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RIP Gizmo 7-2-2017


Another lovely stray has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Meet Gizmo, a still quite young mixed breed cat that came around when Shadow died. He was super sweet and affectionate, what was really unique about him is he would look after & protect the latest litter of kittens, something I have never seen a male cat do. An he just loved me to death! He would wait till I was sitting down, and hop in my lap, then literally throw himself on me, and cuddle and purr. An boy did h love kisses! He would rub himself on me until I planted one on him. Just couldn’t get enough!… I found him on the top of the hill when I went to get the mail, I saw a tiny black lump of black fur laying on the grass, I walked up, wondering if one of the kittens have followed me, (they often do.) I walked up the short distance an saw Gizmo laying flat on his belly, splayed out, dead. He was already Rigor Mortous (spelling?) and smelling, so he obviously died Sunday night. I picked up a shovel, and buried him. But not after my boyfriend said twice that he refused to do it, “Because he doesn’t F***** have to!” He is buried next to my garden. RIP Gizmo. You were so much more than a loving soul <3. Gizmo is the one with the leg up in the air.

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It sounds as though he has left lots of happy memories behind. You did well to manage the burial - not easy. Rest in peace Gizmo.

9 Jul, 2017


I'd get rid of that boyfriend. What do you want with someone like that :( He isn't human.
I tend to speak my mind.

I'm sorry to hear about Gizmo. His soul will rest better now that he had YOU to bury him.

9 Jul, 2017


Losing a friend is always sad. You have happy memories.

My father used to say a person who didn't care for flowers or animals didn't have a soul! He really believed that. Make of it what you will!!

10 Jul, 2017


I bet he Gizmo will always give you fun loving memories thats what counts . I agree with Eirlys I ve always noticed in my life animals and children can sus out bad people.

10 Jul, 2017


So sorry to hear about your loss. Gizmo has given you so many happy memories to treasure and he got buried by the person he loved most. What better send off could he have asked for?

I have to agree with your father Eirlys. Those people who abuse animals and use them for bait in dog fighting cannot have a soul.

11 Jul, 2017


He didn't do it not cause he doesn't love animals, but because his mom told him he didn't have to. So he didn't think he did.. The job is done, either way.. he is laid to rest right next to my tomatoes & Spaghetti Squash, I see him every time I go out <3 Need to get him a head stone, Idk If I buried him deep enough, so I have something heavy on top so nothing can get to him for now.. I think he was either hit by car or some asshole put a firework in him. Cause the only part that looked bad on him was his mouth. But then again, it could of been anything, even a snake. (We have snakes here, venomous and non). I am still taking care of the kittens, the friendly male kitten, "Shadow 2", is the boss now, the 2 other kittens, (his sisters) follow him. An do what he does. He is also a big mush. An loves me to death, as well. <3

28 Jul, 2017

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