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By anget


A few pictures of the garden today. Too many flowers, not enough shrubs! Lots of weeds…

The view from the sitting room:

Bottom border with new birch, huge acer and old birch, in front peony J. van Leeuw, Lady of Shalott with assorted geraniums, pinks and nigella.

West-facing border.

East-facing border.

The’wildy corner’ with cotoneaster (a gift from the birds), elderberry ‘Madonna’ (variegated) and buddleia globosa
with ground level being dug up by the mole. And too many weeds!

The productive area. 4 compost bins, 3 of them full, in front of neighbours’ garages. covered by fig and parthenocissus henryana.

Bed in front of greenhouse with buried teeny-tiny pond. Not a sign of frogs or use this year, sadly.

Other side of the path:

Bed beside greenhouse:

Path under arches:

I’m sure you’ve seen enough! I’ll finish with a few mingles:
A tricky bit under the large birch. Annual ‘Ladybird’ poppies, self-seeded lychnis, spiraea.

‘Purple Skyliner’

‘Westerland’ and "Arthur Bell’ getting cosy!

Rose ‘Celestial’ with fading anemones and verbena ‘Bampton’ on the up. It has seeded all round the garden and I like it so much more the ‘bonariensis, so that’s good.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the little trip around my garden. So much to do! Does anyone else feel completely overwhelmed by their ‘to do’ list at this time of year? As fast as I cross things off 2 more items get added to the bottom. Never mind, the bees seem happy!

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I see you like a striped lawn, Ange! Very nice!
You’ve a lovely collection of cottage planting and beautiful colours throughout. I was gifted a cotoneaster from the birds too..teeny tiny at the moment so I shall have to move it. I think it’s really great you have different zones in the garden..your beds and borders are brimming. Your rose collection is fantastic. So many different varieties and colours. I do love the bright sunny yellow of the aquilegia. Very eye catching.
You really want to follow the path under the arches to explore the garden…
Thanks for the tour, I enjoyed it!
Forgot to add, loving the fig and the creeper on the garage wall.

26 Jun, 2021


you don't have weeds unless they are in the wrong place Ange. To most people wild flowers are weeds sadly All weeds ie wildflowers are just that wildflowers. I have decided to embrace the British natives as they are the best for the British insect/bird life.

I bet most people wouldn't notice the wildflowers unless they are nettles or grass. A neighbour was really taken with a plant in my garden and wondered what it was as he wanted to buy some, it turned out to be one of the native
Sorrels [Rumex] ie a wildflower.

26 Jun, 2021


Kate, you can put the stripes down to OH. He's a "grass-botherer", much more than I am. As long as it's green, I don't care!

SBG, I have lots of campion, herb robert etc. But sadly a mass of milkweed which seems to have come from soil conditioner which we spread through the borders. I am selective about what gets yanked out.

26 Jun, 2021


I'm the same, as long as it looks green and healthy.
I'd struggle to do lines as it's a very small and curved lawn..I've tried but I bang into everything on the edges.

26 Jun, 2021


Hi Ange, It’s lovely to see the whole of your garden properly. I do love those yellow Aquilegias, and I agree about Verbena Bampton … great that it seeds itself around so much 🙂.

Funnily enough, no, I don’t feel overwhelmed, in fact it seems that the work is almost over: all planting done, and I just need to keep things looking tidy. I wonder what I’ve overlooked?!

26 Jun, 2021


You have an amazing garden Anget.

27 Jun, 2021


Your garden looks great, definately what i call a real garden. My sort of planting.

27 Jun, 2021


Your garden is beautiful Anget.

27 Jun, 2021


love your wild bit wish the birds brought me plants,and love the yellow columbine

27 Jun, 2021


It's kind of you to say so, Klahanie. Up close it needs a fair bit of tweaking!

Glad you like it, Siris. At the moment it's definitely a flower garden rather than a shrub one. I'm trying to change the emphasis a bit this year.

Thank you, Gerardine. I would like more of your restraint in the garden!!

L'bug, the mole is doing its best to disrupt the border! If you would like some yellow aquilegia seed when it ripens then feel free to pm me and I will send you some. (Or anyone else who'd like some.)

27 Jun, 2021


It looks stunning with loads of colour. I too love the yellow Aquilegias and can't see any weeds. As my neighbour said when I muttered about dead nettles "they just look like flowers from a distance, as long as it's green it's OK". I've never been a great lover of the garden geraniums, due I think to my Mother having a very, very rampant blue one (Roxanne possibly?) but I might have a re-think as yours near the pond looks amazing.

27 Jun, 2021


if you change your mind about geraniums, that one is 'Dragonheart' and has got to this size over 3 years! Let me know if you'd like a bit, HSG.

27 Jun, 2021


A beautiful garden & I don't think you can ever have too many flowers. Love your compost bins too, so organised!
Thanks for the tour, loved it.

27 Jun, 2021


I know what you mean Anget! We were away for just a week and everything had gone mad, including the weeds! Especially the front garden! I was looking at it the otherday and a chap walked passed saying " I bet you don't know where to start! " That says it all! Now my brown bin is full to bursting! Haha!
Your lawn is so neat and tidy! Puts mine to shame! I keep reminding myself to buy some more edging shears!

27 Jun, 2021


Absolutly beautiful x

27 Jun, 2021


All looking lovely Anget, I do get overwhelmed trying to figure out what to plant in my gaps, unfortunately I have some lol, I keep telling myself to chill! Bought some plants this weekend still not sure if they will look right but it doesn't happen overnight does it 😀

27 Jun, 2021


Too many flowers??? Not so, they are beautiful. Who says you have to have a lot of shrubs anyway? Are you tempted to play bowls on that lovely lawn?

I despair abut weeds too. I get speedwell everywhere and no sooner is some of it cleared than back it comes again. But I leave some of the red campion, which looks nice with the Philadelphus.

27 Jun, 2021


Yes there's so much to do it's difficult keeping up with it this time of year.
Your garden is very colourful and interesting, I don't think you can ever have too many flowers :)

28 Jun, 2021


Thanks for your nice comments, F'few. OH will be flattered that you're impressed with his compost area. We easily use up what's in there every Autumn.

Rose, I will tell OH you're impressed with his lawn. Up until last year it was a typical estate bit of grass: all bumps and hollows. Looking at what we've dug up from the borders I expect it's laid over rubble and rubbish. He has spent some time levelling it up and cossetting it!

D'lily, it certainly doesn't happen overnight! I never have the problem of what to do with the spaces. It's now a question of what to remove! This weekend we have taken out euphorbia, 3 oriental poppies, lamium, pansies, 2 miscanthus etc.etc. I shall keep them clear to make sure the poppies are truly gone... Then replace with shrubs, I hope.

Yorks, we filled up our green bin this weekend with weeds and discards. The rain has helped the removal process. We are trying to introduce more shrubs to cut down on the amount of time and maintenance it all takes. We worked out that it will consume any number of hours we are prepared to give it (and more besides) so something has to give!

Thank you, Hywel.It is certainly colourful at the moment (and very time-consuming).

28 Jun, 2021


You better send him over here then Anget! Haha! Mine is all bumps and dips!

28 Jun, 2021


I'll pass on the request, Rose!

28 Jun, 2021

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