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My houseplants.


By anget


As the weather is certainly growing more wintery and there are fewer chances to show anything growing in the garden, I thought it might be fun to start a blog on my houseplants. Perhaps others of you might do the same and discuss what grows well for you?
I lay no claim to being much of an expert. I tend to buy on impulse because I do like green inside the house and often they thrive on neglect. Here are my plant ‘insiders’.

Ficus japonica.
The white edged variegated one has been with me for 6 years and has shot up from a very small plant. The darker one is also two-toned, a light and dark green mix.

Anothe impulse buy: the bookworm fairy who shares the table with the plant. She reminds me of my years in the bookshop!

Schefflera. This is one single stem! I’m wondering whether to chop its head off to encourage it to branch out. All suggestions welcome.

Philodendron scandens


Ceropegia woodii:

No idea what this is, just liked the bi-coloured leaves. I wonder if it’s a small phormium? No details as a supermarket buy. So annoying!

Pilea depressa. It has very small, white flowers.

Peperomia polybotrya, growing like mad in the bathroom

Thank you for looking. Let’s hope the weather improves soon.

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That bookworm fairy is to die for,Ang......what a varied collection of plants.....Houseplants aren't my forte although I have started collecting succulents. Shefflera
does look a little elongated...I would cut back a few inches to encourage lateral growing.

27 Nov, 2021


I admire your dedication in looking after those good looking houseplants. I don't 'do' houseplants as I neglect them.

27 Nov, 2021


Lovely houseplants Ange. I have several but none that you have. I will make an effort to get photos of mine so I can share.
This will make a nice run of blogs if we all do them.

27 Nov, 2021


Thank you, Meadow, I'm glad you share my good taste re. the little fairy(!). She pleases me.

Siris, there isn't much dedication involved, really. I tend to avoid the ones that look 'difficult'. There are quite a few I can't seem to keep. Mainly due to the central heating, I think. I love the large leaves of calathea, but no luck here. Funny, because in my last house (which was very similar to this one) I had no problem at all. I had 3 lovely ones there.

SBG, I thought it would be fun to see which types of houseplants people on here favour. I have only the one flowering type, preferring green leaf shapes and colours.

27 Nov, 2021


Sorry no photos, but you're not missing much!

My OH doesn't like houseplants so there's no "jungle" look here! I have two Peace Lilies,(North windowsill) one which was my mothers and one that was a present from my son's lady friend.
But in the conservatory I have some Christmas cacti, a couple of unidentifiled cacti, possibly Ecinocereus of some sort, a couple of epiphyllums, a rather scruffy "Hello Vera" (don't be silly) and a Hoya Bella. Oh, and the beautiful pink Pelargoniums from the tubs and troughs.
There should have been a Monstera (a gift I didn't like) but it got a bad infestation of scale while I was ill in the summer so I put it outside where it has gradually gone to glory. I have to think up what to say to the kind giver who took the cutting especially for me...
There should have been one or two other things but they died when I was poorly as OH never thought of watering them...
All a bit of a let down really but they say honesty is the best policy....but I've got plenty of nice big picture books!

27 Nov, 2021


I love house plants and it was interesting to see yours. I will show some of mine, although like everything else they have been neglected of late.

28 Nov, 2021


My OH doesn’t care for house plants either, in fact when I came home one evening last week bearing a huge red Poinsettia that I’d won in a raffle, his first comment was “Shall we give it to the retirement home?” “No way!” I said, and will do my best to keep it alive. (Sadly I do have previous with house plants!)

28 Nov, 2021


That comment was written in response to Steragram’s, and I forgot to say what a wonderful array you have Ange.

28 Nov, 2021


You have a great collection Anget. I love having plants inside . Your peperomia looks so healthy and I love your fairy.
I think I have couple of the these plants in your first picture but I think it is a ficus not fatsia. Am I wrong?

28 Nov, 2021


Stera, it's interesting how many OH's don't like plants indoors. Mine tolerates them but isn't keen at all. Sounds like you have a reasonable selection, anyway. I would love a conservatory to put them in. My dining room windowsill is full of my pelargoniums..

