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Garden Centres – love them or hate them ….


Garden Centres – love them or hate them – just can’t keep away from them.

My day off today and it was rather dreary this morning so decided to take a trip to my local garden centre “s” to see what’s new. Had the best part of 2 hours to spend before my “little prince” came out of school.

First stop was to “The Orchard” in Celbridge Co Kildare, (any Dubs out there know it ?) thought the centre its self was incredible got quite excited initially (I know I am sad) however was disappointed as it was also incredibly expensive. Maybe will try it again on a sunny day when I’ve just been paid. I should mention at this point as a Scottish lassie I am rather canny when it comes to parting with my hard earned cash. Left “the orchard” with nothing. Next stop good old B&Q – happy days found “Peonies” which I have been searching for 2 years, I know it’s hard to believe but whenever I find them in a garden centre they are either ready to die or are way too expensive. Well I nearly pee’d my pants (sorry if that’s rude) I got 2 for 15 euro.

I also bought a cultivator for 8 euro never had one before and as my fork broke the other week I am struggling with some of my jobs. Next stop was Atlantic home care – got a big aul bag of peat for 5.99 – I know it is wrong to be buying peat these days (esp. in Ireland) however I really feel I need it to start my new project in my front garden. It was then time to pick up the “little prince” who presented me with a plant he had been growing at school. He says it’s a pumpkin however the last time he grew plant at school he said it was an apple tree and turned out it was watermelon seed (if anyone’s interested that is a story in it’s self)

Stopped by Aldi and Lidel on our way home (if you haven’t been – do go it’s a great place to pick up plants and seeds) nothing doing there today did pick up some compost for 2.29 and packet of anenomies for 99 cent (will go back tomorrow as they will have Acers on special)

Arrived home and a package has arrived from newly sourced Irish seed supplier – very impressed with packaging and info included. Received “Bells of Ireland” (moluccella laevis) which I have been trying to source for ages. “Baby Blue Eyes” (Nemophilia menziesii) Hollyhock (alcea rosea) Bombast Red Peony Poppy (Papaver somnifer var. paeoniflorum).

Sun’s just come out so I am going to get busy. The “little prince” is joining me in the garden for a spot of painting that’s his forte.

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Hi welcome to GOY.

6 May, 2009


Hi welcome to GOY. Your blog is very interesting thanks for sharing. It also brought back a couple of good memories from Easter when we were visiting relatives in Clonmel, we went around a few places that sell plants and garden stuff and the one place we liked was a place called 'Woodies' a D.I.Y. store mostly but, like B&Q, with a garden centre attached.

6 May, 2009


You dont have to be a canny Scot to like a bargain we all like to find one,your little prince looks a handsome chap and so proud of his plant so mummy better look after it properly,you`ll have to let us know what it turns out to be,lol,enjoy your gardening.........

6 May, 2009


The little prince looks very proud of his plant :o)

7 May, 2009


Have you got a 'secret' bit of garden where you could start off a couple more pumpkins - then if 'little prince's' fails for any reason you can replace it without him knowing.
PS - welcome to GOY.

7 May, 2009


Hi Wagger thanks for your idea that is a lovely idea - unlike my husbands idea when the "little prince" was growing a water melon - after two weeks of the thing getting taller but still no sign of fruit himself (my hubby) went out and bought a watermelon and plonked it on top of the pot - needless to say I had a very happy young man the following morning !!! He was delighted however has still not showed any signs of becoming a budding gardener My husband says he will tell him about the watermelon around the same time as we disclose the truth about Santa and the easter bunny !!

7 May, 2009


DON'T!!!!!!!! No!!!!!!!!! You can't break the magic! I just hope you removed the sticker off the watermelon before you plonked it on his plant!

8 May, 2009


what do you meen 'tell him about santa and the easter bunny' ? I hope you're not one of these disbelievers....HeHe.
You'll be telling me there's no such thing as fairies next!!!!!!

23 May, 2009


whats happened to Santa?

23 May, 2009


of course I believe and there is surely fairies in my garden as I can see every morning that they have had there dinner - hence the holes in my hostas !!! And truth is Mac Santa is a lazy git and it is really the elves that make all the toys

24 May, 2009



25 May, 2009


NOoooooooooooooo, I'm not listening, I've got my fingers in my ears, la lalala lala.
Its really hard to type with your elbows.......
H & K's to all...............Ian

25 May, 2009


Bit behind on my comment but just perusing other folk's blogs and pics in between listing stuff on ebay - got to do that to pay for the 'garden stuff'!

Noticed you had added me as favourite - thank you, I will repay the favour shortly - and thought this was a great blog and rather typical of me.

Being a complete, only been at it a few months, novice, I now can't walk around a garden centre or other, without buying something to plant, plant in, feed the wildlife with or,.....something to plant!! Oh, and quirky ornaments are always good as well!

Look forward to reading more :0)-

31 Jul, 2009


Thanks for you coment OB - did my rounds again this morning can't help myself posted some photos too

3 Aug, 2009


Lol! Me too! We went for more bark for the pond area - update #3 later - and cam eawy with a little more.....again!!

They're evil places that entice you in and then throw nature's temptations in your way....I love it...I AM SO EVIL!!!!

Lol! We rally pleased with the pond and how it's coming on.Will look at your pics later as I need to eat now - a late lunch after working in the garden!!

Will post some pics myself as well as a blog later :00-

3 Aug, 2009


Hey Oddbillie thanks for your comment - I have only been dipping in and out of GOY this week as I have had loads too do but still made time to get to the Garden Centre"s" - loads of bargains at this time of year look forward to your photos Angie x

5 Aug, 2009

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