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'The 'Dying of the Light'.


By ange2


It does feel melancholic in my garden. Autumn is making great strides across the landscape and plants are dying down. The mood of the season echoes the mood of the country, I feel!
However, there are flowers dotted here and there, and some interesting leaf colouring. Here’s a few from my plot.
hydrangea and paeony making a red combination:

Fuchsia ‘Army Nurse’, now grown to enormous proportions:

My personal acer nursery:

Cupressus ‘Wilma’. I have 2 of these and they sparkle at the moment:

One of the newer small pittosprums ‘Silver Ball’.

‘Obsession’ has decided not to die on me and is looking splendid now. What a pleasant surprise!:

2 pink asters which are pretty under par; Screaming ‘Alma Potschke’ and slightly more ladylike ‘Septemberrubin’

And finally, more attractive foliage;

I have a new garden-helper now. The lodger has settled in and views the greenhouse as her personal fiefdom. ‘Cookie’, 3 months after coming on trial. Looks like she’s here to stay!:

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A lovely selection Ange! My Obsession is also thriving I’m relieved to say. Your Acer nursery appears to suggest that you’re a whizz at Acer cuttings … wow, that’s amazing 🙂.

26 Sep, 2022


I am impressed by the variety of your plants Ange. Despite to your hard soil your plants look healthy and thriving.
Cookie looks very comfy in her cute bed.

26 Sep, 2022


Lovely photo's of your plants Ange and you have a very pretty cat...

26 Sep, 2022


Sheila, I can't take credit for the acers - they're mostly super-small supermarket buys that we are nurturing! others are larger, less usual specimens. Just hoping we can keep them all going over the winter!

Thanks, Klahanie. Cookie has settled in better than we first imagined she would after the 'bust-ups' between her and Maudie. They are happy to sleep in the same room at nights now, so a little progress has been made after the initial hostility!

Thanks, Lincs. Cookie was one of my daughter's cats but was being severely bullied by another.

27 Sep, 2022


Cookie looks so at home in her lovely cat bed. I’m glad they tolerate each other better now. They usually do eventually when there is no option! Your garden is still looking good. My Nandinas are thriving also. The Fuchsia looks a good’un also.

27 Sep, 2022


in a few weeks the Acers will be in amazing colours to take you further through the seasons. I love your pink asters, such a change from the purple ones.
Your garden still looks brilliant Ange.

27 Sep, 2022


Bless her, its good of you to take her in, I miss having Toffee in the garden with me but after 3yrs he is still scared of Pepper, (my late sisters dog ) we gave a home to, not all bad he gets to sleep upstairs, loves that, spoilt rotten and crafty with it, every time somebody goes upstairs he asks for food, loves Dreamies, trouble is hubby gives into him... ....

27 Sep, 2022


I'm astonished at how large the fuchsias have grown this year, Fever. All the hardy ones are at least 4ft high and wide. Thanks for your kind comments.

Thanks, SBG. The asters are less than impressive this year and I think we have lost a couple and a large wood aster too. I bought a new dark one 'Thundercloud' earlier in the year but I think it is too small to produce flowers this season!

Lincs, it's good to hear Toffee is spoilt while he's in isolation. I felt bad for my resident, Maudie, when we took Cookie on trial as she was really upset. I thought she would love a new companion after the loss of her old one. Shows how wrong you can be! Things have quietened down but I still feel we have imposed something Maudie didn't want onto her.

27 Sep, 2022


Poor old Maudie - its always a stressful time when someone else joins the family isn't it? We used a Feliway plugin designed to calm them and it seemed to make quite a
difference. (Not advertising honest!) Any port in a storm.
Love the little silver Pittosporum - great news that there are now little ones! Might be just the answer in a windy garden because they are small enough to shelter behind something else! One more for the Wish List!
Love the title of your blog - are you raging against it as instructed?

30 Sep, 2022


Could that be a Dylan Thomas quote?

30 Sep, 2022


Stera, we had the first head rubs greetings tonight between the two cats! Lovely to see. We have used Feliway when they were first introduced.
The small pittosporums are attractive plants. We decided to add 4 different ones and they like the garden. I just hope they survive the winter.
Of course I rage - particularly at the moment (since you ask). There is so much to be outraged about...

Sheila, it could!

30 Sep, 2022


You have a lot of colour and interest there Ange and the Acers all look good specimons.
Have you decided where you will put them all when they get bigger?
There is a lot to rage about now especially the high heating bills!
And you really don't want my views on the new PM ! lol
It's great that both cats are getting on well now!

1 Oct, 2022


Where the acers will go is a good question, Rose! At least i can put it off until next season..
I think ignorance is bliss at the moment, Rose.

1 Oct, 2022


Sheila - yes, its from Do not go gentle into that good night, ie The dying of the light.
Rage away but its not permanent! "To everything there is a season under the sun" (Can you place that one?)

1 Oct, 2022


I can, Stera, but you didn't ask me! (Mutability.)

1 Oct, 2022


Stera … “a time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to harvest …”

1 Oct, 2022


...and a time for everything under the sun (even the Truss...) Ange you don't need to be asked???
(Strokes for Cookie and Maudie from me please)

2 Oct, 2022


Cats duly stroked, Stera!
I see the U-turns have begun already so maybe the 'time' may be a short one...

3 Oct, 2022


I do love the autumn colours, I noticed my nandina on my front garden had some nice dark red growth, I haven't had a wander around for a while as was away last weekend, looking forward to a wander today hopefully :-))

8 Oct, 2022


Looks just the sort of day for a nice wander, D'lily. We were driving along the M4 yesterday an d the colours were stunning, the estate is looking good, too.

8 Oct, 2022


Ange - just re read this blog - and your comment "You didn't ask me" Goodness me you're welcome - comment on anything you like!

8 Oct, 2022


No problem, Stera.

8 Oct, 2022

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