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Streptocarpus update....


I have just received the latest newsletter from the British Streptocarpus Society. They always include photos of the hybrid varieties they have on offer; they are gorgeous….its just a pity I cannot share them with you.

A lot of members have been expressing concerns that their plants are not growing as well as they did in the past.
They have had many inquries regarding suitable composts for Streptocarpus; the reason being that the majority of compost manufacturers are adding 30% more of the recycled waste from councils to what was a good growing medium, and they are just not growing properly in it. The Society has been looking at all the brands they can find and as far as they can see, unless you can get hold of the manufacturers professional mixes that they are still doing for the hortuciultural trade, we the amateur, don’t seem to have any compost to suit our Streptocarpus. If you are lucky enough to have a plant nursery nearby, you could ask if they will sell you a bag of what they use. Apparently Dibleys are happy to do this.

The only composts that appear not to have added recycled waste are. Clover Multipurpose; Petersfield Multipurpose; Humax Multipurpose (ths has added silver sand, but not a lot) and Shamrock

If you have a Horticultural Supplies in your area, they will sell any of the above and the professional composts…..You can get peat only compost – but at a price.

There is also an interesting article from a new member regarding the propagation of Streptocarpus, which you may like to try…I’m going to!
Basically its by placing them in water in the same way as african violets, after all they are both of the gesneriad family….check out his website -

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I haven't got a great knowledge of Strepts. but I have got two plants coming on which I propogated in water. I did have three one died, one has only made one leaf & the other has three leaves. Fingers crossed. I do have a feeling the compost isn't right for them.

30 Jan, 2010


I've never done african violets in water, i push a leaf, stalk first up to the leaf blade in good compost and they sprout merrily. My strep cuttings are doing well too.
I agree some of the composts are a bit to 'woody' for some of the house plants.

30 Jan, 2010


Thanks for this blog. It is very interesting. I remember the article from a new member but can't remember who it was. I thought of trying it.

31 Jan, 2010


its a very satisfying way of propagating Hywel, give it a go its fun.

31 Jan, 2010


I'm going to try it in the spring. I only have one but I'd like a few more diferent ones aswell.

31 Jan, 2010


interesting blog alice ;o)

31 Jan, 2010


I loved this info Alice...I have it now, so when I get a chance I will give this propgation technique a try...! Thanks... :)

9 Feb, 2010


Your welcome Catfinch....good luck and I look forward to the pics....

10 Feb, 2010


Hi, I was googling on the net, searching for any article about my favourite plant, the Streptocarpus, when I suddenly clicked onto this blog of yours. When going back through my own blogs I see you have made comments, not knowing you were also an enthusiast. My strep seedlings are now starting to flower and I will be continuing to post pictures of them. Thanks for your support, I have put you in my favourits so I can keep up with all your latest postings. Keep up the good work.

29 Jul, 2010


Thank you Tanny....I look forward to seeing pics of your seedlings. I am trying some of the American streps...I purchased plugs from Bob Counsell who regularly visits America ....I must really follow my own advice and try some of the recommended composts as my plants are really struggling. Which compost do you use?

29 Jul, 2010

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