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Now the rain is over..


By anget


.. (at least for the time being).

Well, what can we say about this year? We’ve certainly had lots of ‘weather’! And summer has slunk off throwing howling winds and rain in our faces. I can’t say I’ve enjoyed gardening this year. It’s been challenging for all sorts of reasons, as we all know. But plants always give something back to make you smile, and who knows, maybe next year I will feel differently.
I went out into a sunny autumn garden this morning and was surprised by the number of plants in flower.

Last of the roses:


‘Kew Gardens’ (Usually more pinkish).


I have removed a number of cabbage-type roses and replaced them with more wildlife-friendly single-flowered ones. I have decided that I prefer these to the more popular types.

Hyrangea ‘Little Lime’ A neat grower, starts off greenish.

Anemone ‘Whirlwind’ Shorter than a lot and not invasive here.

Cercidiphyllum. A favourite shrub of mine, showing off its autumn colours.

Fig: newish planting. I don’t care about the fruit but I wouldn’t be without the leaves.

More leaves: Parthenocissus henryana with a few flowering stems. Has run the length of a double garage wall backing onto our garden. Much prettier to look at than 20ft. of orange bricks!

And who would be without Asters at this time of year?

Let’s hope there’s a few sunny days on the horizon and more plants to enjoy, but I shall be happy enough when the garden finally shuts down. What about you?

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My thoughts exactly. I’ve found it hard to stay motivated at times with this changeable weather. To see plants destroyed, flattened or dying due to extreme weather conditions has been challenging. However it will not deter me for having a go and be amazed and delighted by plants waking up in spring, fighting back from near death or watching seeds germinating. As we gardeners say upwards and onwards….

7 Oct, 2021


Felt exactly the, Ang....although I am always excited about tulip planting time and more especially their is unseasonably warm,very odd...grass was cut and just a light hoeing..I pray we don't have as many critters next year...'Perforated garden' would have been a good description here.

7 Oct, 2021


It has been bizarre weather…wind, sun, cold, warm..rain..
No consistency at all in recent times.
Your roses are so pretty and delicate. The first one is a gorgeous subtle colour, the yellow is enchanting too, Ange.
I have to green, the fig foliage is so attractive! Lovely colour and shape to the leaves.

7 Oct, 2021


A lovely blog for autumn, and some interesting plants, I also prefer single flower roses, they seem to be easier on the eyes.

I don't think autumn is my favourite season, I get tired and need to rest, and that's what winter is for so I am looking forward to it. The plants are too :)
But I enjoy planting bulbs and looking ahead to spring.

7 Oct, 2021


Glad I'm not alone, Amsterdam. The garden seems to have taken up as much time and energy as I can give it this year and I'm not sure the return has merited the investment!

I have enjoyed looking at your 'perforated garden', Meadow. We've got moles to contend with at the moment. They have mucked up the lawn which OH has spent hours working on and are now burrowing under the patio! I've restricted my bulb buying hugely: a few packets of Kauffmanianas and hyacinths for 2 pots near the back door.

Thanks for your kind comments, Kate. I'm glad you approve of the roses! I love the fig, too. This is the first time I've managed to grow one and I have 2 rooted cuttings, begun last year under Monty's tutelage. (In case we ever move!!)

Thank you, Hywel for your comments. You're right to say this is a time of year when the energy levels seem depleted. But the countryside is stunningly beautiful at the moment, even if a little melancholic, so I enjoy that even if I've lost interest in tweaking my own plot!

7 Oct, 2021


a lovely blog Ange. Today has been sunny and very warm after horrendous winds and rain.

Single flowers are so much better for the wildlife that feed on nectar and pollen.

I have done very little gardening this year and the natives have grown very well. though the asters are doing very well for me too.

7 Oct, 2021


I agree, SBG, a weird year! Your insects are loving your natives, I'm sure.

8 Oct, 2021


Ang,those moles are so destructive and especially after your OH has worked hard on it...
They seem to be determined.
The squirrels are a nuisance here...they are searching for bulbs in all the pots which don't have any in!...

8 Oct, 2021


A great idea regarding your fig cuttings, Ange. My friend from primary school, Ivana, had a fig tree in her back garden. She’d moved from Italy at the age of 8, and I’m always amazed at the thought of a fig tree in Ayrshire!

8 Oct, 2021


Yes, Kate, the West coast of Scotland always amazes me with what can be grown there. A gorgeous part of the UK.

The worrying thing,Paul, is I feel I'm rather losing interest in this garden! I'd quite like the option of starting again so I could do things differently! Unless I can persuade OH to move (which I'd like to do), there isn't much chance. I hope I'll feel more positive about it next year. Hope you do, too!

9 Oct, 2021


You grow so many pretty plants Anget. I like everyone in this blog. Lovely pictures too. I am sure that we will all feel more enthusiastic about our gardens in March when all the vegetation will start to wake up.

9 Oct, 2021


Thanks, Klahanie, that's kind of you to say so.

10 Oct, 2021


You have some lovely plants and shrubs Anget, we're not all the same and wouldn't want to be, I have times when I lose my Mojo and I'm definitely in love with mine, I get stircrazy if I'm stuck indoors for any length of time, not everybody is dedicated to their gardens, I'm wondering if you realise you said more or less the same thing last year, the good thing is you never give up...Not sure how big the garden is but sounds drastic to start again from scratch, is it possible to completely change just one particular area, see how you feel about it after giving it a new look...

11 Oct, 2021


Well Ange, as usual am just catching up again so am hoping you got the little heat wave we had here on the east coast! It has been really warm and dry, no rain either and the garden has come back to life again especially the roses! You have a lovely collection!
You have some lovely plants in your garden and am sure ,come spring, you will be raring to go again!
I agree with Lincs. too! Have a change but only in a small part of your garden! I love to have a project, however small it is as it gets me motivated again!

11 Oct, 2021


Lincs, you're right, I am a bit of a cracked record! Sorry! I, too, get fed up when I'm stuck indoors. I couldn't bear to be without a garden and accompanying wildlife.

Rose, I think our project for next year is a new patio, so that will keep me on my toes! Thanks for liking the plants. I'm pleased with the new roses.

11 Oct, 2021


Lovely plants anyway, despite the problems. I love that dwarf Anemone, Whirlwind. I must keep a look out for one.

12 Oct, 2021


I just hope you don't sit on your patio Ange looking at your garden and finding fault! Haha! Of course, that's if the sun shines!

12 Oct, 2021


Thanks, Fever, yes the anemone is worth having.

Rose you know me too well!!

12 Oct, 2021

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