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January garden 2012


By annella


The last week has brought the first hard frosts of this winter to my garden but after the mild spell there is still so much to see out there.

The bottom garden 15.01.12
There is no sunlight in the bottom garden during January so a heavy frost stays here all day

Hidden urn on the slope. The self seeded Campanulas had been in flower for months

Frosty Aubretia will soon be a purple mound again

Sempervivums looking like they have been dipped in sugar

The crab apple was a mass of fruit this year, the Blackbirds are slowly nibbling their way through them

As you go up the steps it starts to warm up a little in the sunlight. There are flowers forming on the Photinia in the hedge

And buds on Ceanothus ‘Puget Blue’. This time last year it looked dead but has made a full recovery

Mahonia growing close to the steps so I can appreciate the scent in winter

Campanulas still in flower here sheltered by the shrubs

The side garden is much warmer than the bottom one in winter but has suffered the high winds of late. I can’t wait to cut the grass

This 6ft tall Hebe has stayed in flower all winter (Name unknown if any one can help?)

Euonymus brighten up the shady corners and prove to be good places for overwintering Ladybirds

Evergreens shine through at this time of year. Holly, Ivy and ferns in the seat corner

The Ash tree is now growing back from a bad ‘hair cut’ inflicted by my neighbour 12 months ago

This is Erodium ‘Sweet heart’ sent to me by Karensusan63 last year. I asked Karen if it would need protection overwinter.Well Karen here is the answer…..a flower on 17.01.12 after heavy frosts!

Primroses in pots looking sunny and bright

The front garden is even warmer facing south. A good place for my pots in winter.
This Heuchera was sent to me by Cinderella last year. I think it is one of the nicest I’ve seen

Saxifrages and Sedums like it here in the sun

There are flowers on Penstemon ‘Catherine de la Mare’



Ceanothus repens

Erodium ‘Bishops form’

And Viburnum

Lovely winter tints on Hebes ‘Mrs Winder’ & ‘Pascal’

Fingers crossed that the weather stays kind to us now!

A Happy Gardening Year to you all

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Thanks you Annella and a Happy New Year to you and your family , lovely colourful photo's I love the red colouring of the Heuchera it's gorgeous ......

19 Jan, 2012


It all looks lovely Annella, I carn't believe how many flowers you still have out, you must have a very sheltered garden. I love it when the frost has been on things like that......., Springs round the corner.

19 Jan, 2012


Amy I pinned down some of the penstemon in October after reading your tip and they seem to have taken already! Cheers for that ;o)

19 Jan, 2012


Lots of lovely plants and flowers there Anella

19 Jan, 2012


I'm really pleased to hear that Annella , it's lovely to have some freebies isn't it :o))

19 Jan, 2012


Beautiful. Having spent a couple of hours on here this afternoon looking at everyone's great gardens and photos I am just about ready to give up!

19 Jan, 2012


what a lovely collection annella, i love those little tunnels of ladybird trains ~ looks like the underground!

mahonia looks really good and photinea ~ i didnt realise they had flowers.!!

19 Jan, 2012


dont give up steragram, bet yours looks better than mine ~ perhaps i will put pictures of my garden on ~ it doesnt [sadly] look like this.

19 Jan, 2012


Thanks girls. Never give up Steragram, I am hoping to leave here this year and will be starting again in a new garden. This blog is to remind me of all the things I loved in winter here. Sticki there are about 25 lady birds on that one bush all snugged up tight ;O)))

19 Jan, 2012


Annella your garden is looking lovely in the frost. Those Sempervivums look fantastic with their frosty coating.

Steargram, I know the feeling. I'm certain your garden looks better than mine at the moment.

19 Jan, 2012


arent they sweet!
the ladybird train leaving from platform 6 will call at

due to arrive at Goyvent Garden shortly.

19 Jan, 2012


Beautiful even in January lovely blog :)

19 Jan, 2012


Absolutely beautiful always :))))

19 Jan, 2012


Lol! Very good (Wellingbugrough sounds too rude Sticki)

19 Jan, 2012



19 Jan, 2012


At last! Annie has written a blog!! Thank you, thank you! lol...Erodium Sweetheart has turned out to be quite a performer hasn't she? I must go out and look at mine tomorrow. Believe it or not, I have not yet had a chance to go out in the garden and my new trees are still all wrapped up and trussed. I shall have to get them in soon before they dry out! Lovely blog Annie...your garden is an all year around champion! :)

19 Jan, 2012


Such a lovely garden, it is going to be hard to leave all this behind, I hope you find something as beautiful as this one.

19 Jan, 2012


A garden from us all to take ideas and inspiration from.

20 Jan, 2012


Thanks Dotty & Stroller. Karen I didn't realise how long it was since my last blog. 'Sweetheart' is a firm favourite here now, I love the way that something so delicate can be so tough. Are you out planting today? Bet you are really feeling the cold!

20 Jan, 2012


Been out and planted this morning Annie. It's not too bad..the ground isn't frozen at all. I even had to take my scarf off! ;) I had a look at my erodium and it has a good few buds on, but no flowers at the moment! Scott is feeling it much worse than me I think, but I am so glad to be home and back to my garden! :))) x

20 Jan, 2012


Karen do you find after being in the sun on holiday you generate heat for a days when you come home....bit like a glow worm I suppose Lol x

20 Jan, 2012


Well, I can't say I've ever noticed that Annie. But I tell you what, after spending the last 20 minutes on my mini trampoline, I am certainly generating heat now!! lol ;))

20 Jan, 2012


Lol hun...calm down

20 Jan, 2012


:) I am now restored....

20 Jan, 2012


your garden looks lovely after the frosts... being really cheeky but I would love a cutting of your Hebe's they look lovely.. Happy to offer you any cuttings in return..

21 Jan, 2012


Hi Mad how are you? If you pm your address I will pop some cuttings in the post.

24 Jan, 2012


Hi Annella! Your garden really is for all seasons - absolutely beautiful...
...did I read that you're leaving it behind?

24 Jan, 2012


Lovely blog Annella - your garden is one of my favourites on here.

24 Jan, 2012


Thanks Frybo. Karen yes I hoping to move this year, need to downsize my house but would like a bigger garden ;O)

25 Jan, 2012


A lovely winter garden Annella.....Putting it in the GoYpedia pages under "winter colour plants". I'm sure it will help those looking for ideas.

25 Jan, 2012 with you there, Annie...did same (before the winds of Africa blew us askew!) Got it! And so will you! x

25 Jan, 2012


Loved this blog ... those Sempervivums look as though they have been sculpted into those wonderful shapes ... and so many blooms out already ... :o)

26 Jan, 2012


Hi Annella\0/ love this blog. How beautiful and neat your garden is still and it has given some ideas for making mine more winter-lovely. Have you seen any property you like yet? Don't forget we will want to see the garden you chose and then you will be able to do more great before and after blogs:-)

29 Jan, 2012


Sorry to be so late :(( but just had to say how amazing your garden is looking - hard to believe pics taken in February! Adding it to favourites to remind me of all the beautiful possibilities here . . . and what a wrench for you to leave all this behind. Lots of luck with finding somewhere you'll be happy. :))

10 Mar, 2012


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18 Nov, 2014

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