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Bamboo!!!! :)


Yes, I got bamboo tonight, think it’s green? Bamboo. Been wanting bamboo for awhile. I have a Q. I received 2 young plants, with the roots, what type of soil should I plant? I have dirt, clay and planting soil. & what type of light? Thank you.

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You might post this on Questions where there are a couple of bamboo experts whoc rarely look at blogs.. Add the variety too as they vary a lot.

3 Jun, 2016


Idk the variety, much less if it clumps or runs. It's what people in the south call Cane Poles. If that helps any.

3 Jun, 2016


At Steragram.

3 Jun, 2016


I don't think that's a variety - lots of them can be used as garden canes. Anyway now you've posted this on Questions you might get further help.
I'd never risk planting any myself as I've heard to many horror stories of them running out of control. This is why its recommended to use a barrier membrane round them.

4 Jun, 2016


I already know about the rizome (sp?) barrier. Just don't know when to install it. At Steragram.

4 Jun, 2016

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