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Allotment Part 4 - Making progress


Thought you would like to know what is happening on “Lou’s Lottie”…!

Even though we have been suffering from lots of frosts and plenty of rain, we have managed to get the potato bed weeded and compost dug in ready for hopefully planting at the end of the month.

The old congested raspberry canes have been cut down and the stems kept, they will come in useful for pea sticks… Brian has cut the borders and lined them with wood that has been lying around the site. We now have a large heap of roots and thick stems as there was all sorts in that bed…including a couple of elderberry bushes.. What a tussle we had with them!

Today I weeded the fruit border and forked in some well rotted stable manure and planted three blueberry bushes and a Corylus avellana (common hazelnut to you and me)…lol

I’ve made good use of the incinerator we bought and spread the ash over the beds. Another bed has been weeded and spread with compost.

Nearly all that horrible rubbish has been cleared off the site and the paths raked of all the old loose grass; looks much tidier now. All the beds have been sprayed with weedkiller today, as I will be away for a little “holiday” and won’t be able to do any heavy work there for a few weeks.

We’ve actually met some of our fellow allotmenteers this week. There’s Alan at the end, whose been there 3 years……Gordon next to him…this is his second year…there’s an old gadgy over the way with his racing pigeons. He’s as deaf as a post so won’t get much of a conversation out of him. Its lovely listening to the pigeons coo-ing while I’m working. There’s Helena and Kevin a young couple who have been gardening there for 3 years as well.

So it looks promising :o-)

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Fantastic, what a transformation already, glad you've met some of the others there, but what's "an old gadgy" ? !! : o ) )

13 Mar, 2010


hi alice,you did well to get on your plot today,ben is off work for 4 days but last 2 have been freezing so feel as though they have been wasted we are itching to get up there,your plot is coming along nicely now you must be chuffed to bits,i have my spuds ready to go in as well,never grown them before so i am going to take good care of them as they must be better than shop bought.i have bought a few £1 shop seeds& planted them & they are doing well,it is nice when you meet your "neighbours " and can swap stories, by summer they will be your new friends im sure,what did you burn in your incinerator was it just weeds ?.and what is a gadgy ? lol :o))

13 Mar, 2010


I know what you mean by a gadgy. Its an endearing [!] term for an old person usually a gentleman.

I take it there has been no more trouble with the previous lady.

you have really made good progress there aa. It is all looking good.

13 Mar, 2010


Pleased you are now getting it sorted Alice, hopefully we`ll get a fantastic growing year and will get to see lots going on in your plot. I`m hoping soon to spend some weekends over at my sons place again, then I`ll be down his allotment as well.....

13 Mar, 2010


Wonderful progress, Alice!!!!!! Glad you have met the neighbours. :-))

14 Mar, 2010


It's looking very different already Alice, you've waited so long for it and deserve a successful first season. Apart from the obvious it's the comradery/friendship that's nice on allotments.

14 Mar, 2010


Thank you all for your kind comments :-)

Joanella: we burned weeds, bits of wood, boxes and anything that was burnable!
Hope you have lots of success with your spuds!
Megan: Seaburn has it spot on for an old gadgy!!
Seaburngirl: Have heard nothing more about "that woman", other than the allotmenteers I have spoken to all said the same...."she did nothing....only came a couple of times a year...and planted a few onions and potatoes...didn't harvest them most of the time".
Marguerite: My plot is a 5 minute walk from home. I will be putting some protective netting over the crops ...don't plan on sharing them with the birds !!! We have treated the ground for all the weed roots. Sun and rain.? ...we get plenty of both and the site is quite sheltered so am expecting great things!!

14 Mar, 2010


Well done to you both - it's come on really well since the last instalment. I'm so glad your predecessor hasn't out in an appearance, too. :-))

14 Mar, 2010


Thanks Spritz :o)

14 Mar, 2010


That's wonderful :o) It sounds nice making friends with the other paople there aswell.

14 Mar, 2010

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