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Happy Birthday to me - (well not quite yet, anyway!)


By ange2


As some of you know, I am at the age where my OH and I choose our own presents. Just recently an online plant retailer had a sale and included in it were some covetable houseplants.

Now, I blame the dreary winter months, because, while the weather has been so dreich I have been watching a number of informative videos which piqued my interest in internal greenery. And I used my upcoming birthday as an excuse to add to my collection. There has been a wearily resigned reaction from OH with a faintly plaintive cry of ‘but where are you going to put them?’ Good question.

They arrived today and have been very well packed:

These are what I bought:
First, scindapsus “Epipremum pinnatum ‘Golden Pothos’”

E.p. ‘Marble Queen’

Philodendron scandens ‘Brasil’

Philodendron ‘Silver Queen’ (not very silver yet).

Teeny Philo. ‘Pink Princess’ (not very pink yet – I understand this can be temperamental about showing its pinkness)

Maranta leuconeura ‘Fascinator’ (My OH does like this one!)

Ficus elastica ‘Ruby’

Its leaf:

And finally, my own special plant in a box. You won’t find this variety in the sales.

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Is your birthday soon Anget ? The reason I ask is a naughty thought that came to mind immediately, if its not yet and it was me I'd definitely need another present actually on the day, lol..... You have chosen some lovely plants, I really like the Maranta, I had one years back but never replaced it when it died, my Juliet has had one for many years and its a real beauty, I hope they all do well for you, my favourite though is definitely the one in the box....

8 Jan, 2023


Whenever it is, a very Happy Birthday Ange....lovely selection...Will you have the pots or perhaps you could ask for those?
The 2 blue succulents I bought from Leaf Creative a few weeks ago,although well protected under the house overhang,were struck by the severe frosts. I'm wondering if they will sprout again.

8 Jan, 2023


Happy Birthday when the day arrives, Ange! You've chosen well and it's lovely to receive something you're looking forward to, being delivered! 🎂🪴

8 Jan, 2023


They all look extremely healthy Ange, so your OH must surely agree (though that’s exactly what my OH says at the sight of a new plant … “Where’s that going to go?!”). The last photo is adorable 🙂.

Happy Birthday for one day soon, with plenty of cake! x

8 Jan, 2023


A nice collection of houseplants Ange. My OH always encourages me to buy plants but I really do not have any place to put them. Our living room already looks like a greenhouse.
Love your last picture. So cute :-)
Happy birthday wishes from me too..

8 Jan, 2023


They are lovely plants, You can always find somewhere for a new plant.
Beautiful cat, they like boxes don't they :)
Happy Birthday for when it comes.

8 Jan, 2023


Ange, I do apologise! I was distracted earlier and forgot to add how gorgeous your last ‘gift’ is…a real beauty. Settling in well, I see. 😻

8 Jan, 2023


Thanks, all, for your comments. I am a bit premature with the b'day, it's not for a couple of weeks, but you have to buy these things when you see them!

Hope your new succulents survive, Meadow, I've lost a few outside plants, I think.

Cookie says thank you for your admiration.She is a gentle little soul and beginning to find a fit with Maudie. They keep each other warm in the cold nights and play chase, so a good sign, I think.

9 Jan, 2023


Happy Birthday for the day when it arrives!
I am not really into house plants but you do have a good selection there.
I hope you found a good place to put them too!

11 Jan, 2023


Unsurprisingly, I have found them all homes, Rose. I've had a few h'plants in the past but not really a collection. This just goes to show you shouldn't get sucked into Youtube videos! They are very seductive.

11 Jan, 2023


Lovely plants & even lovelier cat. I’m glad you’ve found places for them all. I’m sure they will thrive & those Philodendrons will soon be rambling everywhere, beautiful Maranta.

11 Jan, 2023


Thanks, Fever. Cookie is a sweet soul. She'd be even sweeter if she'd stop scratching at the stair carpet!

12 Jan, 2023


Sorry only just seen this Ange - A very happy birthday whenever it is . lovely selection

14 Jan, 2023


Thanks, Paul.

15 Jan, 2023

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