Looking forward to seeing yours, Hywel. I'm sure you have managed to keep them all despite the distraction of your home improvements. How's it all going, by the way?

Thank you, Sheila. I don't have anything that requires real green fingers to keep it going. They're mostly very forgiving!

You are correct, Klahanie, about the ficus. (Senior moment!) Glad it's another vote for the fairy!

28 Nov, 2021


They've almost finished what they're going to do this year Anget, more to do in the spring.

28 Nov, 2021


My OH not keen on them either but when we had the conservatory built and he said no plants I said no bike bits them. His response 'well I don't mind a few plants'. I have had to accommodate bike bits being cleaned/painted and left to dry in the conservatory. haha.

28 Nov, 2021


You have such a lovely varied collection,Ange,and I cut back on house plants when I realised I didn't have the windowsill space,as we had Vertical blinds ,when we moved here .! I had a Schefflera about the same size as yours at our last house,,only it was the variegated one ,and I used to cut it back ,with no problems at all . Maybe a slight trim to see how it goes..if you feel brave enough ?

I only have a Sanseveria ,a Christmas or Easter
Cactus, not sure which,depending on when it decides to flower..:o) A large (approx,)30 year old Crassula or jade plant ,and a smaller one,in case the parent decides it's had enough of it's owners neglect.! Both the latter live in the Conservatory,and the cold hasn't affected them...yet,and that's it. I do love Huose plants,but I just don't have suitable places for them now.
My OH isn't interested in plants either,,House or Garden,but does comment on nice colours :o) ..

28 Nov, 2021


I love the fairy book worm Ange! It looks quite happy sitting there.
You have some lovely plants and have never heard of most of them!
I just have two different Flamingos , two Christmas cacti and two spider plants in the conservatory.
I have never really been into house plants, but do like the ones I have got.
Thank you for sharing these!

29 Nov, 2021


I like having plants around the house and tend to go for non flowering ones.
We have a Schefflera which spent the summer outside and is looking better for it. We did cut off the top of it to persuade it to spread a little. I too love your little fairy.
Your plants looks so healthy and shiny.

29 Nov, 2021


You've a good selection there Ange, I too have quite a few, they're like my indoor friends..:)
I do love the ficus, such elegant plants. I used to have one in my old home, but here, the light is not so good, so I have palms, spider plants, with babies, a lovely peace Lily with so many flowers ferns and a very old begonia with dark red leaves. All pals..:)

29 Nov, 2021


SBG, compromise is often the best idea!

Bloomer, I know what you mean about how difficult it can be to find places for houseplants. Mine would be so much easier to look after if they were all in one place, like a conservatory. I'm forever forgetting to water the one in our spare bedroom!

I shall chop back myschefflera and hope for the best, W'rose.

I love hanging houseplants, Janey, and get very attached to mine. Have roooted some in water this year. Success!!

30 Nov, 2021


I too, love your bookworm fairy! It’s definitely a magical addition isn’t it! I don’t have any houseplants, Ange. I’ve tried, but, I’m not very good at keeping them thriving.
You have a wonderful, healthy collection. Lots of lush, green colour.
I did have a rather lovely peace lily which was a gift from a friend last year. I was told it was very toxic to cats… I had to give it to another friend..sadly.

30 Nov, 2021


The little fairy seems to have a few admirers, Kate. The woman who makes them does a few different sorts.
We have to be wary for the cats, don't we? I have a couple of lilies in the garden which I should remove for the same reason. Sorry you had to give away your only houseplant. They're not easy to please if you have a busy life!

1 Dec, 2021


I was going to show some of my house plants but the batteries in my camera are flat and I can't find my recharger. I'll probably find it when I tidy the place after the extension is finished :)

3 Dec, 2021


Ha, I know that problem well, Hywel. I'm always forgetting where I put things, usually somewhere 'safe'! At least you have an excuse.

3 Dec, 2021


All of your houseplants are lush and green. The Schefflera looks fine as is.

3 Dec, 2021


Too late, Paul! I chopped its head off. It has one of two chances now..

3 Dec, 2021

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