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Another customers garden I designed and landscaped


Here are some photos showing a redesign I did of a customers garden.

The photo below shows the garden before and after redesign/planting

The client wanted a more interesting low maintenance garden with a mixture of perennials and shrubs. She found it awkward to cut the lawn around the curved wall so I turned the main lawn into an oval shape and gravelled and planted the awkward shaped parts of the old lawn.

Before laying the gravel I put down a semi permeable membrane to stop weeds coming through and even more importantly to stop the gravel sinking into the soil.

One of my other customers had a gravel garden put in by a landscaper who didn’t use a membrane under the gravel. After a few years the gravel sank into the soil and the ground is now not unlike concrete and is very hard indeed to plant into. Also the garden requires extra gravel to be added every couple of years. Use of a membrane stops this requirement.

When using a membrane all that is required to plant a new plant is to scrape some gravel back off the membrane, make an appropriately sized cross shaped cut through the membrane with a sharp knife,plant the plant,put the flaps of the membrane back into position(cut off a bit to allow the plant more room) and recover with gravel

Here are some more photos showing the before and after of the project

less than a day later!

It is important when planting shrubs to remember how big they will get. The planting above looks a bit sparce but within 3 years the shrubs were almost touching each other.Annuals or perennials which can be removed later can fill in the gaps until the main shrubs grow or alteratively much larger shrubs can be planted but this is very expensive!

Below are more shots showing the finished garden as it was after the planting had matured. This garden is very low maintenance as there is almost no weeding. The few weeds that grow in the gravel can be hand weeded or sprayed. I do the pruning of the shrubs/perennials in autumn or spring depending on the species of shrub/plant and this takes me about 4 hours per year in total

I often hear people saying they don’t like gravel but planted imaginatively it can look really attractive.

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Another beauty, AM. Clever of you and I can see how much the tiny bushes have grown and filled out the garden. Low maintenance too! Really like the brick wall and the patio area....circular design is really attractive.

8 Sep, 2010


Love your garden design very much, nice shrubs and good colour all round. well done.

8 Sep, 2010


another lovely garden...

8 Sep, 2010


That's very good. It makes the garden more interesting. Great :o)

9 Sep, 2010


You have a`s great when someone can look at a garden and be able to bring out its best aspects. The edges are so much softer and the plants look really good.

9 Sep, 2010


Thanks for the nice comments :^)

9 Sep, 2010


What a transformation AM, it really looks lovely. It really looks like a garden anyone would want to spend time in. :o)

9 Sep, 2010



9 Sep, 2010


You did some amazing work there AM redoing the garden. Your client must be very pleased now.

10 Sep, 2010


absolutly stunning, love it

13 Sep, 2010



13 Sep, 2010


Oh wow, I love the design. It's a terrific garden, you must be proud.

14 Sep, 2010


Wonderful transformation and plantings.

15 Sep, 2010


Lovely garden and design it all works so well together;0)

21 Sep, 2010


Yes, indeed! That works really well!!

26 Nov, 2010


great garden ..looks like you have the seasons covered in your planting too..:-)

2 Dec, 2010


It's a great design, Anchor. I LOVE gravel beds, but what do you do about mowing the grass when it abuts the gravel??

17 Jan, 2011


If you ensure the gravel is a couple of inches lower than the grass there's no problem. You don't need to do that over the whole surface of the gravel just the 6 inches that abuts the grass edge.

17 Jan, 2011

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