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Banksy is in our area


By amy2


Banksy has been busy , he coursed great excitement when he left an art work at the bottom of our road on a bridge just inside the park next to the Broad , it appeared over night ,it was some time before Banksy claimed it was his work since then several other works have appeared along the coast , he has verified them as being his work .
The one near us has the words " we’re all in the same boat " written on it , it also had a boat which the boys were sitting, in the council removed the boat structure for fear of flooding as it was blocking the water way ..we are prone to flooding in this area ..

Another one appeared on the side of a shop in the town , the shop was for sale ,the owner has since withdrawn the sale as he’s saying the artwork is more valuable than the property .

Another one on the side of a house going into the town , the Seagull is made to be looking for chips in the skip .

There are more of them, I haven’t seen them all , the council is desperately trying to get them protected ,one work has already been vandalized near the sea , some idiot has thrown paint over it , a specialist has been called in to remove the paint ..

Please forgive any spelling or not so good photos as I’m due to have a cataract op in a couple of weeks time , I’m so looking forward to seeing clearly again even if it’s only one eye at first …

I believe a wealthy Banksy admirer is calling for them all to be protected in some kind of safe place I kind of hope that happens as I’m sure the weather will play havoc with them after a few months ..

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lovely blog Amy.

hope your op goes well. Everyone I know who has had the op says it's amazing to see everything so bright and the colours are much 'zingy-ier'. Is that an actual word?

19 Aug, 2021


I hope your surgery goes well Amy. Banksy is a gifted artist. Thank you for sharing his work.

19 Aug, 2021


Really exciting to have had Banksy working close by. It looks as if he has been busy!
I love the painting on the bridge and how imaginative to actually add a boat to it. He will have to return and paint in a boat now that the real one has been removed!
Hope your eye operation goes really well and that you are delighted with the result.

19 Aug, 2021


Great pictures, Amy! Doesn't Banksy sign his works? I couldn't see a signature on the painting. (Can't call his work "graffiti" any longer!) I admire his work & his ingenuity!

Hope you get your cataract op soon & that your vision will improve afterwards. My wife had both her eyes done a few years ago & it was strange to see her not having to wear glasses for myopia any more!

With me it's the exact opposite! After more than 60 years without needing them I had to give in a few years ago & get some made for me. I also got some bifocals for use on the computer & they have bettered my sight no end!

I asked about possible cataracts but they told me I was years away from needing an op to remove them! 👍😃

19 Aug, 2021


Nothing wrong with your photos Amy, but I do know how frustrating it is not seeing clearly. It does make us appreciate our good sight once the op is over!

It’s good to know that some people are protective of Banksy’s work … he’s such a brilliant artist 🙂.

19 Aug, 2021


Thank you everyone ,

Sbg I like your Zingyier word I can't wait for it to happen for real :o)

Thanks Paul ,Chris ,

David , Banksy doesn't always sign his work thats why so much mystery surrounds his work , apparently he has an Instagram account from which he verifies any genuine work he has done .. I hope my eyes are as good as your wife's after my op ..

Thanks Klahanie ,they say Banksy's work is becoming more political ...

Thanks for your comments Sheila , he is very clever ...

20 Aug, 2021


Enjoyed this blog Amy. I haven't seen any of Banksy's work for real. He is certainly talented. That person who owned the shop must be quite pleased he painted on it :-)
Best wishes for the op. I've had one eye done, great success.

20 Aug, 2021


Occasionally, if time permits, I enjoy going to the MET or Guggenheim to really take in the fabulous works of art and try to grasp the message or story the artist is trying to convey. Every brush stroke has intent & purpose. I really like the seagull Amy. You can almost hear it and see it move.

20 Aug, 2021


I agree Paul ,you can spend many hours admiring works of art , I started collecting etchings many years ago the artist has since passed on ,I'm hoping the etchings are gaining in value ..

Klahanie I intend to go to see another Banksy in the area but want to choose my time carefully to miss the crowds viewing it ..

21 Aug, 2021


How wonderful to have so many 'Banksies' in your area. I think most of his pictures have an underlying message which some people either don't get or find offensive. I think he is often portraying whatmany of us would like to say, but don't have the nerve.

Good luck with the eye operation. It's totally painless, just a strange sensation and doesn't take very long at all. I had mine done last year and although I still need glasses for reading my vision is vastly improved. Good luck xx

21 Aug, 2021


I do love Banksy! We have one here in Kingston upon Hull - it has been taken down by specialists to be preserved and restored. The council plan to display it later.
I love the ‘messages’ behind his rework too, Amy.
I was as to see the one you mentioned being splattered with white paint! There are some horrible, nasty people out there! I’m hoping it will be restored back to how it was.
Thanks for sharing.
Hoping you have success with your op, and your vision is much better Amy! X

21 Aug, 2021


I'm glad you enjoyed seeing them Julia / Kate .. I'm glad I took the seagull one when I did as I was passing it today and could see it had heavy rail fencing round it to guard it until it can be covered with perspex ..
You're so right Kate there are some nasty people about ,what is wrong with them ???

22 Aug, 2021


I will admit although I've heard of Banksy I've never to my knowledge seen any of his work...
I hope all goes well with your op Amy, I've had both my eyes done and remember my reaction afterwards, I stood and cried because I could see actual leaves on the trees and the hedge right down the bottom of my garden instead of smudges, it felt amazing .....

22 Aug, 2021


Ah thanks Lincs you've given me so much to look forward to through your lovely memory / description ,I'm so looking forward to seeing clearly again .x

23 Aug, 2021


Banksy certainly is a brilliant artist, long may he reign in doing the art work and cheering most of us up, its amazing how quickly the art work appears. and BOOO to the nasty person that has destroyed the art work. Hope all goes well the op, you will be soon be singing ' I can see clearly now the FOG has gone ' xx take care and follow the doctor's instructions xx

23 Aug, 2021


I agree Loupylou , I have a couple more photos to put on of Bankys , asap .. I'm not much of a singer but Ill do my best once i'm seeing clearly Haha ..

24 Aug, 2021

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