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Where`s Dungy???


By andrea


Shame on you that drove him away!

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Yes shame on him he knows who he is ! Worse than play ground spats ..

12 Jul, 2013


we knows who he is, and I think he is just an attention seeker ,likes to provoke a reaction, these kind are best ignored,

12 Jul, 2013


I too enjoyed his tales, let`s get him back on line.

13 Jul, 2013


Sadly there's no way I know of to contact him outside of GoY, so he probably doesn't know we want him back. I wanted to see more photos of his amazing garden, and I miss his blogs:(

13 Jul, 2013


Oh....I found Dungy's blogs interesting, but most of all amusing and used to like reading them and commenting! I've obviously missed something here...perhaps I didn't see his last blog!
People can be unkind on here which is a shame.we're all different and it's great to see /hear other views and ways of thinking! If nothing nice to say, best to say nothing.
What a shame!

13 Jul, 2013


I have been emailing Dungy in the hope of changing his mind. He has said he would like to return to posting on GoY but doesn't want to be on the receiving end of such unpleasantness again. Sadly he hasn't any confidence left in the admin and moderation of this site and determined not to return until that has improved. I will let him know about this blog, who knows ........

13 Jul, 2013


Oh dear ! Its really a question of getting the right
balance I suppose. I always thought Dungy needed
editorial help.

13 Jul, 2013


It is sad that there are such trouble makers on here.
When someone is insulting towards me, I tend to give them a taste of their own medicine. Then they moan that I have been rude to them lol ... but it keeps them away from my posts.

I know the admin people on here are hopeless, and I have told them so several times, but they don't take any notice.

I hope Dungy comes back. I must say I have not seen any of his blogs because I only look at those of people on my 'Fav Mambers' list. Maybe I should add him on. He sounds an interesting character :o)

13 Jul, 2013


Sadly the anonymity attracts cowards who can cause trouble, best ignored as attention is what they crave. Sorry to see another interesting member has given up on GOY.

13 Jul, 2013


I always found Dungy to be somewhat of a challenging sort of character but, I expect that some GoYers find me the same. I chose not to read many of his blogs but would never have been rude to him, or anyone else on here.

13 Jul, 2013


Like BA, I also found Dungy challenging and a bit rude at times and the spat that is being commented on was initiated by the comments Dungy posted on a question, if my memory serves correct. Then the last blog drew more attention. I rarely read beyond the first paragraphs as they seemed more like general blogs rather than gardening blogs as the tag said.

13 Jul, 2013


Couldn't agree more with the last post

13 Jul, 2013


Sorry folk I agree with Bulba and SBG Dungy frequently got a bee in his bonnet and went completely off question in his responses. For example the question about onion root fly where he went into a tirade on bacteria. I am always sorry to see a member of GoY leave but, let's get realistic, it happens all the time. I Can think back to 2009 and there are any number of folk who were with us then who no longer post at all. It happens...

13 Jul, 2013


I hope i am not being branded as a troublemaker, bully, coward, rude for stating my opinions on Dungys blogs and some of his question replies. I was never any of the above.

All of you lot who are insulting me better had watch what you write, as the only rudeness is from you lot. Some of you should know better......Drc276 springs to mind.

I only give factual answers, good advice, and will argue against anything posted that is wrong. That is what this or any forum is about.

Attention is not what I need. Far from it. In fact, the real attention seekers are the ones who write the irrelevant blogs.

Everyone enjoy their day.

14 Jul, 2013


Scrumpyg. you and I do not always agree, in fact we frequently disagree, however I do not find your comments rude or bullying. MG

14 Jul, 2013


We have had our disagreements as you say, but thanks for those words.

14 Jul, 2013


Just been searching for Dungy's latest blog which seems to have disappeared. It seems this whole thing has happened again for a similar reason....

13 Mar, 2014


it still is there in my 'inbox' thing

14 Mar, 2014


I managed to PM him He reminded me this has happened before and he came back then when so many people asked him to. This time he says he will continue to read blogs but won't comment any more while things are as they are. Can't say I blame him.

16 Mar, 2014


Such a shame he's been hounded off GoY again, not been around for a few days so missed it all.

17 Mar, 2014


I love reading Dungy's blogs and look forward to reading then daily, I hope he comes back very soon.

17 Mar, 2014


same as before, he spoke his mind, someone else spoke theirs, he decided not to comment further.

plain speaking face to face is always better than on line as so often said before, you cant tell the exact tone etc.

I was told I was 'waspish' in one comment but hey ho, I know how lack of tone can comes across. several people emailed me to say how upset they were on my behalf. funny thing though I wanst offended!

But doesnt this now look as if the other people who didnt agree with Dungy are being hounded? equally unfair.

18 Mar, 2014


You are so right about the tone of voice not coming over in the written word. However I don't think any of us was insulting Scrumpygraham even allowing for that.

18 Mar, 2014

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