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Between snow showers


A bits n pieces day between snow showers, speaking of which, here’s another.

I’ve planted up a small alpine trough with cuttings from saxifrages, and androsace and draba seedlings. I work for Age Concern and I am hoping I may be able to raffle it in the shop. It all adds to the funds. Here’s the finished product.

I’ve also managed to pot on a few seedlings. Firstly Primula carniolica, kindly donated by a fellow Goyer.

Secondly, Clematis marmoraria. A New Zealand endemic,it doesn’t grow above 5cm (2 inches) high but has been known to throw out long stems up to a metre (3 foot-ish),not for me though!! It has male and female flowers on separate plants, so you need both to get a seed set. I’m rather pleased with myself on this one. I bought a plant from Wisley 3 years ago and knowing that I’d had trouble with it in the past, chose a specimen with a good seed head. Well the original went to meet its maker last year but here are 5 replacements. At least I can now try it in different situations and home raised plants often go better than those bought in.

Here’s a plant raised from seed from one of the Alpine societies. This is Narcissus romieuxii albidus zianicus. This is its first year of flowering after germinating 4 years ago. After all that time, there looks to be something wrong with the flower. All three blooms have come out this shape, not much call for crescent shaped narcissus! Couldn’t get a good quality photo but you can see the weird shape

Here’s another raised from seed. It’s meant to be Narcissus petunioides but isn’t. I don’t know what it is but it’s a beaut anyway

A silver leaved Cyclamen hederifolium in the garden. I love the hederifoliums, they give months of pleasure. Flowering in August/ September, the decorative foliage stays for months after the flowers have faded and make a good feature I think.

A couple more cyclamen from the alpine house.
Cyclamen alpinum, it used to be known as Cyclamen trochopteranthemum, thanks goodness they changed it! It’s closely related to Cyclamen coum but is distinguished by its propeller shaped flowers

Lastly, Cyclamen coum “White Pearl”. A very neat plant for pot culture.

Bye for now.

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Lovely....well done you. That narcissus is very pretty whatever its called :0-)

12 Feb, 2010


Very nice lovely plants

12 Feb, 2010


Enjoyed the blog. The lemon Narcissus is pretty and set off so well by the foliage. Love it :~))

12 Feb, 2010


I love that Narcissus too :-)

12 Feb, 2010


You grow some lovely Alpines AG. I'm afraid I haven't got a very good greenhouse, it leaks in places & living in Cornwall we get such a lot of winter wet & damp, so as I am an AGS member I'm limited to what survives. I do have the little clematis Marmoria though.

12 Feb, 2010


Looks like you have been working hard in your Shed!
I do like your "White Pearl" I just love white flowers it has that small tinge of purple in it.....So Pretty! I must have a go, with the silver leafed
"Hederifoliums" It sounds a really nice plant. Well, your Narcissus
"Peluniodes is so Beautiful.........Clever you!
I must say I do admire you for working with Help The Aged, you must
be dedicated to this type of work.

12 Feb, 2010


Lovely photos of lovely and interesting plants! Thanks for sharing them - apart from the snowy-one, that is. :-((

12 Feb, 2010


Well done you and lovely photos.

12 Feb, 2010


Thanks everyone.
Yes I like "White Pearl" too Freesiaperson, though as you say it's not pristine white. I'm hoping it will set some seed. I don't work for Age Concern without some financial reward I'm not that good. I'm an assistant manager at one of their shops. Only 3 days a week but it gets into your blood and you find it takes over a lot of your life. Being the only man there means I tend to get mothered, all very strange after working for BT for 37 years.
Hi Pam, there are disadvantages to an alpine house in that it
makes you grow things which need a lot of attention. Are you succesful with the clematis. If so what's the secret?
I'm beginning to think the narcisus has some narcissus romieuxii ( if anyone knows how to pronounce that I'd be grateful) blood in it. I'm pleased to have it to brighten up this gloomy day.
No snow today Spritz, just rain, which is worse, at least snow gives good light.

12 Feb, 2010


Nice Blog, you have some nice things. My cyclamen in pots are really struggling with the weather this year in pans and pots much better in the open the silver leaf C hederifolium in a pan.

12 Feb, 2010


Thanks Brian. I must admit to losing creticum (again!!, I may have to just give up on that one) and a couple of my silver leaved coum in pots are not looking too healthy. The corms feel firm enough so I hope they may re-emerge next year. The hederifolium is out in the open, I have several in pots, Silver Cloud, White Cloud and others, but I think they do fare better in the open garden.

12 Feb, 2010


C.marmoraria I have had for three years in a large pot outside, in the shelter of the greenhouse. It flowered last year.

13 Feb, 2010

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