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Away days


By amy2


Hello people ,we’ve been away spending time with relatives in Hereford .
It seems everyone is heading off to start a new life somewhere.
My Nephew and family have moved in with his mother and at this time is waiting for Visa’s etc .to come through to move to North Carolina ,my nieces son already lives and works in Canada .
My Granddaughter was working in London her company asked her if she would like to go to New York to help open up a new office there, she jumped at the chance and flew out last week she’s settled in quickly and has already joined a gym and has volunteered to do some charity work , I believe she’s staying for the long haul ,she’ll come home to spend Christmas with us ..Paul she found the High-Line almost at once she says its 10 minutes from her and sent me photos of herself on it … ..

Our son and boys will be coming for a holiday this weekend which means I’ll be making up beds and baking cakes for most of this week they have hollow legs !!!
What happened to retiring with a good book ? it hasn’t happened we’re busier than ever ..

On our journey we stopped in lay-by for a break and there I spotted these Orchids at least I’m pretty sure they are but I don’t know what kind without looking them up ,I’m amazed they were standing the ground had been completely trampled all around them ..

It was nice to see the family we had some lovely get together meals ,Mothers ,Grandparents, Nieces ,Nephews, Grandchildren .with the parting of young ones I wonder when it will happen again …

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Wow your family is widespread Amy, so pleased you managed a family gathering before they departed, hope you haven't planned your next big holiday yet, you'll have some exciting visits to make...Enjoy your baking session, you can read your books in the winter, lovely to see the orchid, it amazes me how many are now reappearing, it took many years but lessons have certainly been learnt as regards our native plants, well actually nature as a whole...

5 Aug, 2019


You will be a very well travelled lady by the time you've finished all the visiting you'll have! Possibly soon be time to take a break and put your feet up for a week! Beautiful orchid -its amazing it survived if the grass round it was trampled. I wonder if it is a pyramid orchid? I've never seen one of those,you are lucky!

5 Aug, 2019


yes retirement seems to speed up the pace of life rather than slow it down. Glad everyone is settling down well. any spare cake send it my way ;o)

it certainly looks like a pyramidal orchid [Anacamptis pyramidalis]. right time of year for it to flower too. lovely pic too.

6 Aug, 2019


Thanks SBG - it was the only one in the book that seemed to ft.

6 Aug, 2019


Thank you Ladies ,I've checked in my wild flower book and you are absolutely right ,Thank you for taking the time to answer me ...
BTW I'm not too sure about all the travelling I may well wait for their frequent trips home ....

6 Aug, 2019


That orchid is amazing...
You know, Amy, I think it's time for a return of the White Star Line! It might take a few days to cross but that makes the journey sweeter. It could well be classed as eco-tourism and there are folks of a certain age who are endangered by pressurized cabins...etc. and would welcome the more stately pace. the skies are so full these days. You are lucky to have family who are drawn together eventhough they're living farther apart. My family is so dispersed.
You're back to I know you enjoy it. And even though it's great to get together it's always a relief to get back to our usual routines.

6 Aug, 2019


So glad you had a lovely holiday,spent with your family,Amy..Always nice to get together...The younger members certainly are up for the challenges ,life throws at them,and so good they can grasp the opportunities ahead..

You will enjoy your son and his boys visiting this weekend..chocolate cake on the menu ? Lol xx

7 Aug, 2019


My family also lives quite a distance from us and I miss out on things like meeting the grand children from school and attending Nativity plays etc.

They do love coming to stay though and think of us as a 'holiday' destination!

Can't have it all ways!

Have a really lovely weekend and enjoy your time together.

9 Aug, 2019


Lori Your right about it being nice to get back to normal I'm tired already and the week has only just begun Lol Sandra our 'cake ' is made it won't last long ,
Thanks Chris like you we missed our Grandchildren's young years It's lovely to be living nearer our daughters two grown up ones since moving here but will still have to be content with holiday visits from our son and boys from the North ..

10 Aug, 2019


I feel for you Amy. Its sad when family are on different continents.

10 Aug, 2019


Todays technology makes it easier than in the past Karen at least we can be in constant contact ..

11 Aug, 2019


So sorry for the late response Amy. I must have been away myself. Amazing how life takes us to so many different places. Sounds like your grand daughter is making the most of her stay in NY - How lovely she's found time to do charity work - says much about her character and her up-bringing. Hope you are enjoying your new life in you new home.

13 Dec, 2019


No problem Paul life gets very busy its so easy to get sidetracked with everything that's goes on . Our granddaughter is loving her new life and job I had a card from her this week with a picture of Boston on it she had been there to visit , its a small world she said she had been chatting to a doctor who was on holiday and it turned out he lived in the next town to us here ... we're happy here in our new home thanks I've never known time go so quickly its quite scary ....

13 Dec, 2019


Well, it's a good thing to be so busy and to see the world.

13 Dec, 2019

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