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Due over 16 years ago:

Plant container to try.

Im trying Dahlia 'Gainsville' (pom-pom variety) with masses of Allium Syn.ostrowskianum shades of plum and purple underplanted with vibrant lime green grasses in a container.

Due about 16 years ago:

Shrubs to get.

mahonia japonica bushes out well and the leaves take on red tints at various times of the year.
Mahonia aquifolium which only grows to three or four feet.

Check web site.

check this website: J Parkers

Plants to buy.

stipa arundinacea - copper bronze colours
dierama - angels fishing rod

To buy.


Due over 15 years ago:

Bulbs to buy.

Angelique tulip bulbs to buy

Bulbs to buy.

Shirley from Taylors' Bulbs