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Finding my way around!


Is anyone else experiencing problems with the new layout of this site? I haven’t been on for a while as have been in the garden quite a lot recently. What is goYpedia? and how does it work? and do we leave comments or replies to peoples questions? I recently wanted to leave an comment to a question I have had answered, but don’t know if i left it correctly. Any advice would be gratefully appreciated!

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Hello Avid Gardener...

GoYpedia is like an encyclopaedia about gardening with different headings.

If you scroll to the base of the page, you'll see the alphabet, and you can click on a letter to take you to headings, such as P for Penstemon, S for Seats, G for Gnomes etc.

You can nominate photos, blogs and questions for various GoYpedia headings, if you wish...

To leave a comment, such as under my comment here ...

key in your words into the white box and then scroll down a little and click on "add comment"..

I hope this helps.. Let me know if I can help further. :o)

The comment you made on your question seems to have come through correctly, so, well done !

4 Jun, 2011


you will soon get used to it!! just follow terratoonies very good instructions and you will be addicted like the rest of us!!

4 Jun, 2011


Thanks you terratoonies & stickitoffee for your advice, I will have to have a good play around with the site to familiaries myself again - hoping in the mean time they don't change it!!!!

5 Jun, 2011

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