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Feeling better!


By anita


For the past two weeks I have been poorly – either a very heavy cold or the dreaded ‘flu! I am staring to feel a little bit better now – thank goodness!
We are both enjoying just ’pottering’ around the garden at the moment – next week I will start taking my cuttings so will have to condense everything down in the greenhouses! I was thrilled to see I have a lovely bud coming on my Polianthes tuberosa – I have brought it indoors in case it gets nibbled! Can’t wait for the flowers to open!! Have you grown them?

Barry had to get rid of the tomato plants on the allotment yesterday – the dreaded blight got them! I am watching the plants in the garden like a hawk as they are just beginning to give a delicious crop now! I am growing 12 different varieties – here is a small bowl of them – Green Zebra,Sungold,SunBelle,Black Cherry ,Premium Sun Cherry,Old Ivory Egg and Orange Santa!

We had to have our photo taken this morning for the local paper – we were awarded 1st Prize for our front garden in Woking in Bloom!!! Chuffed to bits we are !!!

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What marvellous news ....Many congrats to you and Barry. You do have a beautiful garden. Lucky Woking:::))))))))

Those tomatoes look very tasty indeed...I've heard that Black Cherry is particularly nice.

Am looking forward to seeing a pic of your tuberose when its in bloom.

Sorry to hear you have been unwell, glad you are on the mend. I have Brian not well....We thought he had a bad reaction to some insect bites (they find him very tasty)....but he has he is feeling very sorry for himself his poor face and neck on one side is all raw looking and swollen and his ear makes him look like a boxer who has been a few rounds...on the losing side.:))

14 Aug, 2009


Glad you're feeling better now. There's nothing like gardening to lift the spirits, it's so therapeutic :o))

14 Aug, 2009


Well done on your first prize front garden :o)
That's good you're feeling better...

14 Aug, 2009


Thankyou Lily and Terratoonie!

14 Aug, 2009


Hello AA - I am sorry to hear Brian has Shingles - it is horrid!! I hope he feels better soon! I had shingles on my face a few years ago- looked like the phantom of the opera- and it was very painful!
Give him my best wishes please!

Are my photos showing? I can't see them!

14 Aug, 2009


I can see them now!!

14 Aug, 2009


Pleased your feeling better.

14 Aug, 2009


Thankyou Clarice!

14 Aug, 2009


I'm glad you're getting better too.

14 Aug, 2009


Very well done on the award that made you feel better!Your little purpley cherry toms look lovely...never seen them before. Well they all look lovely actually!! A smashing bowlful.
Looking forward to a pic of the polianthes when it emerges...

14 Aug, 2009


Amblealice...sorry to hear Brian has shingles ...that's miserable for him. Hope he recovers soon.

14 Aug, 2009


Well done on your award,you deserve to be chuffed as your garden is lovely...

14 Aug, 2009


Sorry I missed that bit on the bottom of the blog. Well done on winning first prize! Have just looked in your photos and I can see why you won, it's beautiful and the back is fantastic too. Sorry I missed your Open Day, will you be opening next year, I would love to see it.

15 Aug, 2009


I've just caught up on your garden pics Anita and I'm not surprized you've won an award, theyre beautiful, wish I lived near enough to see it. I've also made a note of your chocolate cake recipe. I'm looking for your lemon drizzle recipe now:-)

9 Feb, 2010

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