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The plants in my garden seem to be confused by the strange weather variations we’re having. I have a blossom and some buds on the cl. montana. I also have primroses in bloom and the roses are flowering well, plus plants I haven’t seen sight of over the past few months are now looking very lively. In fact, many seem to be having a new lease of life and it’s great to see spring plants flowering at this time of year.

In contrast, the trees and shrubs are very tardy with their leaf colour, perhaps because of the recent rain.

What are your garden plants doing?

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Arbuthnot: We have a large bed of potted Alstroemerias. We were disappointed in them for the first time ever this year but, since the hot weather vanished they have come into their own. Obviously they don't like weather that is too hot. Normally around this time we are thinking of putting them to bed for the coming Winter but not this year.

Our Acers are very colourful as are our begonias. We only have one rose and that is "over" now but bloomed very well earlier in the year.

Agree about the leaves. Still lack Autumn colours but lots of them on the ground after the strong winds. They obviously suffered from the drought.

22 Sep, 2018


The one that worries me a bit is my blueberry. I neglected it in the summer and left the anti bird fleece on too long and it got scorched and most leaves went brown and dropped off. But next years buds are now opening into lovely spring leaves. Hope it can produce some more next spring! My begonia sempervirens hardly grew all sumemr but they are looking great now. But surprisingly the few Pelargoniums I had this year did very poorly. And at last the fuchsias are flowering properly.

22 Sep, 2018


I have some Roses re-blooming, a white Clematis and a purple one are also blooming for a second flush.Red hot pokers have been very minimal with their flowers.

23 Sep, 2018


My Bergenia has been flowering all summer and my spring flowering Lilac also.
My fuchsias are doing better now than all year and some are flowering for the first time.
Other things seem to be preparing for winter :)

24 Sep, 2018

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