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All Hallow's Eve


What is everyone’s plans for Halloween/Samhain?? I don’t have any, unfortunately. :( not even buying candy kuz the vast majority of it is gmo. I do,however have 2 pumpkins and a door decoration.. Does anyone know how to carve a pumpkin, btw? I live in a house where if you want anything done, you gotta do it yourself:(. An I never carved before. Let alone a pumpkin. Not carving anything major, just words/a hash tag. Keeping it simple. Lol. I know you have to cut off the top & gut it, but that’s it. Idk how to not mess it up lol. I don’t have the carving tools, so can’t use that. Do have small knives, however. Like small (handheld) steakknives & pocket knives & box cutters. An the like. Not trying to make the words big. The pumpkins are the $3 ones you get at Wal-Mart. Middle sized. Good condition. They don’t have a “bad” side.

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I hope you enjoy your evening on Halloween night and that your pumpkin carving works out. One member put photos of very elaborately carved ones on here a few years ago. She was an American lady too. They must have taken ages to make.

We are not doing anything for Haloween.
It was never celebrated much when I was little. You didn't heard about it ... except that my grandmother used to bring a bowl of water with apples floating in it, and we had to pick one out with our teeth.
I never joined in - I was and still am rather miserable lol :D

You said you live in a house where you have to do everything yourself, well I prefer it like that. I've always found that if I ask someone to do something for me, they never do it properly.
But the result is that I've always ended up doing everything lol.

29 Oct, 2016


On radio four this morning I heard that Halloween started from Ireland and they took it to US but trick or treat is from US. Not done a pumpkin in years. Seem to remember I draw the outline of what I wanted on the outside. Cut the top off, and used a spoon the take inside meat out then followed the lines cut the face. My daughter going to a Halloween party tonight but we just going to have a nice quiet night. Anyway can't afford go out lol, hubby just bought daughter a car today.

29 Oct, 2016


Take a felt tip marking pen and make a face on your pumpkin to your liking. Take a pen knife and carve out your design following the lines making sure your blade is through the pumpkin thickness. The eyes and nose can be simple triangles with a simple crescent smile. Then if you are going to keep your pumpkin outside you can place a tea candle inside for illumination or a battery powered light if the pumpkin goes in the house. Take your time in the carving and have fun. Your finished masterpiece will be good for a week or two.????????...? ...I might add that at this time of year almost every food market and dollar store sell pumpkin carving kits that have everything that you need to do the job and watch out for the Pumpkin Smashers on Mischief Night!

29 Oct, 2016


The ppl at my house are too lazy to help, that's the problem, at Hywel. An you were describing what's called, "Bobbing for Apples". A Halloween tradition. Yes, at Jenlewis, The roots come from Ireland, the "trick or treating", was originally done to ask for offerings so the ppl doing the trick or treating would not be singled out by evil spirits, if I am correct. The pumpkin was originally a beet, but since pumpkins were larger and there was more of them in the New World, (USA), the switch was made. The carving of pumpkins (originally beets), was to scare off evil spirits, since the veil between the living and the dead was thought to be thinnest on that night. Halloween was first called "Samhain". It gotten it's name Halloween from the old spelling, "Hallow'een" (think I spelled that right), before that it was, "All Hallow's Eve" Before that, " All Saint's Day". If my memory serves me. Either way, it is a very ancient tradition, handed down by the Druids/Pagans. It is now very heavily perverted and commercialized, unfortunately.

24 Nov, 2016


I ended up using them for a great and simple craft project, at Loosestrife2, I made "pumpkin Turkeys" out of 2, (I had since gotten 2 more since I wrote this blog) by sticking plastic spoons and making "tail feathers" and a "head" out of the spoons, and made eyes and a beak and waddle by using googly plastic eyes, felt for the beak and waddle, and painted the spoons with acrylic paint. They came out great! The other 2 I made centerpieces out of, cut the top off, of the pumpkin, gut it, then add a tin can in the pumpkin, then either flowers and a pillar candle, or just flowers. I just used flowers. Real and silk. Lined them up on my front porch. They are great, especially with the fall colored flowers. :)

24 Nov, 2016

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