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Poor blackberry picking


Every year around this time I go blackberry picking at my local bedgerow down the road from me. This year I have been waiting for them to appear but I can say that 90% of the hedgerow has only got dead flowrheads and no fruits! I only managed a meagre bowl for my apple and blackberry crumble! Living in Shropshire I was wondering how blackberries have done elsewhere? I know September has been grey and lacking in sun here. What has it been like where you are?

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Well here in the west i can tell you they cropped heavy very early beginning of August and were all done with inside 3 weeks both cultivated and wild. probably the earliest i can remember.
think you may have missed them !!!!
I have a pic on early Aug you can see they were good

30 Sep, 2017


Yes, I must say, they were very early here and are all over now. The apples were also very early so they are clearly meant to be together!

30 Sep, 2017


I should have also said...I didn't get any either because it has been so wet that every time I thought about it the rain had ruined them.

30 Sep, 2017


I was picking in late July and it was the best year I can remember for blackberries. They were huge and my freezer now has an awful lot. I'm going to make some jam and make some room!

30 Sep, 2017


Sounds like they peaked early this year. Think the changeable weather played havoc with them fruiting after flowering.

30 Sep, 2017


They were poor here, it has been too wet.

30 Sep, 2017


The ones in the hedgerow were very small here in Berkshire. Not enough rain I think.

30 Sep, 2017


Thank you all for your comments. Despite meagre harvest we enjoyed the said crumble tonight even though I had to add a bit more sugar to the blackberries as they weren't sweet due to lack of sun. But with two teenage boys with stomachs like bottomless pits they really didn't care! Ha, ha!! Lol ;)

30 Sep, 2017


I don't think there were many around this year, although I haven't been blackberrying for years. I didn't seem to see many as I drove along the roads. I don't think the summer weather was good for pollinating insects.

1 Oct, 2017


loads here but a few weeks earlier than 'usual'.

2 Oct, 2017


Lots here but very early oh dear hope it's not down to the dreaded word " climate change "

2 Oct, 2017

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