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Gardening Resolutions.


By ange2


Have you made any for this year? I have a few straightforward ones:

K.I.S.S. “Keep it simple, stupid”. I have a tendency to overcomplicate and overplant so will try hard to practise this in order to make my gardening life easier.

Learn to love the moles… Now that’s a hard one!

Try to find space for a pond.

Clear the greenhouse once and for all. (Easier said than done at the moment, it’s absolutely CRAMMED.)

Anyway, on the positive side, the shortest day has passed and we have the spring to look forward to. Gardeners always have plenty of forward-planning to do!

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Good blog Ange, here are 4 of mine.

1.Try and keep plant pots tidy and in the shed , not left out on the greenhouse staging.

2. Label plants fully [tend to label one in a set then find they get moved about and so they lose their name].

3. Take fewer cuttings. [Really cant see that one lasting!]

4. Weed little and often.

2 Jan, 2023


Good ones, Sbg.
My pots are spilling from shelves in the shed so I have sympathy with your No.1.

I could do with adding your No.2 to my own list, so I shall!

Nos. 3 & 4 could be enveloped with my No.1, so I shall do that..

I think you've added to my list. Bother!

2 Jan, 2023


I hope you can keep your resolutions, I never make any. However, since my garden needs a complete overhaul, my 'to do' list is long.
Whether I'll get around to doing everything is very unlikely :(

2 Jan, 2023


Well, my 'to do' list is to help me try and break it down into manageable pieces, Hywel. If I don't even think about what I'd like to do, then I'm lost, and as you say probably nothing would get done. I'm sure you'll manage quite a lot once the Spring enthusiasm kicks in, especially as you have your lovely new room to complement!

2 Jan, 2023


3 years ago I made some sewing related resolutions and so far I have kept to them. They were simple and easy to achieve.
Only have 3 projects on the go. Put materials away when the project is finished, No more than 2 quilt projects on the go.

I daren't do a 'to do' list for the garden as I don't want to think about everything that needs doing.

2 Jan, 2023


There is only one for me Ange and that is to tolerate that dang fox which keeps digging up my garden!
i have tried everything to deter I give up!!

3 Jan, 2023


I don’t tend to make resolutions, but I’ve been given an attractive gardening Yearbook, so I plan to actually make notes about what I plant, where I plant it and when it’s in flower. We’ll see if that works … !

Lovely Hellebore Ange 🙂.

3 Jan, 2023


Well, I suppose there's a difference between a 'to do' list and a 'resolutions' list, Sbg, although no doubt the two often merge! I'm impressed with your sewing list. I have tried to do something similar with my knitting. I tend to leave the sewing up and go onto the next thing before I've completely finished. If I'm honest, I get easily bored with what I'm doing.. but I have a bag full of dolls' clothes which should have been completed before Christmas - but haven't been. I'm determined to work through them before I start afresh.

I feel the same about our moles, Rose. OH wants to relay the lawn/grass(?) this year - I can't see the point. They're working their way around the borders, too. We find new hills virtually every day.

I've had yearbooks in the past, Sheila. For me they rarely get past Feb., I'm sorry to say! But I'm sure you'll be much more dedicated than me.

3 Jan, 2023


I don't make any resolutions Ange, I would break them immediately, but I do have an important plan on my todo list, which I will definitely keep up with... Change the rose garden, now that cannot be sorted until after all the spring bulbs have flowered, I love the birds but the little beggars are forever scrabbling around the pavers that are inside the inner section, every morning its in a right state, I've decided to dig all the bulbs and flowers out, leaving the rose bushes and the birdbath, lift the pavers, lay a weed repressant membrane down, put pavers back in situ and spread granite around the roses, the birds have plenty of garden to enjoy and my rose garden should remain clean.....Otherwise I will go with the flow and see what happens, hoping we don't have another drought, I am thinking to add more alpines in various places, otherwise anything that can cope if we do.... I forgot to add that my son and daughter-in-law gave me a lovely yearbook to use, must be approx 10yrs now, xmas gift, its like new and has never been used at all, unfortunately I joined goy so that put a stop to that, I still feel guilty about that.....Good Luck Sheila with yours ...

3 Jan, 2023


Rose,if you remember we had trouble with xome animal digging up borders and pushing over pots.Fox or Badger,I don't know but we found a spray which may deter them.Citronella which you can buy on seems to have worked here...

3 Jan, 2023


I don't usually make resolutions for the New Year.The one thing I'm going to do is to only work on one area at a time in the Spring and ignore the rest of the garden .This will be hard to adhere to I know.

3 Jan, 2023


I don't make New Year resolutions for anything but would just say that I was given a Gardeners' World magazine Guide/Year Planner 2022 last year. It has a month-by-month guide with space for sowing dates, notes and reminders. I recorded jobs done in the garden, purchases made, occasionally the weather, especially when there were awful storms! I think it will be a good record to look back on throughout this year.

3 Jan, 2023


Your plans for the rose garden sound fairly extensive, Lincs, don't overdo it! We have to give in to the wildlife, sometimes, to make life easier, don't we? You mention drought, well I'm researching jungle/tropical plants at the moment to probably replace things that struggled this year. However, to work well on my clay soil, I think it would need raised beds... there's always something!

Meadow, good luck with your resolution - perhaps the answer is to wear blinkers while you work so that you don't get distracted!

Shirley, you are more dedicated than I ever managed to be! (That wouldn't be difficult!)

4 Jan, 2023


Ange, I have always kept a diary/journal which has been referred back to on many occasions. I think the most recent one was from my 41 year old son asking if and when he had ever had a Tetanus vaccination! Keeping a garden diary too just became the 'norm' for a year ... :o)

4 Jan, 2023


I should have done that many years ago, Shirley. I have trouble remembering what happened last week! It must make fascinating reading.

4 Jan, 2023


The size of my garden Ange, the birds do not need to make a mess in my rose garden, they have all the rest to scrabble about in, if anything I pander to them, I'm very wildlife friendly but I am sticking to my guns as regards this particular area....

4 Jan, 2023


I have certainly fallen out with Moley, Lincs, but there's not much we can do except become more zen about its appearance...

6 Jan, 2023


Julia ( M.Land ) thanks for the advice!
I have spent a fortune on sprays and powder which are supposed to deter them and it works until we have rain!
I shall try citronella and still have some left from a holiday abroad once.
Ange, I think having moles must be far worse than having the fox!
I have managed to control it a little bit, but the other day the bottom of two fence panels were broken open as it had pushed against them to get in! I couldn't believe it!!

6 Jan, 2023


No resolutions for me as I wouldn't be able to keep them!
So, I will do what I can, when I can and do my best to keep on top of things!!
Looking out at the garden today there is a large task ahead of me!!!
Hope yours is looking better!

8 Jan, 2023


What a nuisance, Rose. These animals don't know their own strength! We had the most stunningly beautiful and healthy fox outside in our road when I got up the other night. I think the weather was so bitter it was looking for food - so was the Muntjac nibbling the green just a little bit away from it.

W'rose, the last thing I could say is that mine is looking good! It's a bedraggled mess. I am putting on an air of resignation.

8 Jan, 2023

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