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I have found that my Spaghetti squash plant has returned, and, when I was weeding around it, I found 3 (Yes, 3!) tomato plants, one with 3 tomatoes already on it!!! (one is already ripening!). I found it last month, don’t know what kind of tomatoes they are, far as name, but they are sprouting and producing like a weed! The one with the 3 now has at least 4 or 5 total, the 2nd one has about 2, and the last one hasn’t produced yet. They are growing in a perfect row, and are right next to my squash plant, next to my compost! I never planted anything next to my compost, but, there they are! I named my little garden “Gizmo’s Memorial Garden” After a very loving stray that passed recently. That I buried next to my garden. Yes, last week was hell. Had no plans for the 4th, then I thought I had plans, but those ended up not happening, without me knowing till last minute, and Gizmo died Sunday before the 4th. So much stress packed into one week. So am happy it is over! Btw, Gizmo is the kitty with his leg in the air.

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Isn't it awful when a friend dies ... they are our friends after all.
Good luck with your tomatoes :)

9 Jul, 2017


I've seen images of a spaghetti squash. Are there really all those strands inside?

We like to try "new" vegetables but don't grow any. :O(
Like Butternut Squash. Does the spaghetti version taste the same?

You mentioned poor Gizmo in another posting and I've commented there. You will miss him.

10 Jul, 2017


Thank you, Hywell. Yes, he was an still is my buddy.. It's hard not seeing him run up when I go outside now.. :( Eirlys, yes it does have the strands. That's where it gets it's name. Try Baker's Creek seed, I believe that's the name, they send catalogs out every so often, so try from the website, they only sell heirloom, (I believe) an Organic, so no worries. Even sell supplies an books. Idk, as I never tasted a Spaghetti Squash yet, when they grew last time, they were on the vine too long, and were over ripe, or so I was told. You have to cook them first, then eat them. You can use spaghetti sauce, and some make a "boat" out of the squash, serving the finished squash in the empty squash, cut in half.

28 Jul, 2017


Yes, I already do miss him. Wish he didn't get killed that fateful day. :(

28 Jul, 2017

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