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By april


Another design for a Free Bird Feeder.

The Yoghurt pot and Lolly Tot one!

How about this one…

All you need, some string, three yoghurt pots and three lolly tots…
…eerrrmmm ‘lolly tots?’
Yes, lolly ice or ice lolly sticks, I think that what you call them depends on where you come from, so because they rhyme with yoghurt pots I’ve decided to call them ‘lolly tots’. It’s also a good way of remembering the fact that we take so much from the earth and nature, it is made from ‘a tree’ and we use it for a couple of mins then we ‘throw it away’ how much ‘lolly’ is that and how much does it all ‘tot’ up to..

Surely this one gets me my ‘Blue Peter Badge?’
Anyway happy making….xxx

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Your badge is on the way lol. What a good idea. Your birds are spoiled for choice

16 May, 2010


thanks i've put a seed feeder in the bottom one, peanuts in the middle one and birdseed in the top, looks really good, however i must admit its a bit tricky to a one point ended up spilling the seed everywhere. maybe a good idea to fill outside, not whilst you're sitting on the settee....aaaggghhhh....seed
also because the string is threaded thru the middle of each pot i'm hopinh that any water will run thru them...hoping anyway, not yet tried

16 May, 2010


Brillaint idea..I can now have as many feeders as I want in my garden :-D

16 May, 2010


cheers, have you seen the other ones thhat are made from empty pop bottles and bottle tops? personally I think they look better than the shop bought ones, I think they also make you thnk about how much plastic, we actually use, which i do not actually like, can't think of how many fumes come off the stuff as we endeavour to 'recycle' it, in an attempt to 'save the planet'...

16 May, 2010


im all for recycling not much goes in my bins these days

16 May, 2010


Great idea April! With this and your pictures you have some imagination.....:o)

16 May, 2010


thanks I think a lot of it is maybe because i get bored with not being able to do as much as i want. they remind me of when i found some tiny eggs in one of my planters, they were beautiful, like a string of fine pearls, think maybe they were snail eggs. not sure, maybe i'll ask it on the questions section, but unfortunately do not have any photos, but would love to know, that way if anyone found them in their garden they could move them to somewhere 'safe' ? i'm all for keeping as much 'wildlife' as possible, don't much like killing of any creature foodstuff is all. x

17 May, 2010

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