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Nicandra Physaloides!


Hi everyone. Thanks for all the comments about our garden. I love it out there, and have just done two solid days on it because we’ve come back from holiday and had to fight our way through the jungle to get to the front door!! Slight exaggeration, but there was so much to do like weeding, picking raspberries, picking and shelling broad beans, potting on cuttings taken earlier, etc. but I loved every minute of it. The title of the blog is the name of the plant I queried a couple of weeks ago, and it’s a member of the solanum family (deadly nightshade) so I was informed by one of you clever people!
Funnily enough, while I was weeding today, I found another one of the blighters, so if anybody wants seed, I will certainly be able to supply a few!!
Thanks again for the help, and the kind comments, especially about my Mum—-she’s 87 now, but still loves the garden and going out for walks in the countryside around here—near the Lake District.
Bye for now. Annie (Cumbria)

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