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My right eye


By amy2


I’m so sorry I’m not keeping up at this time .

My second cataract operation was Monday 11th what a horrendous session that was , it should have taken about 20 mins instead they were working on it for 1 1/2 hours the surgeons changed halfway through ,the Anaesthetic had worn off I could feel it , it was awful , they took out the cataract and old lens but couldn’t put the new lens in as I have some jelly like substance poking up through the back of the eye preventing it from fitting in . I had another hospital appointment the next morning for them to insert a needle in my eye to release some pressure , they can’t do anything else until I’m clear of any infection which might result from this last session , it could take up to 6 weeks ,which leaves me at the moment without any sight in my right eye …and it hurts … What a nuisance, I’m feeling lop-sided and sometimes giddy ..

I managed to take a couple of photos this morning ..

I’m excited to see the Saffron it’s taken 3 years for them to recover the move from their previous plot ..

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Oh dear,Amy,I presume you aren't feeling much better after your awful experience on Monday 11th ? I had hoped you might be by now,and I'm sorry to see it is still hurting..:o(
I'm surprised you managed to take a couple of photo's,so thank you..So pleased you have got some Saffron again.:o)

I have added a 'like' for the photo's .x
Take care,and hope you start to feel better soon, Russell sends his best wishes

19 Oct, 2021


Oh Amy, what an awful carry on. Sandra passed on your message, but I had no idea it had been so bad. I have clicked 'like' for the same reason as Sandra.
I will PM you later. xxx

19 Oct, 2021


Ditto to that. It sounds awful & I do hope they are able to fix everything in the end. Thinking of you. Good of you to rake the nice photos.

19 Oct, 2021


You poor thing! What a horrid experience you've been through, Amy.
Have they prescribed some prophylactic antibiotics for you, just in case?
The thought of waiting for many more weeks to have this all fixed and have your sight improved must be stressful for you.
Sending my best wishes to you and keep strong xxx

19 Oct, 2021


I'm sorry to hear you have had such an unpleasant experience, Amy, and second what has already been said.

19 Oct, 2021


So sorry to hear that Amy, what a traumatic experience. And now to only have sight in one eye must be so disorienting - and painful too. I do feel for you. Good that you could talk about it on here …

I’m sure we all sympathise, wish you well, and hope it won’t be as long as six weeks until you are mended.

19 Oct, 2021


Sorry to hear about your eye Audrey, what an awful time you've had. I hope it will be all right in the end.

Nice looking gourds, and I'm glad about your saffron, do you use it in cooking ?

19 Oct, 2021


Dear Amy I am so sorry to read about the ordeal you have been through - it sounds awful.

I don't think you should be left to suffer for up to 6 weeks either.

I hope you get better very soon and please let us know when all is well again.

19 Oct, 2021


poor you, what an ordeal. lets hope you can get it all sorted very soon. the delay to check for infection is vital but such a long time for you. Are you having to wear an eye patch?

lovely photos too.

20 Oct, 2021


Goodness Amy, what an awful predicament to be in, it must be very frightening for you. I do hope things can be sorted soon and any infection dealt with. I was just about to pm you, so will now. x

20 Oct, 2021


Hi Amy, sorry to hear about your negative experience with your 2nd cataract op. 😞 When my wife had her 2nd op. she also had problems, not as bad as yours by the sound of it.

Praying you won't get an infection & that the eye surgeon will be able to repair any damage & that you will soon be able to see better again soon. πŸ‘

Lovely photos! πŸ‘

20 Oct, 2021


Oh Amy that must be the pits do hope it resolves soon Denise xx

20 Oct, 2021


Sending you loads of good wishes and encouragement Amy.
It sounds horrendous. Can you sleep OK? Let us know how you go on won't you?
It frightens me rather as I am trying to pluck up my courage to go on the waiting lost for an eye op to remove a wrinkled membrane from the retina. I put it off for a year already...

20 Oct, 2021


Oh Amy,.......!!!!!. How horrendous for you. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.
I wish I hadnt read your blog, as im due to have both mine done in 3 weeks, has been put off for 2 weeks as booked for Covid booster + anti Flu jabs prior to the Hospitals Covid test prior to the op.

21 Oct, 2021


SORRY, didnt mean to pressed the like key, the photos are easier for me to see than the text and I just just do things by rote!

21 Oct, 2021


Thank you all so much for your lovely kind good wishes ,I have two appointments next week so hopefully I'll know more then , Yes Kate I'm having umpteen drops in my eye all through the day I'm also wearing an eye guard at night ..
Please, please don't let this put you have Stera /Sue I didn't have any problems with my left eye and its made an amazing difference to that one , I'm sure you'll be pleased with the results , let me know after the event x

22 Oct, 2021


let's pray for a successful culmination to all your pain and discomfort, Amy. Just when you really don't need another challenge up it pops. I've been trying to take a break from the internet by doing all my home chores and as a result I missed your blog. sorry to be late replying. I'll be thinking of you. take things nice and easy. xo

7 Nov, 2021


Thank you Amy! Its having the cloth over my face all that time that worries me!

7 Nov, 2021


Sue,please don't worry about the cloth over your face,as it is only for a very short time,honestly ! I had both mine done successfully,each time.It was all over and done with very quickly,and painlessly .x

8 Nov, 2021

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