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Through the window


By amy2


I’ve been watching these Great Tit parents care for their baby offspring through the window .. ..I shall miss them .

The box is on the garage wall above the clematis , we had to put some wire netting on the Clematis under the box to stop a black cat from destroying the box it was constantly having a go at it ,I expect it could hear the chicks chirping inside ..

I’m sorry the photos are poor ,I couldn’t go outside for fear of frightening it off ..

They flew away safely yesterday , we now have empty nest syndrome …

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I feel your pain, Amy! How lovely, (and well done for keeping off the Moggie.)

19 Jul, 2021


Cute little birds there Amy. You gave them a fabulous dwelling. I'm sure it will be occupied soon.

19 Jul, 2021


Smashing photos Amy - my OH thinks they may be Long-tailed Tits ... :o)

19 Jul, 2021


You really don't give yourself credit, Amy! The photos are very good & it was interesting to see the parents bringing in food for the youngsters!

BTW, did you realise you had made a little (BIG!) mistake in the title of this blog??? 😱😂

19 Jul, 2021


Aw, very sweet, Amy. We get great tits on our nut feeder daily..never nested in our garden, but the blue tits have.
Must be lovely to sit and watch the comings and goings.

19 Jul, 2021


Thanks everyone for your kind comments ,
Oh My David what a spelling mistake thanks for pointing that out ,yikes !!
Shirley they are definitely Not long tailed tits ,they always arrive in flocks we had them in our previous garden they like to nest in prickly Berberis bushes a little egg shaped nest with a small hole in one side ..
I've loved watching them Kate and hope they come back next year :o)

20 Jul, 2021


Thanks Amy - I shall tell OH to re-read his book on birds! :o))

I love the sound of their nests - fascinating how they are created.

20 Jul, 2021


lovely blog and yes they are definitely great tits. the thickness of the black belly stripe determines if male or female.

the photos are excellent Amy.

20 Jul, 2021


Lovely to see your photo's Amy, I'd never get anything done if they were here in my garden, my daughter has a box that is being used by Bluetits, its wonderful to watch the parents going in and out, thankyou for sharing..x

20 Jul, 2021


Amy they must have given you a huge amount of pleasure being able to watch them each day.

I hope they will all enjoy their new found freedom and that you won't miss them too much!

20 Jul, 2021


I love your Photo's,Amy.So wonderful to watch them from your window.I'm glad they fledged safely :o) I remember we had Bluetits nesting in the bird box we put up,and it was fascinating to see them.I posted a blog and photo's a long time ago.Sadly the following year,the local moggy paid a visit ,and they never used the bird box again :o( I do hope you get them again next year ..x

21 Jul, 2021


Thanks Eileen ,Sue,Chris & Sandra , I'm glad you enjoyed my visitors , they have been a joy to watch , Sandra the moggy would have had these if I hadn't seen it before any damage was done , it didn't give up trying :o( x

22 Jul, 2021


Your photos are very good Amy, so clear. It's lovely to have birds nesting in the garden, isn't it. I had blue tits which bred successfully, though my neighbour had to put a metal plate below the nest hole to stop the woodpecker from getting the chicks. It was very persistent. I expect it had its own young to feed, this is what they do. It was out of reach of all the cats.

23 Jul, 2021


I'm pleased you had a successful nest Ff , we can't always save them but can only do the best we can ..

23 Jul, 2021


What wonderful photos Amy. It must have been facinating watching them.
We have House Martins nesting just above our bedroom window. The fly in at incredible speeds, however they are making a terribly mess down the house wall and the garden. They're now raising their 3 brood!

23 Jul, 2021


Lucky you ! I have a bird box which I hung on the back of my shed, I wondered and hoped it was in the BEST position for nesting, so it is north facing, recently I opened it and was delighted to see old nesting !!! I have no idea who used the box as I can't see the traffic going in or out without sitting for ever to find out... unfortunately !

24 Jul, 2021


Lovely photos :-)

25 Jul, 2021


The photos are lovely, Amy, a delight, but I’m still bewildered by the spelling mistake that Balcony pointed out. I can’t see any wrong spelling in “Through the window”.

25 Jul, 2021


How lovely Julia we had house Martins in a previous house just above our back door one day it flew straight into the kitchen our cat grabbed it luckily we were able to make her drop it so a lucky escape ..
April V hopefully you had a lovely brood and didn't know about it .
Thanks, Day lily , I'm glad you enjoyed looking at them .

Arbuthnot Haha as soon as Balcony pointed out my mistake I corrected it ,I had originally typed " Widow" instead of window ,it's all good now . :o)

26 Jul, 2021

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