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A bright Spring day.


By anget


We have had a productive day outside. The sky is blue, the breeze is light and we haven’t needed any more layers than a jumper. Also we’ve been serenaded by skylarks, robins and blackbirds. What more could you ask for to lift the spirits?
I have started to clean out the greenhouse. All the new acers have survived the winter in there, and the cheapie fruit trees we bought and potted up are all showing signs of life, despite rather miserable root systems. So I have hopes that by the end of the year they will be forward enough to be planted into the garden borders. We did the same last year with a plum tree and that appears to be thriving in the border now – not bad for £6 outlay!
Half the pelargoniums we bought from a specialist nursery last year have died despite warmth from the greenhouse heater. Some of the plants supplied were rather tiny, sad little things when they arrived so I was surprised that they all got through to the autumn. Sadly many have succumbed now, so I obviously don’t have the knack of keeping them going.
The borders are perking up. Every year I am surprised by the returning growth.
You can just make out new staked plum in this picture.

Hellebores etc. under small birch. Malkin is buried under the large red hellebore in the background and it is full of lovely flowers – a sweet reminder of a much-missed feline companion.

We got rid of the teeny-tiny pond a couple of weeks ago as it was full of leaves and grot and we thought Maudie had jumped on all the frogs (ghastly cat!), but discovered 2 good-sized ones in the sludge, so they were found a quiet, dank corner to snooze in.
There are quite a few plants putting on a good show: Anemone blanda:

White ipheon

Pulmonaria “Dora Bielefeld”

Hellebore and red corydalis.

The season is definitely improving!

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Anget you have enjoyed the warm sunshine too.
I fill the greenhouse with pelargoniums and fuchsias each autumn. Only a few survive so I wonder if it is worth it? Your pulmonaria is very pretty which has reminded we should have a few dotted about but I haven’t seen any!! We do seem to lose quite a lot in our garden!

14 Mar, 2022


Wonderful blog Ange. The weather has been glorious today but didn't get to do much outside. Middle of the day was Zumba and we didn't half work up a sweat.

I did take the camera out and uploaded pics to he picture section.

I stopped heating the greenhouse as it was cheaper to buy new pelargoniums each year.

14 Mar, 2022


Lovely blog Ange. We had a good gardening day in the welcome sunshine too … spreading manure on beds, and OH planted out six Hesperis matronalis (3 white, 3 lilac). I also discovered some bright blue Pulmonaria.

My Pelargoniums survived in my unseated greenhouse, perhaps because I kept them very dry? Mind you they haven’t flowered yet!

14 Mar, 2022


I loved reading your blog too, Ange. You've been extremely busy in the garden, and your pics show wonderful results too! It's all looking very pristine! Lots of gorgeous spring colour and shoots. I'm sorry about your pelargonium plants, what a pity.
Looks like Maudie and Malkin were making the best of our milder, sunny weather too!!!
Thanks for sharing.

14 Mar, 2022


Seems like the photos are even less stable, not staying put for even 24 hours!
Thank you for all your comments.

15 Mar, 2022


Just looked for your photos Ang but,as you say,they weren't there for long! I was going to say that your borders look very neat and orderly since your Autumn renovation.I could see spaces! Pulmonaria Dora,that's the more intense colour one? I do wish I had planted that one and not the blue.

15 Mar, 2022


'Dora' is a pale pink pulmonaria, Meadow, and she clumps up well. I have her in a number of places. I also have 'Blue Ensign' here which has done well in this garden ( a first with me for that plant) and 'Lewis Palmer', another blue. 'Redstart' is a bit iffy with me although I like it well enough.

Glad you liked the blog, Kate. I don't think you knew that Malkin passed away a couple of weeks ago, another RTA I think. We miss him and so does Maudie. No more cats for me...

Sheila, I kept my pelargoniums dry but the cold obviously finished them off despite my best ministrations! I have some of the bedding ones that have stayed with me!

Sbg, don't overdo it! Just thinking about Zumba makes me tired! I agree with you about pelargoniums. Another lesson learned.

W'rose, we have seedling pulmonarias all over! I have to surreptitiously dig them out because OH wants to keep them all..

15 Mar, 2022


Oh, Ange! I’m so very sorry to hear this. I didn’t realise. Poor little guy. It’s so bloody upsetting…apologies for the rude word, but, it’s very distressing for you both. I can only imagine how I would feel, my condolences.

15 Mar, 2022


Thank you, Kate. It was a truly horrible thing. He didn't come back at night which was very unlike him. I found him the next day a hundred yards from the road by the footpath. Couldn't believe lightning would strike twice, and it's not that busy a road. It may have been natural causes, of course. I just don't know.

16 Mar, 2022


I liked your blog Anget , but unfortunately your pictures have gone!
It looks like spring has arrived in your garden and envy you hearing the skylarks!
I am so sorry about Malkin and must have been so distressing for you finding him how you did!

16 Mar, 2022


Flipping Heck !! I've missed the photo's.. Sorry Anget, thats because I spent so much time faffing trying to upload more pics then gave up in frustration...Been catching up today as its chucking it down, rain definitely put paid to gardening..Never mind I can still picture your garden by your descriptions, it seems as though its coming along nicely, I love it when we see new buds showing on our shrubs, I purchased a new plum tree last year, its doing well so its going into the ground this year, I 'm thinking of trying mine against the fencing and then training it as an espalier, sorry to hear about your little cat, its heartbreaking to lose a beloved pet, I like that you have Malkin in the garden , we do that here and then dedicate that spot to them, we only have one now Toffee, unfortunately Pepper the little dog we took in when my sister passed away is a beggar, she chases cats, it wouldn't be fair to try with a new kitten, luckily Toffee doesn't mind being upstairs, sadly he still won't come into the back garden, I miss his company.. Shame about your little pond although they do get sludged up a bit so do see why you got rid, I bet you would have had taddies this year....

16 Mar, 2022


Yes girls, the pics were put up in the evening and disappeared overnight!
And yes, we miss both our young cats as I'm sure you have done too with pets you have loved.
Chucking it down here, too, today, Lincs. Perfectly foul!

16 Mar, 2022


I have put back the photos in no particular order! Wonder if they will last more than a couple of hours??

16 Mar, 2022


Thanks Anget, I saw them his time....

16 Mar, 2022


Weii done Ange … this site likes you!

17 Mar, 2022


Ooo - 24hrs. and still here!

17 Mar, 2022


I have just looked back in Anget and now your photos are there! How weird is that!

18 Mar, 2022


At last, a blog with photos and not just text! I have scrolled back to read blogs and the first three have all lost their photos - so annoying for everyone. We also got rid of our small pond, some years ago, too much effort for too little reward really.

19 Mar, 2022


These photos haven't disappeared since I put them up for a second time, Shirley! I have no idea what's going on - there is no rhyme or reason.

19 Mar, 2022



19 Mar, 2022


Oh well, the pics have gone for a second time...

22 Mar, 2022


Anget, I'm losing the will to take photos for this site now . . . :o((

23 Mar, 2022


A gardening site with no pictures... hmm.. that's different!!

23 Mar, 2022

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