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By anget


We have taken the opportunity over the last couple of days to try and get to grips with our borders while the weather will allow us to, and the ground has been moistened by the rain from 2 or 3 days of on-off wet weather. We have cleared the border behind the garage, removing cistus, many, many pulmonaria seedlings, weeds by the yard and now I can hoe round with ease (in theory). I have resisted the urge to fill all the gaps! (for once).

The wide back border has had our attention today. We have made a start on clearing as it is full of seedlings of the tall yellow scabious, pink lychnis, and centaurea dealbata, so I think it gives an idea of how dry the soil is. My OH had ‘taken agin’ the large choisya ternata, so that has gone. I have dug out and discarded lots of tulip ‘Stresa’, blind daffodils (i.e. most of them), and hyacinths which had disappeared beneath the shrub. Then we removed a Cotinus which has sulked for 3 years and I dug the area over. I was pleased to see lots of worms in the soil which were definitely lacking when we made the border, so the mulching must have done something.

Now we are left with a space over which it looks like a battle has been fought, and we are only half-way through. The trouble is, once I start on something like this I often have difficulty knowing when to stop. The idea is to create more space, but I suppose I do need SOME plants left in situ. I think there will be a lot of repositioning of what is left.

Behind-the-garage borders tidied:

Bottom border:

Please ignore the uncut grass!
Closer view. Choisya and cotinus gone!

We still have two thirds of that border to clean and clear…

On a happier note, The alpina clematis were all lovely in the sunshine today, so here they are:




And again..

‘Tage Lundell’:

‘T.L.’ again

And lastly, a couple of borders that I’m not too ashamed of and some tulips..

Triumph Tulip ‘Mistress’ in the front garden.

Thanks for looking.

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Well done Ang....great deal of work done.

2 May, 2021


I'm at that slightly frantic stage, Meadow, of wondering how to put it together again so that it looks reasonable. It always seems easier to take everything out than try to work out how to fit in with what's growing there already. And shrubs don't seem to thrive in parts of it for some reason. Still, there's no rush. I'm sure inspiration will hit at some point(!)

2 May, 2021


You sound as if your the sort of person who doesn't take a break from the ongoing job until it's completed....use to be exactly like that but this year I've had to slow down....very will look more than reasonable, Ang because you put so much thought into it.

2 May, 2021


wow you have been very busy haven't you. I hope a nice relaxing bath will be in order later.
I know what you mean, where to put what and what to take out. It is often a dilemma i face ;o)

2 May, 2021


You're right, Meadow. Not so easy, though, when there's two of you to please. OH is happy to see it overrun with self-seedings, and is happy to remove shrubs ("too big"). I would take out all the 'clutter' of odd bulbs etc and thoroughly clean through. It's difficult to keep us both happy.. I am aware we are slowing down, so have to take that into account. Do you and your OH always agree? Or are you left to make the descisions?

Yes, it is a dilemma, isn't it, SBG? I have lots of plants in trays 'holding'. A couple of glasses of red definitely on the cards for later!

2 May, 2021


Rich isn't a gardener,Ang,but a very kind helper when asked....It's when he hears the words 'I was thinking' that a rather glazed expression appears!!

2 May, 2021


Your beds all look good to me, I still have several which need large clumps of dead-nettle removed. Guilt cuts in when the bees are looking for the ones that I have just relegated to the bonfire! My beds vary between plant everything close and keep the weeds out, to leave space to weed easily, who knows which is best? I have an odd bend in the lawns where there is a Choisya which has grown way too large. I have pruned but it is very woody, so don't know whether to be cruel and hack it back to not far above ground - or dispose of completely! I too had a Cotinus which was huge and very badly behaved so it got relegated to the field where it can do as it pleases. Best of luck with getting rid of it, mine kept coming back for ages.

2 May, 2021


Your Clematis are looking grand.

2 May, 2021


Your garden is lovely and has so many nice plants, I noticed your mini pond. You may have seen my post of the mine pond which I made. Are your marsh marigolds in a pond basket or planted into the water? Mine are in a basket but I would like them to spread more

3 May, 2021


I am just like you Anget! I start a job with a picture in my mind how it will look, but when I have succeeded, I look for another project!
You have done really well there , but sorry you had to lose the Choisya!
You also gave me an idea when I saw your mini pond! Here I go again ! Haha!

3 May, 2021


Zamureen, my marigold is in a pot but has only been in a few months and has filled out well.

Rose, the teeny-tiny pond as we call it is just that - very small! It gets used occasionally by frogs, but haven't seen any this year, or taddies. The choisya was getting far too big and swamping other things, and OH didn't like it anyway!

Meadow, how useful to have a helper rather than a gardener - makes the decisions so much easier!

Thanks, Siris. I've just seen another lovely alpina in an Open Garden this pm - a sort of ghostly grey-mauve colour. Now I'm on the hunt as the owner didn't know which one it was, sadly.

HSG, I'm torn like you about spacing. I have beds which have completely filled and I act as a referee. But the wider bed is so difficult to control that I think I need some space between plants to keep on top of it!

3 May, 2021


Busy lady indeed!!! Your clematis plants are beautiful. Very floriferous! I do love those pretty pink tulips too!

3 May, 2021


Agree, the clems are lovely. I feel quite tired after reading about all your hard work but it will be so rewarding when it all comes together and looks beautiful. My poor garden is going from bad to worse, like me.

3 May, 2021


Well, ladies, it all came to a halt today! We had booked tickets to an NGS group of Open Gardens which we thoroughly enjoyed but it blew like fury and rained on us and I don't think they saw many people today, but fortunately plenty more went yesterday. A beautiful area in Glos. with wonderful old stone houses, so a great up-and-down walk. I have discovered the alpina I saw there and liked was probably 'Clementine', an old variety and not so easy to find, but I shall keep looking.
Yorks, I think the day my garden looks beautiful will be a long time coming! Worryingly I have come away from this pm. with lots of ideas. An estate garden doesn't have the same feel, though, as one with gorgeous old walls, changes of level and fabulous views! Ho hum!

3 May, 2021


Did I hear you were visiting Gloucestershire, Ang? Anywhere near us? What a shame the weather was so bad for you.

4 May, 2021


Not near you, Meadow; near Stroud. We've been a number of times over the years as it combines a good walk with lovely gardens. Used the car to get from place to place yesterday! I felt sorry for all the gardeners who had put so much effort in but what can you do? No-one could have predicted the drought/gales that we've had to put up with in the last few weeks. Gosh, it's cold again today!

4 May, 2021


Hope you enjoyed a glass or two after all that hard work ... but doesn`t it feel rewarding seeing the end result. I love all your clems especially `T.Lundell`.

4 May, 2021


Thank you, Stroller. I like their simplicity.

4 May, 2021

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