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Clearing the borders: Part 2


By anget


Some of you will know that I have been very unhappy with our south-facing border and had begun the clear-out a couple of weeks ago. The area at the bottom of the garden between the cercidiphyllum and the new birch was a tangled mess. This was it a year ago and it had got steadily worse.

We’ve been held back by the heatwave of the last few weeks although we had already wrestled 2 shrub roses ‘Lark Arising’ and ‘Rhapsody in Blue’ into submission. I had cut them down and OH had almost done himself a mischief removing the roots.

‘L.A.’ with ‘Mountbatten’ which was removed earlier.

Man at work:

This morning I dug out large numbers of flopping hesperis, geraniums (of the sort that seed everywhere), fancy clover (whose proper name I can’t remember), and crates-full of assorted weeds. OH followed on this afternoon by digging over the concrete soil and we removed the last offenders. We went into negotiation about foxgloves and campanulas. I’m for clearing the lot of them! He wants them to set seed and then be removed. We shall now leave the space to see what pops up over the next few weeks. I am expecting the ’Patty’s Plum’ and the clover to return. They may need spraying as a last resort.
Here is where we finished. I am much happier now -

- that is, until I turn round and look at what area is next to be confronted:

Who said gardening is a relaxing hobby?

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My gosh,Ang,what a task.....After the rain,the ground will be easier for you..I'm loving the spaces you have .When it's all completed and you are next in a GC....can I perch on your shoulder and say the words "No more '" !!!!

24 Jul, 2021


Hard work but worth it. I too am removing some of the Geraniums, as ive finally labelled so i can see where the rampant seeders are.

24 Jul, 2021


Meadow, I shall look forward to conjuring you up if I am tempted! There is till quite a lot of 'moving about of perennials' to be done but that is not such a daunting task and will be left till the Autumn.

Siris, I love geraniums generally, but this one gets to 3 ft. wide and flops and also seeds like anything. I am losing patience with 'floppers'. There's many in the garden I have my eye on...

24 Jul, 2021


been doing the same Anget - always makes for a better feeling when decluttered . You have many lovely plants and that part is hard knowing what to rid of

25 Jul, 2021


The hardest part was hardening my heart and taking out the 3 shrub roses, Paul. One had bad blackspot each year so that wasn't hard. The "R in Blue' wasn't a fave as rather dull, so that was ok. Hardest was my lovely 'Lark Arising' but I have bought another one as I couldn't be without it, so that will go in a more suitable position. They were all too big to be squashed together as they were. You live and learn.

25 Jul, 2021


Well done you, especially working during the heat wave!
I am sure you still love gardening and in a few weeks when you look at all the new areas finished, you can be so proud of yourself!
Its a shame you had to dig up the roses though! As you know, I love my roses , but am struggling with black spot this year!

25 Jul, 2021


Yes, Rose, blackspot is a real pain. Sometimes the flowers just don't make up for it! As I said, I have a new 'L.A', so I shall plant it in the Autumn. I couldn't be without that one and 'Tottering'!

25 Jul, 2021


I've done the same thing. So refreshing to just clear the lot and start anew. Real estate is too precious for brambles. Lots of work, but well worth it. I replaced my over grown iris bed with a couple hydrangeas and a rose bush - that's it.

25 Jul, 2021


Glad I'm not alone, Paul. We aren't getting the best views of some of the lovely plants we do have because of the dross that we can't galvanise ourselves to remove. I'm galvanising!!

25 Jul, 2021


Yes, getting started is the hardest part. I really enjoy sitting out in the garden now - keeping everything in check. I don't have time to coddle plants. Ill performing plants must go.

25 Jul, 2021


send him over will you please Ange? I have hesperis to thin out and later in the season some asters too. Is the clover Trifolium rubens [Harefoot clover]?
One of my beds has lots of bind weed, thanks to the neighbours but daughter is hoping for some convovulus Hawk moths! So I will spray that at the end of August.

25 Jul, 2021


Yes, you're right about the clover, SBG.
I think OH is fed up enough of me moaning on about unwanted spreaders without me hiring him out! We were tackling another area today and it's exhausting in this heat, isn't it? The compost bins are overflowing!

27 Jul, 2021


I wouldn't know Ange as I haven't been out in the heat, i do not cope well in heat and it has been very humid here too. Do be careful you wont want heat stroke.

28 Jul, 2021

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