll be steaming up the camera lenses because we will need pics, lol, shall be watching with interest so I do hope your webpage works....

16 Mar, 2013


Thanks for the information. Wish you lived next door
to me !

16 Mar, 2013


Thanks for all your kind comments,

that's well remembered Lin as it was a while back. Sure if we get a proper summer then it will get hot, that's why I have to put in contingency water circulation out via a cooler pond that will be out of the sun, to warm that and cool the greenhouse one.

I am sure the web pages will work operationally and maybe also inspire viewers.

and what can I say to that Diane?

If you did, does that mean I'd get a bit of help lol?

Anyway whereabouts are you? My garden is in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

16 Mar, 2013

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