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a robin came to say hello


By april


As wind blows on the air
and waters fish the sea
the birds, they do watch over us
their song, of love’s for thee

When ice it comes to greet us
to cool our calming sea
and sky as clear as love bird’s sweet singing voice
then water’s rain will be

Our rabbit died today, i wrote this for him. he was beautiful, warm and cuddly, cute and friendly, he is already sadly missed.

I usually feed the birds in my garden on the top of a make do barbeque, it was just opposite the rabbit hutch and although i’ve seen the robin many times in the back garden, today is the first time this year i’ve seen him, and today is the first time he’s come to the front garden instead of the back. He hovered right in front of it, circled the window and left. Thumper, or ‘cloud’ or ‘two tails’ as we used to call him was grey and cute and fluffy and we want him back. His partner died some time ago and left thier litter of week old baby rabbits in need of being hand reared. They were wonderful, little bundles of fluff. Sadly one by one they too were taken. My heart went out to the little guy and whenever i felt sorry for myself i would think of him. We used to bring them all into the utility room over winter, but this year as he was on his own i borrowed a really good cage and i brought him into the living room, we kept each other company whilst the snow covered the ground. Having recently become severley disabled, i now (untill adaptations have been done) sleep in the living room. Sometimes we would let him have a run around and one night we forgot to put him back in his cage, i woke up in the morning to see him right in front of my nose, any closer and he would have been kissing me.
will miss you loads, little guy, lots of love, mum and connor and i think also, the robin, x

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beautifull bit of poetry april - sorry to hear about your rabbit - i`m sure you made his life very happy

27 Apr, 2010


Our old rabbit ...Hunny is 12..very doddery but hanging on in..still loves to sit and graze on lawn....but spent this harsh winter in the kitchen..warm...Thinking of you at this difficult time...your memories will never die......

27 Apr, 2010


Welcome to GOY april...a lovely ode to your beloved `Thumper your lovely will be missing him for some time to come. i am sorry
about your recent disability, thumper must have helped you through this!!
Your little Robin visiting you, must have been a sort of sign to show you
that he has not forgotten came to try, and cheer you up!!
My thoughts are with you both on your sad loss...

27 Apr, 2010


I'm so sorry to hear of your rabbit. He sounds lovely. It's a sad time for you. I'm sure you have many fond memories of him, but that's not the same is it ...

27 Apr, 2010


Thanks to all and yes he was. He went through so much in his short time it makes you wonder. Freesia is that a Lahasa? I have one one those, cute aren't they.
As for the robin, i've had loads of wierd and wonderful, but sometimes difficult to explain, experiences, with all sorts of animals right through my life, for example a whale in germany, once spat on me, an octopus, at The Blue Planet, became strangely attracted to my outstretched hand and a duck, very late one night, came, half flying, half running, out of my entree and went smack bang into the fence opposite where i live. The latter of which was so stunned he staggered off quite confused, not quite sure he knew what was happening either. Maybe i'll do another blog about them all.
and if i can figure it out one with some photos.

28 Apr, 2010


I will be looking forward to that April...You must have a Spiritual Aura
around you, that attracts made me LOL at your strange
antics with the whale, and the rest of them...

28 Apr, 2010

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