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A little of what I do....


By april


Or have been forced to do…

I started by experimenting with different materials…

and this one…

and this…

and then these

and for this one I used a mirror tile!

then these,

the border around the arch on this is actually just white paper that has been coloured with pot pourri that has been splashed with water.

love the way the picture changes with the light, for the background i used a bit of holographic wrapping paper, some of the pattens and colours are wonderful, and the fairy’s crystal ball, a gift bag…

Next a reminder of three of my favourite photos of my children.
This one is as the title suggests,

this one is one of my other sons, and the cat? ‘Yoshie’, and it really was attached to his leg, just like that…

and this one, is one of my eldest son, from when he was a baby…

then i did these…

and these

still experimenting…

forgot to mention, the candle holder on this one is made from part of a coat hanger and half an egg cup!

Then, during one of my ‘really, really boring visits to hospital’, my sister treated me to a water colours set, this is one of the first ones I did…

this one is done in acrylics, and yes, ‘my fairy awaits’

I have lots that I have done with the paints but havn’t yet taken photos.
But I’m fed up…don’t know how much more I can do SITTING ON THIS ****** *****SETTEE…..

No, not true, I’ve started making a bird table, from a fairly cheap ‘put it together yerself’ kit, will let you know

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You certainly have a great talent April! Love the Connor one...well done....:o)

16 May, 2010


they are just lovely, you're very talented--- have you tried using watercolour to paint your favorite flowers----- its harder than it looks ! and nearly as addictive as Goy :0)

16 May, 2010


the very first time i tried watercolours i couldn't use them cos I didn't know how to. I'd used acrylics and it took me a long time trying to use them. I kept wanting to use to much. But yes it can be very addictive, I would very often find myself at 3 or 4 in the morning armed with a paintbrush. :)thanks.

16 May, 2010


there are some good books about that give interesting tips like using rock salt and masking fluid and how to do washes etc. the library i find has a good selection as to acrylics some people put it on with a spatula and use ' texture paste' to make it even thicker! ( the only thing is I can 'talk the talk' but find it hard to 'walk the walk' !)

16 May, 2010


They are wonderful . You're very artistic.

16 May, 2010


thanks, i quite like them....i find its more like playing so enjoy it quite a lot.
and Pamg sure can believe the difficulty, think you just have to keep experimenting, till you find the bit that triggers it mum did a watercolour that she had framed and no matter how hard i try, just can't seem to find the same technique, won't stop me trying tho :) maybe should have tried harder at art at school, got such a low grade the teacher wouldn't put me in for my GCSE, 'o level ,as was' so i caused such a fuss that the year head made him change his mind! then I changed mine and didn't take it...aaarrrhhhh 'happy days' lol

17 May, 2010

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