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Im back out of my hibernation and look whats popped up


well hello again everybody, winter has passed and I have survived ha ha, my face is no longer peelie wally I have colour in ma cheeks and the sun is shining, well nown again but when it does it is glorious.
my last blog was 16th November 2012 and since then I can safely say I have been out in the garden more this week then all of that time, I am definatley a summer gardener, a lot has happened in that time, my garden has slept, I have rested and I cant write this blog because there are 2 sets of people outside hammering there fences! ok collect my thoughts ha ha.
its been a wild winter everywhere, and having seen a whole season arriving, booming, dying down and rising back up again and watching my plants, some have been great and others haven’t came to much yet but im hoping with the warmer weather they will grow back, my fuchias and veronica dwarf blue don’t seem to have much growth yet, I have planted loads of plants, bulbs, seeds, shrubs, trees, most of my greenhouse got blown all over my garden, it had loads of trays of flowers and out of 72 pugs iv ended up with 1 foxglove, iv picked things up along the way, scoured my local woodland, walks and areas, I found some sedum growing along the pavement, last year I wouldn’t have known what all these plants were, I found wild garlic growing just 5 foot outside my garden fence in the woods, those woods are fantastic in one sense that we collect what others don’t want and dump, we found enough fence wood to make a gate, or if we wanted a good fence and enough boards to make a veg bed and a tottie bed, the old frame from the greenhouse that got taken to Kansas is now a beautiful arbour, barked with trees and shrubs and a few fruit trees that were only newly planted this year so a few years yet for the fruits of our labour hopefully. I feel as if im rambling on but I have got loads to say to remember also so if its written down, I try and keep a log of what iv planted and when but iv kinda forgot along the way.
I made veronica a wee garden in an old tyre, it has wee plants of, wild strawberries, an alpine called veronica, a wee crocus, pansies, a daisy, I planted a wee fir tree but I think its dying, and some sweet peas but it was far too early for them, the amount of sweet peas I have lost is cruel, but It was my own fault, totally neglected them and I thought the best thing to do was plant them out and it snowed the next day so u know what happened there, we also made veronica a sweetpea teepea, but we have planted nusturshums, please excuse my spelling of some plant names and runner beans to climb up the teepea so there are a few sweet peas directly sown that I done end of april and there are a few coming through just peeping out, after my disaster with all the sweetpeas I directly sowed into the garden to see what grew if any, some pictures of my slow process.

I just looked back there at the pictures iv took along the months since I last posted, so ill guide myself with pictures to jog my memory ha ha.
I bought a wee venus fly trap and against all or most advice I let it flower, just to see what it looked like, I didn’t even know they had a flower so curiosity got the better of me, needless to say I don’t have it anymore ccos after it flowered it shrivelled up and died but here it is one little beautiful flower.

its now 16th june2013 and summer has finally kicked in, not a lot of sunshine but warm air is always nicer lol x
its been about 6 weeks since I wrote the first part of this blog and didn’t get round to finishing it properly, si instead of prattling on ill post pictures and you can all see for yourself ha ha xx nice to be back xx

look at veronicas wee garden now, she loves it x

my strawberry chest, idea from pintrest, I love that site so many handy things to do in the garden

we acquired some log steps, 10 wee ones and 8 big ones, so we made a wee pathway down to the arbour, where you will find the hard labourers after a hard days digging and laying.

these are pansies that I grew from seed last year, a type called black beauty, they were not black last year they came out yellow and black,mostly yellow though, now to my knowledge pansies are a bedding plant or an annuall, so I let them “die back” but they never did, the leaves stayed green most of the winter and now I have all different colours again and its so strange I swear the flowers change colour too, like today there all peachy black and purple but in a couple of days they will be completely different……or am I just off ma rocker

once again this year im a sucker for a sunflower, and again have little patience and started them too early and most of them died, so I done it again at the right time, I germinated 4 packets of different varieties, and out of maybe 45-50 seedlings I have 8!! 8 strong plants more to the point, 2 to a large pot, so we shall see this year, 154cm to beat ha ha, I will probably give them a pot each once they get a bit bigger, so come on the sunshine.

my new flower bed is doing well don’t you think, considering.

and this was tonight

I have all sorts in there, tree lillies, an apple tree, snapdragons, lambs ear, a few clematis at the back, umpteen climbing and bush roses, you can never have enough roses, lupin, dicentra, astilbe, some unknown I don’t know the name of, I call it the cabbage plant….anybody know!!!

I got given them by a lady across the road, wee ruby, shes lovely and always good to get a gossip over the garden fence, she is a wealty of knowledge though when it comes to native plants which I love, I now know that ihave wild garlic growing 5 ft from ma garden in the woods.
she gave me maybe 7 wee conifer trees that she had rooted from cuttings taken from the woods, some of them are growing fine maybe 2 or 3, but this was the best pressie ever she gave me ha ha, a wonky 7 ft cypress conifer I think .

I will find wee plants that shes found or dug from her own gadren thrown over the fence into the soil, ivy, primroses, and wee purple flowers I have no idea but there cute, so its nice that she does that

scott getting in on the hard labour again, all his veggies are doing great, potatoes, carrots, onions, spring onions, and a whole load of herbs also, it was nice to go into the garden tonight for my lettuce and spring onion for a salad, and my basil off my windowledge.

so there we are, all caught up with, I have planted so many new things this year, some are flowering now and some are not there yet, so we will see throught the months all the beautiful things our plants give us, my favourite and the most anticipated flowers are my Osiris rose I got for mothers day, I love alice in wonderland and these are painting the roses red, white roses with red dipped petals, waow, I don’t have a picture yet as its only started to shoot, but I cannot wait!! I suppose that’s my problem ha ha, till next time……….x

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You really are going to town with your garden Andrea. It's nice that you have got the family into gardening as well. Veronica's gdn with the little strawberries is cute & a very good idea. You have a plant called London Pride. It's a Saxifrage. I think you're calling it a cabbage plant! Will be following your gdns progress.

17 Jun, 2013


That was a lot of effort you put into the garden and it looks good .

17 Jun, 2013


Welcome back Andrea, you have done a lot with your garden and it certainly hasn't suffered from when the workmen were digging their holes, I absolutely love your strawberry chest that is one unique planter and Veronica's little garden has done well, I ran out of pots a couple of weeks back so raided hubby's tyres and bits and bobs to make a planter for in my dogs run, pinched and planted up another one today but not painted it yet, serves him right for leaving them kicking about..
I enjoyed reading your blog, hoping to see more of you now you have realised its summertime, enjoy your gardening.....

17 Jun, 2013


Nice to see you back, and your garden doing well :o)

17 Jun, 2013


Yes it's looking great Andrea, lots of interest and lots to Veronicas little garden...:))

21 Jun, 2013

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