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nothing better than growing your own i say, at its best in season, here are a few pictures of what im growing for food, or just garden nibbles ha ha.

i have 1st 2nd and 3rd year strawberries, some of the plants have 9-12 flowers on them.

iv also got a 9 hole planter with 1st yrs in them and big polystyrene contaners with 3rd year ones, there doing the best but i only have 6 of them, plus a carpet of alpines and a container full, oh and not forgeting my strawberry jeans, over winter the jeans have went tatty looking but still fits a purpose and when the runners come off i can just cut the leg and tuck it in x

tomatoes, done them for 3 yrs and still not had a tomato yet, so heres hoping this year, iv since moved these into grow bags in ma wee plastic tomato greenhouse outside.

im just germinating konsa cucumbers, thats veronicas project cos she loves cucumber, and direct sown runner beans, butter beans, peas, i have succesion carrots growing away, and another set to do in a few weeks, a 3mx4m area of potatoes, and pots with chives, basil, oregano, mint, sage, tymme and lavender so am fairing pretty well, oh and im gonna try sweetcorn this year, need to get it in this week though.
i spent the whole day in the garden yesterday, its a tuesday thing, i done the same last tuesday as much as my little girl loves the garden i get more done when shes out having fun with her cousin, so tuesday is ma garden day, all the grass got cut and beds weeded,everythng got a mulch and fresh compost in the beds, and plant food, seen to pests ie lilly beetles, kept going over every 10 minutes and there would be a new pair, crunch!!
planted new plants i got from a wee fair, the lady told me the names of them all, seive heid…… lungwort was the only one i remember, the wee blue and pink flowers, pretty. but the rest of them are in so i will see how they get on and what they turn into.

my wee pond, i was hoping for tadpoles but nothing, before i put the pond inthe garden used to be full of frogs and toads, thats the reason i put a pondythingy in, but there are no frogs, none that i can see anyway, i did find a newt when i was cleaning it and there are loads of wee tiny pond creatures in it so it cant all be bad.

the view upto the arbour, that nothing is growing round yet, despite having 2 clematis, and ivy, this is where my sweet peas go, i loved all my tulips this year, just cut the last of them tonight so i can get them lifted and use the bed for something else.
my wee victoria park i call it ha ha, i love those red rhodies, and i just moved the camelia back here and its coming on leaps and bounds, so many more flowers.
this is the tree i got from the lady across the road, does anyone know if i cut the top from this tree, will it do it any harm, cos just now its looking pittiful??

i sowed my 5 varieties of sunflower too, eeeekkk im so excited, i absoloutley love them, majestic flowers, i like the more autumnal colour ones like earth walker and autumn gold and velvet queen, also u get more than one flower from a stalk, great for bouqets and vases lol.
after my catastrophies the past few years with sweet peas i decided to cheat and buy shop already germinated plants, probably cheaper that way too for me, i have them to plant out soon too.
so thats been my week in the garden, may is here, but as i type it is torencial rain and my garden is waterlogged, its still warm in the air so heres hoping the stories iv been hearing about it being the hottest on record are true x happy gardening x

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Your strawberry jeans are amazing - how do you get them to stand up? How lovely to find a newt, much more exciting than a frog I think, though do they eat slugs? Its strange your frogs seem to have disappeared now you have a pond isn't it?
Good luck with your sweet peas and tomatoes this year anyway.

8 May, 2014


Finding a newt is brilliant, frogs usually return to where they were spawned to lay their eggs which would explain why they were there before and then seemed to disappear, hopefully some will find the way into your own pond of their own accord, it often happens, in the past I'd tell you to ask around and see if someone nearby has some spawn you could transfer but thats frowned upon now because of spreading disease, be patient Andrea, mine just arrived and now they are everywhere, lol.
I too like your strawberry jeans idea, I have to move mine, they are useless, don't think they like their position but not sure where to put them, even toying with the idea of asking for another raised bed but once again not sure where to pop one, its all about choosing the right time to hint that I want one building, lol.
Cannot understand why you didn't get any toms, hope you are successful this year, sometimes we all get failures, just don't give up unless of course you need the space for something else...
Its raining here again today and I've run out of compost, grrr, so not even in g'houses, saying that indoors is nice and shiny as I actually had time for the dusting so not all bad, saying that I'd much rather be outside, lol...

8 May, 2014


steragram i put sticks in the ground and tied the bottom of the jeans round it, packed it with compost, there definetley not levis though, its starting to rip at the seams and has gone crusty, i was gonna paint them try and harden it up a bit, im sure ill think of something though x

i just dont think iv had the heat for toms, the first year i didnt have a greenhouse and was totally clueless lol, the next year i did have a draughty greenhouse, missing one or 2 panes but the tomatoe plants went all black and died and last year was a pure freak, the years before toms i had started in growbags on my patio and moved them, they didnt grow to produce as i said, but then last year while weeding the patio i noticed a tomato plant growing in the tiny space between the building, so i left it, that was the closest i got to tomatoes and i didnt even plant it, it managed 2 or 3 vines of lovely wee tomatoes but never got the sun long enough for them to ripen red, but that was enough for me to be more vigilant and take more care this year, so heres hoping x

8 May, 2014

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