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Happy Thanksgiving!


I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, from me to all of you. Thank You for helping me hone my expertise as a gardener. It will not go unappreciated.. What is everyone’s plans for Turkey Day? I got all the fixings for Thanksgiving, but not till after did I find out I am invited to Thanksgiving.. Figures right?? Two 14+lb turkeys are chillin in my freezer.. One was supposed to be for thanksgiving, another for Christmas. Ugh.. Hope every’s Thanksgiving is great. An better than mine.

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Reading the account of the Mayflower and the first year of the settlers at Cape Cod.
They really had a tough time. Had not taken any wheat or barley to sow for winter food. They found some Maize the Indians had buried to save for sowing, and stole it. Very much trouble, but they reimbursed them when they found whose it was ! At the end of the first year half of them had died of disease and hunger. Just finding fresh clean water was so wonderful to them.

The rest gave thanks for their survival, and called it 'Thanksgiving.'

We should be grateful, and humble, for our good life.
I have decided to have 'Thanksgiving' instead of Christmas.

24 Nov, 2016


Thank you for the greeting !
You will be able to celebrate thanksgiving twice over with all the supplies in your freezer! Enjoy!

We don't have a thanksgiving celebration in the UK - we can 't give thanks for a safe arrival as we have been here all the time... Our major celebration is Christmas - people used to have goose when they could afford it, but nowadays the majority have turkey. There are other traditional foods too, Christmas cake, christmas pudding and - mince pies (historically they were meat but now the filling is dried fruits, sultanas etc in a mixture called mincemeat - don't know if you have it over there? Interestingly there is still a remnant from the meat days as suet is mixed with the fruit!)

We wish you well with your gardening - stick with it!

24 Nov, 2016


Happy Thanksgiving to you, I hope you enjoy your festivities, I would tell myself and anyone who asked that I am following the Boyscout Code, be prepared, you can have the turkey for Easter....

24 Nov, 2016


...or New Year, lol, if you've finished the Christmas one by then. Thank goodness for freezers eh?

24 Nov, 2016


A breath of cool, clean autumn air! I once suffered lung damage by cleaning with chlorine bleach in a non ventilated room. I could not climb a flight of stairs without gasping for air and had to use a respirator for a time. I slowly made a full recovery, but I'm thankful for every breath I take.

25 Nov, 2016


I hope you enjoyed Thanksgiving :)
(we don't have it here)

25 Nov, 2016


I think it's a good idea to give thanks every now and then. One does tend to concentrate on the negatives rather than on the positives otherwise.

Have you ever heard of the Madoc legend regarding the discovery of America? There seems to be a relationship between the Welsh language and the language of the Mandan tribe! Now there's something for you to think about, Hywel!!

27 Nov, 2016


I'll have to look into that Eirlys ... :)

28 Nov, 2016


Dianebulley, yes, very hard time for the pilgrims.. and the Natives whose land gotten taken over, as well. If I remember right, the Natives saved the Pilgrim's butt many times, plus they were the ones who contributed mostly, to the first Thanksgiving.

5 Dec, 2016


Steragram, we do have a similar dish, it's called Pot Pie here, because it was usually made in a pot, however now you can buy it premade and frozen. It's usually turkey, chicken or beef. With veggies. Usually consisting of potato, carrot and or celery. Basically what you would put in a stew. . yes, with the amount of turkey I have in my freezer, (not to mention the 12+lb one my grandma has in ours kuz her freezer is full), will feed us many times over lol.. At Christmas here, the main dish is either Turkey, Ham, or Duck. Although the duck is rather greasy, like chicken, but tastes so good!

5 Dec, 2016


Lincslass, lol, that would be an odd food for spring, usually it's reserved for the Holidays here. But I see your point. Better safe than sorry, especially in these ominous times.. I am a beginning prepper, so I understand totally.

5 Dec, 2016


Yes, thankfully we have freezers.. did you know you can also preserve food by burying it, because the ground is usually cooler? Especially this time of year. Make good use of that cold earth..

5 Dec, 2016


At Bathgate, I bet! Not wise to clean with/use chemicals without being in the open air!! Go to and find you some organic homemade and SAFE cleaners to use, instead, vinegar is a great substitute for bleach!

5 Dec, 2016


Thank you. Hywell. I ate till I couldn't take another bite or I would puke! Lol.

5 Dec, 2016


Eirlys, yes that is very true. Or, take things for granted. .that is way too often. . Idk that about the Madoc legends.. now you have me curious lol.

5 Dec, 2016 Hywel & Eirlys, think this is it :)

5 Dec, 2016


There is a sizeable Welsh speaking area in Patagonia too.

5 Dec, 2016


Thank you at Steragram. Idk that.

6 Dec, 2016

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