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So, what are your plans?


By ange2


Now the gardening season has finished (pretty much) in a proper hoolie, what are people’s hobby plans for the next few months?
I have been knitting family scarves and accessories, bearing in mind the Big Freeze that is to come (inside and out). I also will continue with my domestic clearout! I’m on a mission to get rid of excess ‘stuff’. For me, this has turned out to be a sort of hobby…

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Recover from the fabulous wedding of my eldest girl, Elizabeth yesterday and start making a quilt for my youngest girl, Victoria who gets married in April.
When I get some photos I will post a blog. The floral arrangements were stunning. I am rather tired today and not a euphemism for being hung over either!

I will also sort the garden ready for Toria's wedding in April.

1 Nov, 2022


I'm so glad it went well, SBG. Hope the weather was better at your end of the country than it was here! Looking forward to photos! Your quilt will be a lovely keepsake for Toria.

1 Nov, 2022


it was a wonderful day weather wise until about 4pm but all the outdoor photos had been taken. Heavy rain and strong winds overnight but a decent dry drive home, so the Rover didn't get too dirty.

1 Nov, 2022


I'll probably keep up with my 3 yoga classes, Ange. Zumba too..
I'll be doing a lot more reading and I'm thinking about decorating more of the house.
Plus, I may take up painting again, inspired by Julia, Linda and a lot of others.

1 Nov, 2022


Well at the moment my garden is not going to sleep, so I'm still at it, (when its not raining that is) the only time I will actually stop is over xmas and new year, I'll carry on pottering around and planning next year, if we do get a big freeze I'll pretend I'm a furry creature and hibernate, I used to always have huge jigsaws on the go during the winter but cannot see the pieces properly now so that is out, I 'm not creative in any way never have been, cannot knit or sew now as my fingers won't work properly, in other words I will get stircrazy, luckily I love to read, I'm into history and archaeology so I will occupy myself somehow, ideally after xmas I would like to do some decorating inside, however for that to happen, I'd have to get rid of his lordship, anytime I mention it he gets stroppy, not looking forward to winter stuck indoors at all....

1 Nov, 2022


It's interesting, Kate. You're so energetic and a lot of us (me included) plan to hibernate!! Iexpect I shall do a fair amount of hauling and heaving emptying boxes and cupboards!

Lincs, I know what you mean about the impending season. I switch-off from the gardening at this time of year except for mulching and a bit of weeding. I enjoy reading too and wish I could find a decent historical novel to get my head into. We have just finished sprucing up the g'daughter's bedroom, removing the bunks and replacing with more grown-up stuff. Funny, none of the charity shops want the bunks (they're in good condition). I thought they were crying out for donations.

2 Nov, 2022


Ange, I am very much the same as Lincs, in that I don't knit or sew or do cross-stitch! I have been buying brand new jigsaw puzzles in charity shops for about a year, that way I know the pieces haven't been touched by any germs, so I will spend some evenings doing those. OH likes to watch football on the TV so I can put headphones on and listen to music! I also like a good who-dunnit book.

Btw, I bet your local Freecycle group would be interested in the bunk beds, especially with families getting together for Christmas. We use our Freecycle site for many items, either giving or receiving. Saves so much going to landfill ... :o)

2 Nov, 2022


I’m already reading far more than usual (3 books a week) but still keeping my greenhouse plants going. I am playing about with ideas for painting this year’s Christmas card, and plan to continue with writing my “memoir”.

We play croquet once or twice a week all year round, but the best part is the cappuccino afterwards with my friends at the club! Not sure if that counts as a hobby … 🙂.

2 Nov, 2022


Oh Shirley, the dreaded football! It seems to go on and on... My knitting passes some of the time. Mind you, it's not as if there is anything else on the box that's worth watching, just seems like relentless quiz shows. There's virtually nothing I watch on TV now so I assume my brain is being 'improved' instead!! If I were on my own I'd get rid of the TV altogether. I haven't ever really done jigsaws, perhaps I should try. I'm useless at crosswords and games like that.
I'll try freecycle. Thanks for the suggestion.

Sheila, I have been reading more, too. I'm trying to work my way through a lot of the non-fiction I have sitting about. Just finished 'Head Hunters' about the troop of wealthy American heiresses who came over looking for Aristocratic husbands during the late Victorian period. It's quite an eye-opener.. As for socialising with a coffee it's the best occupation for all of us at the moment. We need fun anyway we can get it!

2 Nov, 2022


Ange, sounds like you have a footie fan of a husband too?!!

Mine played, managed and was then a referee ... :o(

2 Nov, 2022


Ange, have you read any of the books by Edward Rutherford? He wrote one called London & another Sarum, about Salisbury. They are historical novels & well researched I think. There is also one about Russia, but I haven’t found it in a charity shop yet. :-). I have started a jumper for my eldest son, but I will have to do another after that for the other one, must treat both the same! I do jigsaws & I’m hoping to make a few Xmas cards this year. Still jobs in the garden at the moment, as the wind blows lots of bits off the C. Leylandii, also there will be tidying up to do when the plants die down a bit more. Salvias, Alyssum, Dahlias, Pelargoniums still in flower, but looking soggy.

3 Nov, 2022


Mine's a keen watcher, Shirley and still follows the fortunes of the team he followed as a youngster.

Thanks for the reading suggestions, Fever. I think I read one of Rutherford's books many moons ago. I shall have to track them down. Good luck with your knitting. I have just completed my last scarf! (Thank goodness).

4 Nov, 2022


Ange, Michael has been a Brighton & Hove Albion fan for years. No longer a season ticket holder though ... such an expense!

5 Nov, 2022


I shall be Annie Sloaning furniture….. reading mostly thrillers!! Spending time on Instagram…watching Scandi or any foreign dramas on Prime and Netflix in between The World Cup of course….yawn….yawn!!
And trying out new recipes in the Air Fryer…and creating new flower borders….

6 Dec, 2022


I have my eye on painting a side table I was given by my brother, DD. I bought new handles but haven't plucked up the courage to get started.. You sound like you have a lot to get working on over the winter. The World Cup does go on doesn't it (and on...)

6 Dec, 2022


It certainly does…… it’s on now…thank goodness for social media!!

6 Dec, 2022

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