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Is everyone ok after Matthews???


I am in NC, but too far inland to have been affected. Just alot of rain one day & 50 mph winds the next.. Is everyone else ok???

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I'm glad to hear you're all right. It's sad to see the devastation caused by the storm. I hope the people affected will receive the help they need.

10 Oct, 2016


I too am glad to hear you are ok. I was only listening on the radio this morning about all the devastation caused by Mathew, especially in Haiti and their fears of ongoing effects of it. I too hope they get the help they need.

10 Oct, 2016


Last I heard, Matthew never made landfall. The eye wall remained 100 miles off the coast. Just a few outer bands brushed the coastline with heavy rains. It's nothing to speak of now. I'm glad you are OK and the threat is long gone.

10 Oct, 2016


Its soul destroying seeing the devastion and knowing we cannot do anything about it, glad you are safe ...

10 Oct, 2016


Good to hear that you are safe and sound. My son too lives in NC about a 3 hour drive to the nearest coast and it is a worry for people that live so far away. I feel for all the people that live in the parts of the world that suffer from such unpredictable, devastating weather conditions.xx

10 Oct, 2016


At Loupylou, this type of weather, unfortunately, is not unpredictable. It is now man made. I am sure you have heard or at least seen, chem trails. They are long white clouds made to resemble con trails from planes. Except these are huge, long & wide. Very thick. Usually are sprayed around the Sun & moon. They stay in the sky all day, something regular, harmless contrails don't do.. They usually disappear soon after making contact with oxygen. Chem trails go on for miles & seemingly have no end. They are comprised of aluminum, some have dehydrated blood, some have glyphosate, Agent Orange, and Gawd knows what else.

18 Oct, 2016


Loupylou, (cont), they are sprayed to kill organic (non GMO) crops, and us. They are used to commit weather warfare in the form of using the weather as a weapon. Also, to control the weather, and to send the Sun's rays back to the Sun.

18 Oct, 2016 "Hurricane Matthews. Geoengineering documented. Check video description." Btw, this is NOT spam. This is a lesson on the govt and how they are trying to kill us.

18 Oct, 2016 From more information on Chem Trails.

18 Oct, 2016


Now, that I got that out the way, yes it was a devastating event. Especially for FL, Haiti & the Bahamas. Every life lost is a life that should never have had to of been in harm's way. Will Haiti & others hardest hit rebuild? Only time will tell. Idk personally. I really hope they can. Right now, the basics are needed, food, clean water & shelter. Best way to give right now, due to hurricane scammers, trying to prey on the unassuming, is to drop off items you know will help to those you know will get it to those needing it the most. Blankets, clothes, food, clean water. Etc. That is the best way to help right now.

18 Oct, 2016


And a HUGE Thank You to everyone who expressed their happiness that I am ok. I am too far inland to be hit, although it has happend before. Hurricane Hugo was the last one to get this far to worry about. Am glad all of you were/are safe. :)

18 Oct, 2016

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