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My garden today.


By anget


We’ve been spending a few days trying to catch up with the garden. We’re about a month behind where we should be because of patio build, holidays and visitors. So the bit is between the teeth.
The weeds are rampant despite no significant rain here for about 6 weeks and very little, if any, forecast in the next two weeks. Never mind soaring electricity bills, our water bill will be a shock. I have been saving water from the kitchen and utility room sinks and chucking it about where I can.
One border looks much better and I’m not too ashamed of showing that!

The plants under the smaller birch have really taken off. They consist of hellebores, geums and quite a number of bits from around the garden and some others I have grown from seed. They don’t look too bad if you don’t notice the weeds and are providing a little colour. Weeding here is tomorrow’s job.

Thankfully some of my plants are getting into their stride now:

Baby ‘Victoria’ plum. Planted in the autumn.

Nandina ‘Obsession’, moved to new position after miserable start.

Geranium ‘Czakor’ (or Bevan’s Variety, can’t remember which one). Whichever, it’s a good doer as I’ve already split it since planting a small pot late last summer.

We don’t seem to be having much success with conifer planting. I wanted some to give some evergreen shape but took out a dead one this morning and this is a juniper which seems less than happy:

OH tells me he doesn’t like them much anyway, so there you go!

We will be continuing the tidy-up while the weather and the stamina hold out. If we could only agree on what to keep and what to throw we would make much quicker progress…

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I can definitely see some constructive form there,Ang...all that Autumn work is beginning to pay off.Are you having luck with your Hosta collection?

9 May, 2022


You have achieved such a lot and your garden is looking so smart and well cared for. Our garden grows the weeds so well and it is a constant battle to keep on top of them! I can't see any in your photos so don't worry about them!

9 May, 2022


Looking good Anget, I'm doing the same still trying to move a few things about. Got my new hydrangea in the ground and bamboo sticks around it to protect it from the dog! Everything coming along nicely and growing better than last year's slow start 😊 ps I have a couple of nandina for a few years doing well in sheltered spots, quite big now :-)

10 May, 2022


Can't believe it, an hour of drizzle so far this morning. The Rain Gods must be sick of my moaning!

Meadow, so far the hostas are only a little nibbled! Thanks for the encouragement.

Nice of you to say so, Rose. It's a constant 'work in progress'! If it looked as good as yours I would be happy!

D'lily, we thought nothing was growing a month ago, now it"s all gone mad, despite the drought here. Fortunately, I've learned my lesson and wasn't tempted to fill in the gaps. Glad your Nandina are doing well. This one was taken out of a border and put into a pot for a season to nurture it a bit. I hope it continues to pay off!

10 May, 2022


You should be proud to show off your hard work Ange! Everything is looking very neat and tidy too.
My hostas are nibble free for the time being - they look so lush and green don’t they prior to being attacked!
Sorry to hear your evergreens have been struggling a bit. I do have a few junipers dotted around and I’m lucky they have thrived.
We had some rain one night over the weekend, thank heavens! We dearly needed the water buts filling didn’t we!

10 May, 2022


Certainly making progress Anget, it looks great, don't ever feel ashamed to show us, our gardens are often work in progress, especially at this time of the year..
I hope your Nandina likes its new home, the shrubs I moved are already improving, coincidently my little plum tree, also a Victoria is now in the ground in its permanent position at long last, poor thing had been in a tub for nearly two years, I planted it on Sunday against the fence, I'm training mine as an espalier, fingers xx for both of them, smiled at your comment about agreeing as to what stays or goes, not a problem I have here as you already know, the garden and any decisions as to what goes on is all mine.
Its amazing how well the gardens are doing considering how little rain we've had for this year....Lovely photo's Anget...

10 May, 2022


Good to hear you had some rain at last. its amazing how dry everything has go - April showers just didn't! You Nandina looks ery healthy.

10 May, 2022


Thank you for the words of encouragement everyone. Sometimes I can't see the wood for the trees and when I can my vision doesn't often coincide with what OH thinks!
We had rain for half a day yesterday and it's raining here again this a.m. so the water butts should get a top-up.

11 May, 2022


The new patio looks lovely Anget, you have reminded me to see how my Nandina is doing, to be honest I had forgotten all about it!

18 May, 2022


Thanks, Shirley. OH is pleased with it. I can't tell you how many plants I had forgotten about and are now rediscovering!

18 May, 2022


I've just taken a look to see if it's still alive ... it is!

18 May, 2022



18 May, 2022

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