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Up-Date my right eye


By amy2


Hi all ,

I had an appointment at the hospital yesterday , they admitted an area behind my eye was torn during the cataract operation ,they said it only happens in 2 % of cases ,it would be me wouldn’t it ! ..

The Dr was going to remove the stitches yesterday but then decided to wait until my next operation to hopefully put a new lens in , they also gave me extra drops on top of the loads I already have for the build up of pressure behind the eye ..

I can see shadowy shapes and have awful black floaters , It makes a difference to the other eye it takes me ages to type as my fingers go to the next character beside it I’m constantly correcting myself .

The good news is I can’t see dust Haha xx

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well i guess not seeing the dust is the upside of this. If it is any consolation the wife of one of OH friends had a similar problem early this year. 6 months on and she is back to normal.

Still very disorientating for you. Take it steady and no lifting, this friends wife strung it out for months 'oh i cant vac up as it's too heavy' etc....

29 Oct, 2021


Wishing you a speedy recovery.

29 Oct, 2021


Wishing you well xx

29 Oct, 2021


Hope your problems came to an end soon Amy.

My wife now suffers from glaucoma in both eyes (well it had probably been going on for years before it was diagnosed during the preparations for her cataract ops.)

She has had floaters in her eyes since the ops. & I put drops in her eyes about 10 times a day! (although 4 are artificial tears which she also puts in my eyes).

She has had retinal detachment in one eye & now the other has been affected.

She has spend the last 4 years visiting the eye clinic at our local hospital!

29 Oct, 2021


What a lot of catastrophic eye problems :-( Sheila, I do hope all will be well in the end. Have been thinking of you.
Balcony, I do feel for your poor wife also. Her eye problems seem of long standing, not much that any of us can do do. except to send our best wishes to her & Sheila.

29 Oct, 2021


So sorry Amy you've had to suffer all this, I do hope your appointment for the new lens comes through soon and you can be well and truly on the mend. Keep smiling and letting Tony look after you. X

29 Oct, 2021


What a pain Amy, you poor soul. Perhaps you can train that eye to remain closed when you are doing anything close? It is so frustrating - can you pour a cup of tea and guarantee not to miss the cup? (Voice of experience...) Hope it can be sorted soon.

29 Oct, 2021


I’m so so sorry Amy for such dreadful bad luck. Cataract operations are supposed to be so straightforward these days … but it is amazing how surgeons can manage to put things right. Get plenty of rest and don’t try to do too much … you WILL get your normal sight back eventually. Keep smiling - tho’ not easy I know!

29 Oct, 2021


So sorry,it's been a nightmare for you,hasn't it? at least it seems like it can be put right,but more upsetting that it happened in the first place. I feel grateful that both my cataract removals have been fine,and we both discussed the ops ,so we expected yours to go smoothly too.
Stay strong,and positive,Amy,and you will get there. xx

29 Oct, 2021


I am so sorry you are having to put up with all this every day.
I wish you well and hope you will be much better very soon. It is a dreadful thing to happen but reading the comments on here, it is more common than we thought.
Hope to hear that everything is mending in the near future.

29 Oct, 2021


Sorry to hear you've had this trouble Audrey, I hope you won't have to wait too long before your operation and that your eye will heal quickly. It must be very distressing for you. xx

30 Oct, 2021


Oh Amy! What a blinking nightmare for you!
How awful to be in that 2% too.
As Eileen mentioned, things should eventually settle and rectify. However, it must be quite frustrating and upsetting at present for you, which is completely understandable.
Here's hoping for things to improve very soon and you can get those stitches out too.
Next Spring, you'll be able to see so time for all those lovely things emerging in the garden.
Take care, look after yourself! Keep us posted.
Best wishes xx

30 Oct, 2021


Oh Amy, you have been though the wars haven't you? I do hope things eventually settle down for you. Look after yourself xxx

1 Nov, 2021


Thank you all for your contributions and advice ,it seems this happens more often than we realized ..

I have some news , my correction appointment came through the post yesterday, the appointment is for next Tuesday I will have a Covid test on Saturday and then isolate until then ..
I feel as if I've spent the best part of this year isolating from one thing and another Grrrrr ...

Hopefully it will soon be all over fingers crossed x

3 Nov, 2021


Well at least they're keeping an eye on you...if you'll excuse the pun.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that all goes well.

4 Nov, 2021


At least having an appointment date is good news! Hope they will be able to help you recover. 👍😃

4 Nov, 2021


Oh Amy! what an absolute nightmare!!….I do hope you get it sorted ….reading this has really put me off having mine done!

28 Jan, 2022


Sorry to hear your problems with your eyes still haven't been fixed! 😞

My wife still has to have eye drops for her glaucoma about 8 times a day! But it seems it has remained stable since they did the first investigations nearly 5 years ago.

28 Jan, 2022


Please don't let it put you off Angela in most cases the operation is fine with no problems , I'm still on x 4 drops a day I've had the second corrective operation , it seems they had to insert a different lens which means I've now got what they call pinhole sight ,I can see through the middle but cloudy round the edges , they removed the stitches at my last appointment ,I'm not sure if my sight will ever be any better I have another appointment in a couple of weeks time ....
8 times a day David thats a lot , my husband has glaucoma he only one drop at bedtime .. i'm glad your wife's condition is remaining stable , thats good .

1 Feb, 2022


Thanks Amy & I hope you recover more of your sight soon.

2 Feb, 2022


Amy, I too hope that your sight will gradually improve. You have been very unlucky indeed. Thinking of you.

3 Feb, 2022


Oh Amy, I do hope when they fit the new lens and remove the stitches your eye will heal and your sight will be much better in a few weeks.
You've certainly been through the mill with this I do feel for you..x

5 Feb, 2022


You’re being so courageous Amy, in spite of going through such a heart-rending time. I just hope desperately that your sight will improve before too long. Sending a virtual hug … x

5 Feb, 2022


Thank you all for your comforting messages , I finished the course of eye drops a week ago , my eye instantly became blood shot and so painful I went back to the hospital eye dept. as an emergency they have put me back on eye drops , and so it goes on , I have another appointment on the 15th ,wish me luck x

6 Feb, 2022


So sorry for you, Amy, you have been thro' the wars. All my best wishes, luck and love goes to you.

6 Feb, 2022


That's very kind of you Sue Thank you , I wouldn't wish this on anyone , I can't help thinking " why me " But then i suppose it has to be someone ... :o(

8 Feb, 2022


" I can't help thinking " why me " "

I suppose the great majority of us would feel something like you did as well! 😞 After all sight is the sense we humans mostly rely on.

Even if only 2% of operations cause these kinds of problems it's still a lot of people! 😞

My wife's eye problems are still not over either - but at least the doctor said she was stable. Her eye drops have been changed as well & one of them has had the preservative element removed. As she has only been using the new drops for a few days it's early to say if they are making any difference.

I hope your next appointment gives you better news & more hope. 👍

9 Feb, 2022


Thank you David , as of today I start having one drop less a day leading up to my next appointment.
Fingers crossed for good results from your wifes new eye drops . You know we really don't appreciate our health until something goes wrong :o(

9 Feb, 2022


"You know we really don't appreciate our health until something goes wrong :o( "

You sound like you are repeating my mantra - only in English! 😂

11 Feb, 2022

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