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Conium maculatum


Also known as; Poison Hemlock; Woomlicks beaver poison.
Poison Parsley; Badman’s Oatmeal; Devil’s Blossom
and many others…..

Plant folklore; Used in ancient Greece as a method of execution, typically Socrates. In 399BC he was condemned to death by poison for among other things, corrupting the morals of the young folk of Athens. His friends planned his escape from prison, but he preferred to comply with the law.
Having said his goodbyes to his friends, he calmy drank a cup of hemlock, a slow acting, deadly poison which slowly numbs the body bit by bit….but doesn’t affect the brain.
Ancient Greeks and Arabs used it as a cure for tumours, joint pains, skin rashes, herpes and erspelas.
Also used in Ango Saxon medicine. Mixed with betony and fennel for rabies, also cancerous ulcers. An antidote to tetanus. Relieves pain. soothes and calmes, relaxes muscular spasms.
The purple streak on the stems represent the brand put on Cain’s brow after he committed murder.
The Greek god Prometheus brought fire to man in a hemlock stalk so the other gods made it fatal for men.

Factual info: A poisonous herb of the parsley family, growing to about 3ft with small white clusters of flowers.
A violent emetic, convulsive, causing paralysis of central and peripheral nervous system. Death by respiratory failure.

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With all this I only hope no terrorists read it :o) I wonder why this has nt been tried on rabies as they say its uncureable .

27 Nov, 2009


Interesting plant as usual but the Anglo Saxons - I never knew we had ever had rabies here (did the saxons bring it with them)?

27 Nov, 2009


lol Drc the english are saxmanacs lol :o)

27 Nov, 2009


How interesting, how can such a pretty flower be so deadly!

Sandra x

30 Nov, 2009


Same as some woman Labdancer lol :o)

30 Nov, 2009

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