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Having a break


By amy2


Hello all ,

You may remember my husband being rushed into hospital as an emergency at the beginning of Covid 19 and that he finally had his operation for a badly infected Gall bladder well thankfully he recovered well therefor we have been able to get away for a bit of R & R for a few days due to the fact that we have a nice caravan so can isolate anywhere , we mainly use CL sites which are Certified locations on private land normally farms which is ideal for us ..

We had a lovely site on a farm near Woodbridge
overlooking fields of horses plus a wood behind to walk in and to pick up masses of Chestnuts to roast when we came home ..

I’m including a few photos for you to see .

The village of Kersey

Horse tail hanging from the corner of a house indicating a Horse doctor use to live there .

Rendlesham Forest UFO trail .. Sorry didn’t see any Aliens ..

Rendlesham Forest

Plan of Fotheringhay Castle

All thats left of the Castle .

At the base of Fotheringhay Castle Possibly the last sight for Mary Queen of Scots before she was executed ..

In 1586 Mary, Queen of Scots was brought to Fotheringhay from Chartley in Staffordshire to stand trial for treason. Why Fotheringhay? Because the castle was set in a marshy landscape, where access was difficult, especially during the winter months.

It was felt by the authorities that the unfortunate Scottish queen would be more secure at Fotheringhay, and the location would discourage any rash attempt to free her by force.

Mary was tried at the castle on 14 and 15 October 1587 in a show trial and predictably found guilty on 25 October – a foregone conclusion.

She was not executed immediately, for Elizabeth I was reluctant to sign the death warrant, but finally on 8 February 1588 Mary was executed in the great hall. She carefully dressed for the occasion in black with a scarlet bodice and petticoat; the colours carefully chosen because they represented martyrdom.

Accounts of the execution vary, and may be inaccurate, but tradition says that the executioner was nervous and made a poor job of his work, taking two or three blows to sever the queen’s head.

One version says that when the head rolled from the body the executioner went to pick it up by the hair only to have the ‘hair’ prove to be a wig and come off in his hand. Another version says that Mary’s little dog hid in her skirts and refused to leave her corpse.

Mary’s body was left on view at Fotheringhay until July when it was carried at night to Peterborough Cathedral for burial. When Mary’s son James too the throne as James I of England he had his mother’s body transferred to Westminster Abbey and buried in Henry II’s chapel, in a tomb slightly larger than Elizabeth I’s.

After Mary’s execution the castle was allowed to decay completely. It was eventually sold, and local people began to rob the site of building stone. The castle was finally dismantled completely in 1628, and stone used to build an inn in Oundle.
Also the birthplace of Richard 3rd ..

Keep safe everyone …

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I'm glad you have both been able to get away for some needed r&r. I hope your hubby continues to recover, it sounds a horrible illness. The place Kersey looks lovely. I visited a Kersey once but it was in Suffolk. The story re
Queen Mary is interesting, though gruesome. Animals ( eg her little dog) always put us to shame. That bridge is so beautiful.

15 Oct, 2020


After the stress of the last few weeks it's great that you managed a good break and change of scenery. Woodbridge is a pretty little place and Fotheringay looks fascinating. I know a little of that area.
Interesting pics., thank you.

15 Oct, 2020


So glad you both had a little break,Amy,and after the year you and Tony have had,it was well deserved. It does look to be a lovely place,where you stayed :o)

It was said ,that Mary Queen of Scots,,stayed overnight at Curwen Castle,in Workington,Cumbria,on her journey to her fate..I used live there,and used to go through the Castle Grounds as a short cut to School ,so this is of interest to me,so thank you for the rest of the story,as I didn't know any more of her History,apart from her Execution. .x

15 Oct, 2020


glad Oh is recovering well and you managed a lovely restful break. the woods etc look so peaceful. Glad you enjoyed it all.

15 Oct, 2020


Well done at managing to have a change of scenery after the rotten time you have been having. Such an interesting blog with some great photos. Thanks for sharing them . . . :o)

15 Oct, 2020


Amy, I am glad that your OH has it all behind him. My best wishes.
Interesting place you went for your R&R and thanks for sharing with us.

16 Oct, 2020


It looks a lovely place for a break Amy and I'm glad to know Tony has recovered from is operation.
Not a nice history though, quite gruesome :(

16 Oct, 2020


Well deserved break ! and you must have enjoyed it thanks for sharing it with us so interesting and lovely photos .

16 Oct, 2020


So pleased you got away for a change of scenery. It looks really lovely and filled with interest.
Is it the Woodbridge in Suffolk or am I in th wrong part of the country altogether?!
Hope you are both feeling refreshed and better for your break.

16 Oct, 2020


Thank you for all your kind comments , Ff it is Kersey in Suffolk it must be the same one you visited ..I'm glad to have finished the story for you Sandra I wonder how many times you played hookey in the castle grounds Haha ,Thank you Chris it did us the world of good , Yes it is Woodbridge in Suffolk we moved across the border from Norfolk so have a lot of exploring to do in this area :o)

16 Oct, 2020


Hope your break has revitalised you both, after all the trials you have been through recently. Thank you for the history, very interesting. Stay safe.

