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Fall/Winter Collection 2009/2010


By arsh


I was wondering since Fall/Winter is approaching, what do all the garden lovers have instore…. This would give everybody an idea what all can be added in the garden to make it look more beautiful and a treat to eyes.

Now my expectations from my garden are just :~))
Golden Rod
Hosta lily
Fulkia lily
Autumn Clematis
Spider lily/Nerine lily
Anemone Vitifolia
Winter Cherry
Winter Sweet
Iris Reticuleta
Daf(early variety)

By the way, Fall for us starts in late September and Winter from November to February. Seasonal lovers must be looking forward to lots of varieties but guys like me who are more into perennials have some what limited choice.

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That's an interesting list, Arsh...
...good idea to put these in a blog :o)

29 Jul, 2009


Thanks Terra...I would appreciate if you would put in your expectations from your heaven...(lol)

29 Jul, 2009


Hmmm .....

I'm okay up until mid October-ish, when i have these still in my garden ....

but then from there to January i sadly don't have much colour there.
I DO have Clematis Balearica with cream flowers from Nov/Dec until Feb/March :)))
And, i DO though have shrubs giving colour and form ....
red stemmed Cornus , Garrya, Choisya, Eleagnus, Photinia, Aucuba, Phormiums and Twisted Hazel.
(Reading this back i see that i definately need to get more winter colour in the front garden !)

Then, it's ..... yippeee !!!
Early spring time again :)))

Well. That's me just wished away another 6 months :(

(i bought my 2010 diary today too, arrrgh )

29 Jul, 2009


Oh yous guys are so lucky to have all that in your gardens,i`m just starting haven`t got a clue about winter plants just bought 2 winter shrubs Honeysuckle & Jasmin and i no about winter pansies.....Lol not a great lot of winter plant knowledge:~(

29 Jul, 2009


Well yes Lousie after November its quite tough but last year I went to a friends garden in December and my gosh it was as green as ever...There are some trees/bushes/shrubs which add to the greenry like
Acuba japonica
Cherry laurel
Juniper errecta and prosteta
Japenese Iris

I suppose i had clicked some pics of his garden...will try to upload them..

30 Jul, 2009


There are many evergreen shrubs Arsh, one of my favourite is choisya ternata sundance, the golden leaved mexican orange, Its leaves outshine many flowers and cheer up a winters day. A favourite genus of mine is euonymus, the fortunei cultivars, again, the leaves of emerald and gold or silver queen will brighten the dullest day. I have a lovely spotted laurel, aucuba japonica, possibly gold dust, which is very bright all winter and of course will grow in dry shade. Mine is in a container and always looks good. I don't know what I would do without my evergreens in winter:-) I missed out holly, golden king is particularly bright and does not prickle! :-)

14 Sep, 2009


Here are some choices from me....

Winter flowering climbers which I can admire from indoors on cold days.
Spring blossom and aubrieta.
Poppies, heathers, roses, lavender, clematis, lilac.......
... and euonymus, as included by Bornagain...

Well-planted perennials and evergreens are very important to me. :o)

Have you thought of any extras to add, Arsh ?
My blog dated 18 Nov.09, called "My Happy Garden Calendar", shows a plant from my garden for each month of the year...

20 Jan, 2010


Thanks Terratoonie.......Well I am a big fan of Tree Pronies.....I have already added lots of them which will bloom in spring.

Btw have you tried the prunus family?...I mean flowering cherry/apricot anf peach etc...they have multiple colours and add lot of colour to the garden.

I am looking forward to my winter snowball comes from the Viburnum family...try it.......its awsome...will definetly post some pics once its in bloom...

We are surprisingly having a very dry winter...hardly any snow or rain :)o..

20 Jan, 2010


I have the winter snowball.....
not sure if I have a pic...
I'll look forward to a photo of your tree...

I wonder what effects the dry winter will have on your garden...
..maybe you'll get lots of April showers :o)

btw ..did you see I put lots of your pics on GoYpedia "Cobbles" !

20 Jan, 2010


Thankyou for that....will check them...

Yes we need lots of showers but it is still time to snow.......

20 Jan, 2010

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