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Plants in June.


By ange2


Some individual plants are doing well at the moment but overall the garden is looking a parched and sorry mess. We have saved all the washing up water but that is barely making an impression.
Still, on a happier note, here is what is looking ok.

Rosa ‘Best Mum’, an easy one to take cuttings from.

Allium Christophii

Philadephus ‘Manteau d’Hermine’ A real problem to find it a position it likes, but it seems happy now.

New rose ‘Ebb Tide’

peony "Jan de Leeuw’


Iris sibirica ‘White Swirl’

clematis ‘Westerplatte’

I hope you’re all enjoying the sunny summer weather. We shall be having a break from painting fences and gates and we’re promised a little rain. I shall believe it when I see it!

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Some lovely plants Ange. I like the Iris White Swirl. I wish it would rain, sweetly & softly every night. :-)

9 Jun, 2023


Thanks, Ff. We've just had an hour of rain this afternoon...

10 Jun, 2023


It's very dry isn't it, and some rain would be welcome. The plants you've shown seem to be surviving well, and are very pretty. Nice to see them :)

12 Jun, 2023


The plants have had the relief of a little rain yesterday. Just hoping the ground is soft enough to do some weeding, Hywel. I suspect not.

12 Jun, 2023


I hope you can do some weeding.
We had a few dribbles of rain in the night but the soil here is like dry dust (which makes weeding easy) and the rain has made no difference at all.

12 Jun, 2023


I feel like I've just done a workout, wrestling cowslips and hellebores (all self-seeded) out of a patch 3x3. A ridiculous amount of effort for a small patch, Hywel.

12 Jun, 2023


lovely photos and some super roses there too.

13 Jun, 2023


Thanks, Sbg. Most of my roses are singles but these happen to have flowered first. Not much sign of bees or butterflies this year, though.

13 Jun, 2023


This collection of lovely photos paint a very attractive picture of your garden in spite of the lack of rain.
It is hard to get water to every plant that needs it isn't it? Whenever rain is forecast we don't get it and we really need some now!!
Your new rose is very special.

15 Jun, 2023


Thanks, W'rose, glad you like them. The lack of rain is getting very serious now and plants are struggling. We lost a lot in the harsh winter and I expect more to go this summer. Have you noticed the flowers come and go very quickly?

16 Jun, 2023


Ange, you’ve such a beautiful collection of blooms! Very English garden, pretty and a lovely colour palette.

27 Jun, 2023


Thank you, Kate.

28 Jun, 2023


lovely plants there Ange . We don't have many flowering things . Your garden has come on very well

19 Jul, 2023


If only, Paul. I was noticing how much things have grown since the rains have come but so have the weeds! Lots of clearing going on now the soil is easier to work.

20 Jul, 2023


Had a huge plant clear out myself Ange. Gets frustrating . Plus I need more empty room in garden soon

21 Jul, 2023


What's being taken out? I keep filling up our green bin within 2 days of it being emptied, and the compost area is filled!

21 Jul, 2023


I took lots of herbaceous and some shrubs . Bedding this year hasn't done great . Yep been frustrated on how much money gardening actually wastes

26 Jul, 2023


You've been busy then, Paul. We have removed a lot of herbaceous perennials, too. It doesn't seem to have made much impact!

27 Jul, 2023

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