16 Oct, 2020


Thank you Sue , we feel much more relaxed and rested , you keep safe to x

16 Oct, 2020


Thanks for the blog and interesting history Amy. I did notice your absence. I'm happy to hear of your husband's successful recovery and that you had some 'break time'. Were Elizabeth and Mary sisters? Was this sibling rivalry? I'm not entirely sure, but I feel that King James was one of the greatest kings that ever lived. Stay well.

16 Oct, 2020


What a lovely place to unwind for you both, must of been a great tonic for your husband having gone through all that Covid, I just love the history of Mary queen of Scott’s what a turbulent life she had until her death at 43, if history had gone her way she could of been queen of France, Scotland and England at the same time, there was an auction some years back for a scroll written by Mary with a long lock of her hair, I was going to bid on it and was willing to spend £500 knowing that it would always go up in price, I thought it would be a good investment, but my wife soon brought me back to reality with a firm no way.

16 Oct, 2020


Lovely to hear you both managed to get away for a little holiday, Amy. I’m pleased your husband is on the mend and recovering well!
Your photos are very interesting as is your blog. I’ve a great interest in Mary, Queen of Scots, not just because I’m Scottish, I find the whole story very emotive and fascinating.
I do know that Mary and Elizabeth were cousins. I feel Elizabeth didn’t really want Mary to be executed, she was forced into making decisions by her ‘court’. Although she was a Scot, she was known as ‘Marie’ in France and lived most of her short life there.
Thank you for sharing, very enjoyable.

17 Oct, 2020


Kate's right Amy. I see now they were cousins.

17 Oct, 2020


Glad to hear your husband is recovering well after his op and you have managed to get a nice bit of r&r, had my gall bladder out about five years ago and the symptoms leading up to it were not nice, including two bouts of pancreatitis so can feel empathy with him.
Lovely bit of countryside it looks and the bridge, with the reflections, a great photo.
As with others, the history around the area looks very interesting, but with some very gruesome stories of the times.

17 Oct, 2020


Thank you Kate for filling in with more information for Paul , Julian you might have had a lock off the wig ' Gruesome ' I think I would have reacted like your wife Yuk !
Thanks Dave I'm glad you had your GB sorted they say its one of the most painful conditions to have , I'm so glad its over and we're back on track with my husband it was an awful 6 months ..

18 Oct, 2020


That looks like a super place for a break Amy. You've taken some super pictures and despite the puddles, you look to have had some reasonable weather too.
The information about Mary Queen of Scots was fascinating. I'm really into that period of history, so I would have loved to have visit Fotheringhay with you. I always felt sorry for I do with Anne Boleyn...

21 Oct, 2020


I'm glad you enjoyed reading it Julia , perhaps one day when when things are normal we can have a friends meeting day 😁

23 Oct, 2020


I am pleased your husband has recovered Amy! Last year my husband had severe gall bladder problems and had sepsis in his gall blader and was ill for quite a long time.
We love Norfolk and Suffolk. We go twice a year to Suffolk and my cousin lives in Wangford. If we had been younger, we would have loved to have moved there! Also I went to Kersey years ago and did a painting at the top of the hill looking down at all the quaint houses.
That was an interesting story about Mary.

23 Oct, 2020


Rose I'm pleased to hear your hubby recovered from his GB problem I agree it is a horrendous and very painful condition , We are new to the Suffolk area having moved from Norfolk just over the border we were nearer Wells & Blakeney then but are enjoying exploring the different places to visit here if you haven't done it when at Wangford you should go to Walberswick and catch the little ferry boat over to Southwold to where all the fishing huts are then walk to the Pub at the end ,they do the biggest delicious sandwiches I've ever had .. all our visitors insist on doing this .. 😁

23 Oct, 2020


Thanks Amy, we always visit Southwold and take my cousin too but as my husband is in a wheel chair , it would be difficult to go on the ferry boat unless they cater for wheel chairs. We have been to that pub you mentioned and had a lunch there which was lovely. We go to Broadlands Sands holiday park in Corton in May and stay in a lodge there and then Saxmundham in June. 4 years ago I got lucky getting both of these holidays half price and if you book while there for the same week and lodge, it rolls over every year at the same price! We also stayed in a little village called Strumpshaw in September and was only about a 15 minute drive from Wroxham Broad. I hope you enjoy living in Suffolk as much as you did in Norfolk!

23 Oct, 2020


Amy, that sounds like a wonderful idea! We could take over a hotel and all meet up from all over the UK!

23 Oct, 2020


Sorry Rose I'd forgotten about the wheelchair problem ,the ferry is only a small rowing boat run by the same family for donkeys years It was shown on a TV programme once ,I know where Broadlands park is at Corton in fact we were walking in the conservation area on the other side of the road last Sunday .. it's not far from the Tesco we use ..if the world is back to normal next May let me know when you'll be there ..
Julia that sounds like a good idea ... x

24 Oct, 2020


Definitely will do Amy!

26 Oct, 2020

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