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AGS Show Loughborough 06/03/10


You have to arrive early at these things to make sure you get a good choice in the sales area.

Here’s a picture of the scene of my financial ruin!

For a change the snowdrops were not the most expensive things on sale. On the Edrom Nursery stall a tray of Hepatica cultivars, the prices ranged from £18 to £180. Funnily enough, I didn’t see many being sold!

After an hour or so buying, refreshment is needed

At 12 noon the show opened. Not so many plants as normal but I think that was down to weather. Shows at this time of year usually have huge entries of Primula allionii cultivars but they were few and far between. One bonus was the greater presence of the snowdrops because they were later into flower.
Here’s my favourite, Galanthus Corrin. Just as well there were show stewards around, otherwise I’d have been running for the door with the pot tucked underneath my arm!

Galanthus elwesii var monostictus

Galanthus gracilis

There were several nice pans of yellow snowdrops.
Firstly Galanthus nivalis sandersii group

To my mind the most desirable yellow, Galanthus “Spindlestone Surprise”

Some general views of the show benches.
On the right of the first photo, you can see an example of how strict the show stewards were. This man had dared to touch one of the exhibits. He had been beheaded and his head left on a spike to discourage others.

The next two pictures feature the flowers of Asarum splendens. An unusual rather than a beautiful plant, I’ve read somewhere that the flowers are pollinated by slugs.

Cyclamen coum. This magnificent specimen was awarded the salva for best cyclamen in show

Corydalis popvii

A lovely pan of Cyclamen alpinum

Daphne jezoensis. No detectable scent but love the yellow colour.

It’s dionysia time.

This one is Dionysia afghanica

Another form of Dionysia afghanica. This particular plant won the Farrer medal for best plant in show.

Dionysia “Ewersley Theta”

Dionysia freitagii

A refined version of the winter aconite. This is Eranthis x tuberginii “guinea Gold”

Hepatica japonica forma magna

Hepatica nobilis japonica “Beni Kanzan”

Iris histrioides “George”. The flowers were even deeper than I’ve managed to capture

Mammilaria plumosa. A New Zealand native, the mammilarias are known as vegetable sheep. They form such huge hummocks in the wild that from a distance they look like sheep

Narcissus “Minicycla”. I’ve tried to grow this at least twice with no success. So this pan was much admired by me.

Primula nana

Romulea hantemensis

Romulea kombergensis. A real beauty this one, the photo doesn’t do it justice.

So ended the day, I returned home lighter of pocket but with a bootful of wonderful plants. Yes, a few galanthus were purchased :-)

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There are some gorgeous plants there, the pinks and purples just draaaw me to them !!!
Great blog :-)

7 Mar, 2010


Wonderful pictures AG. I love these shows. You must do another blog of your bought plants.

7 Mar, 2010


So many wonderful plants, and so many beautiful snowdrops. Looks like a very interesting show.

7 Mar, 2010


Wow so many beauties, I`d have gone home financially embarrassed as well, thankyou for sharing your visit with us..........

7 Mar, 2010


Some fantastic plants here !!!

7 Mar, 2010


Yes you must share with us what you purchased,(names that is ) your secret will be safe with!
Galanthus Corrin I have not seen before. looks a beauty
Great set of photos well done

7 Mar, 2010


Oh my goodness! I'd have been broke. I love Hepaticas - and some of the other plants would have been magnets, as well. Beautiful! Thanks for posting this - the photos are wonderful. :-)))

7 Mar, 2010


Wow lots of lovely plants to see thanks for showing us all these photos, enjoyed the blog and photos very much.

8 Mar, 2010


Thank you and just to satisfy the curious amongst you, I am doing another blog showing my purchases

8 Mar, 2010


Good - I'll look forward to that! :-)

8 Mar, 2010


Thank you for your pictures AG, they compliment the ones on the SRGC site and give a slightly different angle on the show. I think there was a respectable number of exhibits on the bench considering the winter that we have had and there were certainly some plants of excellent quality. At the moment I have absolutely nothing that I would take to a show!

8 Mar, 2010


Top quality plants, thanks for a most enjoyable blog.....

8 Mar, 2010


Just below the pictures of the Cyclamen is a picture of the Farrer Medal winning Dionysia afganica, a very difficult plant to grow. I don't know if AG is aware of this, but the grower of this Dionysia felt that he (actually they - a husband and wife team) could not do any better by it and so gave it away to another Dionysia enthusiast to grow on bigger and better.

8 Mar, 2010


Looking forward to the next blog then.

9 Mar, 2010


No I wasn't aware of that BA. They obviously gave it away to the right person. I have had very little success with growing dionysias and have a great admiration for those who can grow them so superbly. I keep trying though. I don't grow to show anyway, the nearest I get to showing is the pictures I put on here. The alpines are for my enjoyment(well sometimes anyway) and satisfaction. However I do wish I could produce the huge pans of primula allionii and saxifragas that are seen on the show benches.

9 Mar, 2010


So many beautiful plants, AG! Thanks for sharing!

11 Mar, 2010


What a wonderful show! I think Galanthus gracilis may be my next addition for early spring.
Nice to see the stewards are so proactive.

13 Mar, 2010


If you find somewhere that sells it please let me know, it really is lovely isn't it

13 Mar, 2010


Oops - £7 per bulb - maybe not! Avon bulbs, Broadleigh bulbs both selling it.

14 Mar, 2010


Thanks for the info Wagger and welcome to the wacky world of snowdrop prices

14 Mar, 2010

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