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Thumper, Cloud and Twotails....much love and fond memories


By april


This is Thumper, also known as Cloud and Twotails.

(the red eye is from the camera, not the bunny, whose partner on the other hand did!)

Thumper, untill recently, used to spend his summer in the garden and the winter indoors, being protected from the cold. A very quiet little thing, delicate, cute and cuddly. We would very often let him have a run around in the living room and he would enjoy jumping around , springing in the air whilst safely and firmly positioned over the rug. he was not a fan of laminate flooring, it would cause him to skid, and most indignant was he….We would also very often forget to put him back in his indoor cage, but he would, most times make his own way back in. One night however i was in for a surprise!
Due to my recent health difficulties, i find that i can no longer go upstairs to bed and so unfortunately have to sleep on the settee, I opened my eyes one morning to find Thumper…Directly in front of my face, any closer and we would have been kissing?…Or maybe that was what had woke me up? It was certainly a wonderful way to wake up.

Thumper died recently and we all miss him very much. xxx

I wrote this for him;

As wind blows on the air
and waters fish the sea
the birds, they do watch over us
their song, of love’s for thee

When ice it comes to greet us
to cool our calming sea
and sky as clear as loves bird’s sweet singing voice
then water’s rain will be

He was good friends with Poppet,

our dog….

they used to play together, hide n seek, or tag…

Cute and sweet and…

what did you do?..

..’wasn’t me mum…. honest’,
still pretendin you’ve got red eyes then?….yep, i think it scares the dog…

well, was it you ….then?….

what….no, wasn’t me….’you said you were gonna tidy up, remember it was your turn….

always seems to be my turn…. and I’m so…

very, very…

tired…xxx mss you loads, Thumper, xxx cool dude rabbit boy…xxx

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Awwww....they were lovely together, April. You and Poppet must miss Thumper so much! A lovely story. Thank you. xx

13 May, 2010


Oh! April, you sound like, your still grieving.. my heart goes out to you....
Lovely, little Poppet...who, must be a great help to you, during your loss of
your dear Thumper...Lovely ode, to Thumper....loved your pics of Poppet
& Thumper, they were so funny sorry, to hear about your
Health difficulties, and hope, they will improve for you..:~)))

13 May, 2010


thanks, we do still miss him, very much. we hand reared three of his babies but then we lost them all. he went thru alot the little fella did, but he always seemed to know just what to do to cheer us up....if you know what i mean. x .

13 May, 2010


never had a rabbit but he is realy pretty and you gave him a personality,makes me think again about a pet rabbit,chris

13 May, 2010


Ahh bless, they do become one of the family I'm sorry for you it is hard to loose a pet but it sounds like you gave him a lovely life.

13 May, 2010


thanks thier tiny babies were beautiful, two white ones, just like mum and one tiny grey one like dad...connor's only just got a digtal camera so i'll try and dig out the other photos and get him to scan them in....Ladybug47 you most certainly will not be able to resist them if you saw them....on this i reckon i could give you my word.

13 May, 2010


What a lovely pet Thumper must have been. I'm sorry he's moved on now but I can see you have many happy memories of him. Poppet is lovely :o)))

13 May, 2010

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